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This week, Congressman Adam Schiff reminds us that Congress has a duty to protect our democracy. There is no doubt that last year, Russia acted to meddle in our elections. Now, Congress must fulfill its duty and create an independent commission to #FollowTheFacts.
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We must never forget the real lives that will be impacted by the Republicans’ disastrous health care bill. It must be defeated.
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Watch LIVE as @HouseDemocrats and I discuss #TrumpCare and the harm it would do to working families.

House Democrats
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I just went live with the House Democrats to give an update on where we stand in the fight against #TrumpCare
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Earlier today, I sat down with Anderson Cooper for a wide-ranging conversation that touched on the fight against TrumpCare and the need for an independent commission on Russia. Be sure to watch the full interview here:

Anderson Cooper interviews Nancy Pelosi - CNN Video
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We already knew that the Republicans’ TrumpCare bill was a vicious assault on working Americans’ health and economic security. Now we know that this prescription for disaster will cause nearly 2 million Americas’ to lose their jobs while giving a massive annual tax cut to the wealthiest 400 families in America. [ Link ]
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Speaker Ryan refers to the Republicans’ TrumpCare bill as an “act of mercy.” Nothing could be further from the truth. How is it merciful to send out-of-pocket costs through the roof? How is it merciful to kick 24 million people off their health care coverage? It isn’t – and my Republican colleagues should stop trying to pretend that it is.

Nancy Pelosi warns Trump voters could lose out under GOP Obamacare replacement
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There is no excuse for President Trump wiretapping allegations against President Obama. Beyond the simple insult of the President’s accusation, it is deeply disturbing that he has chosen to use President Obama as a prop to direct conversation away from questions regarding President Trump’s own ties to Russia.

Nancy Pelosi weighs in on President Trump's wiretapping claim
President Trump just can’t stop making it clear he doesn’t understand what truly makes American communities strong. He doesn’t understand that our communities flourish when they have high quality health care and world class school staffed innovating teachers. He can’t wrap his mind around the importance of a protected environment and skills training programs ready to give people a step up into...
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I’m live talking about President Trump’s devastating budget blueprint and the continued fight to stop Republicans from forcing families to #PayMoreForLess for health care.
President Trump is not making anyone more secure with a budget that hollows out our economy and endangers working families. Throwing billions at defense while ransacking America’s investments in jobs, education, clean energy and lifesaving medical research will leave our nation weakened. [ Link ]
When Republican Congressman Steve King made his latest disgusting and racist statements, I called on Speaker Ryan and the Republican leadership to immediately strip his Chairmanship of the Constitution Subcommittee. Since then, Congressman Steve King has doubled down on his statements, so I am doubling down on mine.

Where are Speaker Ryan and the GOP leadership? Does their silence mean...
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Pelosi to Speaker Ryan, GOP Leaders: Remove Rep. Steve King From Constitution Subcommittee Chairmanship Immediately - Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi
President Trump wants to know about your experiences with the Affordable Care Act. Share your stories about why we must #ProtectOurCare:

Obamacare: Share Your Story
How can Republicans look their constituents in the eye and tell them their bill will kick 24 million off coverage? It’s immoral.
Tune in as I speak with reporters about the Republicans’ disastrous plan to kick 24 million Americans off their health coverage: