Reverse parking can change your behaviour.

It is believed that companies that operate a reverse parking policy are doing so not only for logistical purposes or Le Mans in an emergency, but to make visitors aware that they have entered a hazardous environment and should behave safely at all times.

Talk to us – does reverse parking policy make you more aware of the surroundings you are about...
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DYK: The top 3 things graduates look for in the ideal employer are:

1. Future development
2. Good reputation
3. Future career prospects

The Nampak Graduate Programme kicks off for 2017.
Did you know? Nampak DivFood is the largest food and diversified can manufacturer in South Africa, providing food, beverage and aerosol cans to the South African market. The next time you consume a tinned product from your favourite brand, it is likely that the can was produced by Nampak.
You can re-use use empty glass jars for Christmas decorations and ornaments. Clean the jars so that they sparkle, then place your candles in the jars in time for Christmas carols, or fill the glass jars with festive sweets for a see-through treat for young and old.
Recycle and re-use!
Nampak has announced top line growth. Andre de Ruyter, CEO of Nampak joined Classic Business to speak about Nampak's end of year results. [ Link ]
Our Year end results were announced earlier this week.
Check out the results here: [ Link ]
Did you know? Beer was the first beverage to be packaged in cans. Nampak Research & Development (R&D)’s work includes researching safe food packaging methods, and food and beverage science. This proudly South African business offers its services to customers in 33 different countries. R&D celebrated its 70 year anniversary on 19 October 2016.
Nkumbulo Secondary school is a Wessa (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) Eco-school funded by Nampak, and together we celebrated Arbor week on 20 September 2016.
Lemon, apricot, peach and pomegranate trees all sponsored by Nampak, were planted by educators, grounds men, learners, the school staff members and Nampak staff members. Wessa Eco-schools and the learners shared ideas...
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Today is Manufacturing Day, it is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.
Tomorrow is Braai Day and we help South Africa to celebrate it!
But did you know? Nampak Research & Development has developed charcoal briquettes from waste cartons. Proudly South African, indeed!
Nampak supplies local entrepreneur juicing company in Soweto Last Drop with bottles for their juice. Nampak is looking at ways to help Last Drop to industrialise their bottling process which is currently being done manually.
For more info on Last Drop Juice: [ Link ]
Nampak supported Casual Day which took place on 2 September 2016. Casual Day is South Africa’s foremost fundraising campaign for persons with disabilities.
Nampak was a runner-up in the top graduate employers choice of 2016 , taking second place in the manufacturing category.
Now in their seventh year‚ the SAGEA Employer Awards celebrate the achievements of South Africa’s leading graduate employers. The successful job hunters themselves decide who the winning employers are.
Thank you to all the job hunters who voted for us.
With water – our most precious resource and one we cannot live without becoming scarcer, the UN is urging the world to be water-wise. Nampak Glass answers this plea with 1 176kl harvesting tanks which filter out particles and other waste for re-use, resulting in a less consumption of municipal water.
Not only is milk good for your bones but milk bottled in Nampak’s multi-layered long-life milk bottle is 100% recyclable. Just another reason to check the label before you buy something. Do your bit to save our planet.
Did you know? That a batch code on packaging has a brain behind it. When you buy any product, for example, these numbers can tell you where the product was manufactured, who did the quality control and when it left the
factory. Always keep the batch code on your products intact, it has vital info.
With the winter holidays here, many will be escaping to the tranquility of the bushveld. Keep an eye out for Nampak’s animal-proof recycling bins if you’re in the Kruger Park. These bins keep the contents safe, and encourage more recycling.
From 2011 to date, Nampak has spent over R3 million on this project.
Nampak has revamped its website with a fresh and modern look, as well as improved navigation.
Please go to [ Link ].
The Infini bottle from Nampak Plastics is better by design. It can be lightweighted by up to 25% with potential for future lightweighting. It also contains 15% recycled material which reduces the milk supply chain’s carbon footprint. But does it compromise on its strength?
Nampak is fully committed to its role in the recycling of metals, glass and plastic. It participates and contributes to various recycling initiatives.