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Use gel polish to create textured designs, like this quilted nail, and avoid waiting for them to dry! Follow these steps by nail artist Nailjob for the how to.

1. Apply two thin coats of hot pink gel polish to a prepped nail, curing after each. Apply gel top coat, but donโ€™t cure.
2. Working quickly, use a dotting tool or orangewood stick to carve indentations into the gel layer in a...
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Fun in florals by @25sweetpeas. #nailitdaily #manimonday #nailitmag
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Gorgeous glitter robot vibes from @jennieshaw ! #nailitdaily #nailitmag
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Did you know that Dermelectโ€‹'s latest polishes include a key ingredient towards strengthening your nails?

You'll want to read this. Check out the latest color collection while you're at it.

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ME Time With Dermelect Spring/Summer 2017 Collection - NAIL IT!
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We love this modern twist on a French from @nailologyspa! #nailitdaily #nailpro
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Join us Tuesday for a live tutorial with Greg Salo of Young Nails to learn everything you need to know about stamping!
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We certainly haven't seen #sweaterweather nails like this before! Fuzzy textures from @secretjewelgarden. #nailitdaily #nailitmag #NIsweaters
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Such a sophisticated set by @madhattermh. #nailitdaily #dotticure #notd
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We love these gold plated nude nails by @karengnails. Share your nail art with us using #nailitdaily!
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Mesmerizing multichrome water marble by @melynenailart. #nailitdaily #chromenails
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Stunned by these gorgeous stone nails by @reireishnailart. #nailitdaily #nailitmag #notd #marblenails #stonenails #crystals
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Kick off your weekend the right way with these glitter polished nails from @mshadowsgirl69 ! #nailitdaily #nailitmag
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Negative space and #holo shards from @kitoffkilter #nailitdaily #nailitmag #holosexual
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Gorgeous blue abstract nails from @ewanails997 #nailitdaily #nailitmag
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Pastel tribal revival by @son_nail. #nailitdaily #nailitmag
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We had so much fun playing with @realmsmoo and @minimanimoonails holo and gold pigment powders! Make sure to check out a live demo on our @nailpromagazine's Facebook page. #nailitdaily #nailitmag
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Be sure to check out Nailpro's Facebook Live with Mini Mani Moo!
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Make like @dsetterfield74 with some speckled color blocking to dress up your tips. #nailitdaily #nailitmag
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Catch a live holo nail art demo from Mini Mani Moo on Nailpro's page today at 1 PM PST. See you there!
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This may not be news for the diehard indie lacquer lovers, but if youโ€™ve recently embraced your holosexuality like we have, The Holo Hookup is for you.

Your Holo Hookup is Here - NAIL IT!