Nail Art Fantasy
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Fluffy bear
So in love with this pink jacket! So cute and warm!
Nail Art Fantasy
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Happy snow bunny ❄
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Nail Art Fantasy
01/18/2017 at 10:05. Facebook
Good morning gorgeous!
Good vibes only ✨
Doing some papers for something magical for next year ✨ can't wait!
Italy got me like...
Come back home and found after 3 years my fav cardigan ever from @pullandbear ✨
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Soon a post about this outfit! ✨
Photo @valerianleick
Good morning guys! ✨ how is everyone's Friday going?
Mi vida
So cozy with my long and fluffy coat, here it's soooo cold! ❄☔ and in your cities?
Good morning people!
On my way to come back home
Metz Chambéry
After thousand pictures together... This is still my favorite one! @valerianleick
When it's rainy, cloudy and cold like today in Chambéry I like to think about summer's memories or plan my next summer trip!
Is it the same for you?
Goodnight people...
have nice dreams ✨
I like winter but I definitely prefer summer!
And you?