Do you like this lion by @robcarvalhoart?????
Do you like this lion by robcarvalhoart????
2nd place dotwork at Amsterdam Tattoo Expo✌✌Artist: @alex_santucci_tattooer
2nd place dotwork at Amsterdam Tattoo Expo✌✌Artist: alex_santucci_tattooer
Alina Moncada
Idaul Sarabia Fadel
BK Scott
Do you like the tattoos from @juliajasminofficial?
Paul Hollar
Dean Nicholson
Rob Torbay
Cutie ❤
Visit the #docon2017 in Dortmund end of June to meet more of these Beauties. Tattoo Show Dortmund
Myttoos Tattoos & Piercings 05/29/2017
Kayla Loewen
John Flood
Pán Ján
Cobra in 1 Session by @victormontaghini
Cobra in 1 Session by victormontaghini
Tara Garratt
Claus Bech
Respect her last wish - brave lady
Respect her last wish  brave lady
Isidora Vidaković
Sarah Cook
Selina Marx
Tattooer @kathrynursula is happy about summertime☉☉????
Tattooer kathrynursula is happy about summertime☉☉????
Roy Souza
Katiana Rubio Durán
Steve Brownleest
King and Queen by Coxtattoo ❤????
King and Queen by Coxtattoo
Dee P Brecelj
Gabi Meister
Francielle Vieira
Have you ever wondered just how much your skin is worth, or how much certain tattoos cost? Find out here!
Myttoos Tattoos & Piercings 05/29/2017

From Bangers to Body Suits! How Much is Your Tattooed Skin Worth?
Gorgeous @bantikboy❤
Gorgeous bantikboy
Jesse D. Riker
Amalia Müller
Camilla Versuri Filipov
So happy about her daughter❤ @cabelotattoo
Juliana Souza
Luciane Gaspar
Cheche Aguilar Barrios
by @seige15097
by seige15097
Rob Skarsie Davies
Jéssica Ikeda
Kevin Coleman
Myttoos Tattoos & Piercings 05/29/2017
Faith Plumb
Alexandra Veldhuis
Julian Mehaidli
Yaz Meza
Eddie Maiden
Myttoos Tattoos & Piercings 05/29/2017
Pascal Gourdon
Gavin Beverley
Mark Walsh
If you love music
If you love music
Vienna Reed
Cátia Gabriella Coroas
Dany Prill
Awesome! By @corehlopez in progress
Buddy Buddy
Brian Pentland
David Pearson
Myttoos Tattoos & Piercings 05/28/2017
Naty Lavínia Leo
Marii Tapia
Magallan Lokiitha
Fernando Rivera Gutierrez
Joyce Haanraets
Dustin Skeens
You Know What Kind of Tattoos These Girls Are Going to Get From the Moment They Walk Into the Shop
Myttoos Tattoos & Piercings 05/28/2017

Meet the 12 Types of Girls You See in Tattoo Shops
Cara Poehlmann Casale
Jennifer Therrien
Chelsea Raven Valerio Smith