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Calgary is open for business. That's the message we are sharing with the world today by approving $45 million to help Calgary business facing big increases in their property taxes. You can read the full story here: [ Link ]

Council caps tax increase for non-residential property owners
Now that we're well into the first week of 2017, it's time to start looking ahead. Late last year, your city council unanimously approved budget adjustments that include nearly nearly $200 million in total benefits to citizens and businesses with relief in taxes and fees, savings, and targeted initiatives. This budget is a plan for a future focused on creating jobs, building and maintaining...
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Looking forward at 2017 with Mayor Nenshi

The City of Calgary recognizes that the economic downturn has affected all of us. Council’s approved 2017 budget adjustments include nearly $200 million in t...

Happy New Year! I hope you spent yesterday celebrating with friends and family. I had an amazing time last night celebrating with thousands of our fellow Calgarians in the Municipal Building and Olympic Plaza.

As we look forward to this 2017, there is much on the horizon; it will be a busy year! But right now, I want to share with you my hope for our sesquicentennial—Canada’s 150th birthday....
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Happy New Year everyone! We've got a fun public party tonight to kick off the #canada150 celebrations! The action is at City Hall and Olympic Plaza, it's free, and it's family-friendly. Countdown at 9 pm for the little ones, fireworks at midnight. Great music, including Cowtown Opera on the roof of Arts Commons, Calgary's Eve Hell and the Razors and legends 54:40!

Please note fireworks are...
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The City of Calgary - New Year's Eve Celebrations 2017
On this Christmas Eve, I have a bit of bad news and some good news.

Bad news: this year's Christmas edition of Mayor Nenshi Reads, which we did last week at Engine 23 at the Calgary Public Library, had some audio problems and we can't share it. Boo.

But the good news is that with an able assist from my nieces and Elf Daorcey, we've pulled together all the ones from previous years,...
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"Mayor Nenshi Reads" Christmas 2015 w Shaw TV

Shaw TV Calgary had a lot of fun working with Mayor Naheed Nenshi on December 10th to produce this year’s version of “Mayor Nenshi Reads”. Pour yourself a ho...

Here's my column in today's Calgary Herald about the season of giving. It's been a tough year, but for those of us who can give... let's give a little bit more for those who can't this year. [ Link ]

Calgary Herald Christmas Fund 2016: 'We are a resilient place'
If you missed today's year-in-review live event, you can watch it whenever you'd like here: [ Link ]

It's also featured on the front page of our new source for all City of Calgary news: [ Link ]

As much as 2016 has been a tough year, we've done a lot to make this city a great place to live and a great place to make a life. Let's keep working hard, together, to make 2017...
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2016 Year in Review by Mayor Nenshi

At The City of Calgary we’re working hard to make your life better every day. We understand the economic downturn has resulted in hardships for many Calgaria...

Tune in at noon today! And if you can't watch it live, we'll be posting it you to watch at your leisure.

Should be fun, new experience!

The City of Calgary - 2016 Year in Review
Looking forward to sharing highlights from a very busy 2016!

The City of Calgary - 2016 Year in Review
Earlier today, I spoke with Calgary's business community about the state of our economy, where we are headed, and what your municipal government can do. The video below missed the first five minutes of my speech (the part where I talk about our economic development strategy and what we're doing to encourage more business to come to Calgary), but it does include the bulk of my speech and the...
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Just a reminder about what you can do to help our more vulnerable citizens during these cold days. There are always places to go and many of my colleagues are always at the ready to assist.

City services respond to the needs of vulnerable Calgarians during cold weather
We're just about to live stream an evening with Mayors Nenshi and Iveson talking about how we can build better, stronger communities. Tune in at (or watch the recorded version later).
LEARN that poverty affects 1 in 10 Calgarians and find out about what you can do about it.
ACT by taking steps to fight poverty in Calgary
SHARE by telling the world about your commitment to end poverty in Calgary

Go to and join the cause.
Please donate! You can give food or donate money online at [ Link ]
Just about to launch the 28th Annual Mayor's Christmas Food Drive. Last year, we raised more than $780,000 in money and food for the Calgary Food Bank so they could help our fellow citizens in need. More than ever, our friends and neighbours need us, so please do give what you can to the food bank (or whatever charity you choose) this year.

Thanks to all our partners who make this city-wide...
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Mayor's Christmas Food Drive 2016
If you live in Rundle, now’s a great opportunity to talk about the future of your community. The City of Calgary is developing a Master Plan for the Rundle LRT Station area to guide future redevelopment. On December 1st and 3rd, community members are encouraged to drop into the Rundle Community Hall to have their say and help create a long-term vision for the area. If you can't go in person,...
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Engage :: Rundle Station Master Plan
The Calgary Stampeders and University of Calgary Dinos are both fighting for national football supremacy this weekend! Naturally, my fellow mayors and I are making friendly bets on the outcome.

Grey Cup: Calgary Stampeders vs Ottawa RedBlacks

1. The mayor of the losing team will wear the winning team’s jersey at their next Council meeting
2. The mayor of the losing team will read a poem...
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