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It is best to review the material right after class when it's still fresh in your memory.

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#VolunteerTip Commit to a project, but don’t over-commit yourself. Make sure you come through as a dependable volunteer. Find the volunteer activity that fits your schedule. #NCBF
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“Whenever we have opportunity to serve, we must serve with all our heart.”

Giving back makes us happy! Does it make you smile too? Tell us below! #NCBF
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"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." #MotivationMonday
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Can you analyze the pattern and find the missing number? #MathAttack #Monday
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Take a look at this photo collection from our 2010 Labour Day contribution! It was a great day!

How do you plan to help your community this coming Labour Day? Tell us below! #TBT
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#ThrowbackThursday Do you remember the days when this was the only way to iron your clothes?

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#WednesdayWisdom Jamaica was the first country in the Caribbean region to launch a website!

Can you tell us what year this happened? #NCBF
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#WednesdayWisdom Did you know that Jamaica is the fourth largest producer of bauxite in the world?

What is bauxite used to make? If you know, tell us below! #NCBF
#VolunteerTip Use volunteer time as an opportunity to explore career options, gain training and professional development.

Volunteering is a great way to experience first-hand what a potential position in a particular career field could be like. #NCBF
"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope." -Maya Angelou


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"The National Commercial Bank has responded to calls for assistance from St Richard’s Primary School and donated $500,000 to the institution."

Read more here: [ Jamaicaobserver.com Link ] Photo Credit: The Jamaica Observer
“We have to work and serve humanity while we have the grace.”

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You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. #MotivationMonday
"No matter the rate at which the number of students who qualify for Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) principles of business and principles of accounts (POA) increases islandwide, the philanthropic arm of the National Commercial Bank, NCB Foundation, is pledging to always expand its bursary to match the figure."

Read more here: [ Jamaica-gleaner.com Link ] Photo credit: Jamaica...
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Can you analyze the pattern and find the missing numbers in the image below? SHARE if you find the answer! #MathAttack #Monday
February 11th is #NationalInventorsDay.

Tell us the one invention your life would never have been the same without, then tag a friend to see what their answer is! #NCBF
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Here are some photos from the Grace Kennedy Run, 2010! We had a blast!

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