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How many squares can you count in the image below? Tell us below! #MathAttack
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As the #weekend is coming to a close, we hope you've made precious memories! Moments you'll cherish #forever.

#HappySunday from #NCBFoundation! #NCBF
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"A hug is a handshake from the heart!"

Give someone a hug today. You never know how much they might have needed it. #HappyHugDay #NCBF
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01/21/2017 at 17:50. Facebook
Leave your stresses in the past, and move forward confidently. Today will be great!

Have an amazing #weekend! #HappySaturday #NCBF
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These were a favourite among young and old! Who remembers them? Did you enjoy them? Tell us in the comments below. #FlashbackFriday
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It's #FunFriday! Do you remember using this contraption? What's it called? #HappyFriday #NCBF
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Mr. Karl Blake - Councillor,Greenwich Town Division, speaks on behalf of The Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller at the Handover of Donation by N.C.B. Foundation to Majesty Gardens Infant School - January 18, 2017.
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Here's a look back at our celebration with Excelsior High School in 2010! #TBT
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#ThrowbackThursday Who remembers this? What is it called? Tell us below! #NCBF
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The N.C.B. Foundation assisted the Majesty Gardens Learning Centre and Infant School by renovating their infant bathroom facilities.

We are pleased to have been a part of this project, and we wish them continued success! #NCBF
N.C.B. Foundation
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#WednesdayWisdom Did you know that Jamaica was the first of all British colonies to establish a postal service? This was in the year 1688.

Do you still send letters by mail? Tell us below! #NCBF
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A special performance by students of the Majesty Gardens Learning Center and Infant School. Aren't they lovely? Give them some #love!
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Thank you to the Majesty Gardens Infant School for erecting this plaque in honor of N.C.B. Foundation.
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01/18/2017 at 16:05. Facebook
We are pleased to be here at Majesty Gardens Learning Centre & Infant School. The N.C.B Foundation recently assisted the institution by renovating the infant bathroom facilities.

Director, Mr. Miguel Williams, speaks on behalf of the N.C.B Foundation.
N.C.B. Foundation
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We are happy to have been a part of the first stop of the "Captain I Can" Motivational School Tour. Take a look at these photos from the event. We believe the children of Elletson Primary had a grand time and were truly motivated!

LIKE to support the #ICAN initiative!
#NCBF #ElletsonPrimary #CaptainICan #BuildingABetterJamaica
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It's a beautiful day! Hit "" if you agree! #CaptainICan #NCBF
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#WednesdayWisdom Which two island nations were dependencies of Jamaica until Jamaica became independent?

Hint: Their flags are shown below! #NCBF
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Look how much fun they're having. It's a great day here at Elletson Primary School!

"How does it feel when someone gives you a helping hand? ... It feels good!" #NCBF #captainIcan
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The children LOVE the "Captain I Can" theme song! It's a great, catchy, motivational song. Don't you agree? #CaptainIcan #NCBF
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Good morning, Jamaica! Today, we are at Elletson Primary School as a part of the β€˜Captain I Can’ Motivational School tour.

Let's start the day off by saying a big "Good Morning" in the comments below!