In Progress...masterpiece❤on Jill Hardener
Mosaic Caracal by Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold <3
@ricardo_avila at @pr_tattoo_convention last december❗
@americandebbie made this henna style neck piece today on Alexsis , she took it like a champ
Tag someone who needs this❗Vladimir Drozdov Art ❗
Tag someone who would like this
Teatime with @beewinniexo
It 's a clownin Great work by Ebone Capone
Here are 8 Facebook breakups that will have you crying from laughter, and make you re-think breaking up with your significant other on social media.

8 Hilarious Breakups That All Happened On Facebook
Keegs Tattoo did an amazing job!! <3
1st session is done (Y)
Amazing Cover Up by @elchangofeo
These owls are sooo cute
Melissa and LiamThx