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03/24/2017 at 21:00. Facebook
PERinaise is back and the bottle has been designed for that perfect squeeziness. It’s like the ultimate stress ball, except it also dispenses PERinaise. Welcome everybody, to the squeezy-peasy life.
That awkward moment when the colour of the sauce matches your beard. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!
Picture the scene, you're getting sleepy, the couch is calling you. You lie down and drift into a deep NandoooZzZzZzZzZe and dream of endless chicken wings. Bliss.
Chips, chips, chips, so many PERi-PERi chips!
Want a brand new Smeg fridge full of Most Organic Juice? Of course you do. Want us to tell you how to win? Of course you do. Ok, it's easy. Just head into Nando's, purchase any Most Organic juice with your meal and voila. You could be fridged and juiced before you know it.
Nothing brings Kiwis together like some backyard cricket. Same goes for a sharing meal at Nando’s, losing team has to pay.
Considering it's National Chili Day today, wouldn't it be great if there was a place where you could have never-ending, mind-bending, no-need-for-extra-spending PERi-PERi sauce? Oh yeah, Nando's is that place.
PSA! If your local Nando’s restaurant is our Courtenay Place or Lower Hutt restaurant in Wellington, you may have noticed that they are currently closed.

Don't worry, it's not because we've run out of chicken! We are just sprucing up the roost with some renovations. Courtney Place will re-open in mid-May and Lower Hutt, which closed due to the Earthquake, will be back open on the 6th of...
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How to survive a ‘Tender Bender’ (eating too much Nando’s in one sitting).

1. Find a comfortable seat.
2. Sit on the seat.
3. Lovingly rub your belly.
4. Remind yourself that Grandma would be proud of you.
We've made a quick chick-list of the most important things to remember for the perfect romantic Valentine's Day. Good luck out there. <3 ;)
Remember to be sun-safe and spice-safe this summer. Always pick the right S.P.F for your body.
We all know that person. Maybe we are that person! You know, the one who always adds haloumi, feta and caramelised onion to their Supremo burger, or eats all the PERi-PERi chips before touching the rest of their meal. How do you do Nando's?
Nando's outside, how bout dah?
Long weekends are like long chips, when you get one you'll be PERi-PERi stoked! ✌
2017 is the year of the chicken, join the salivations.
Uh-oh, we've put too much sauce on this post! If you're going to lick it off your screen (we get it) just make sure no-one sees you because then you might have to share.
If you look closely at the data you can see that there is a hand picking up a chip in the middle. Another point of interest is that the axis labels make no sense whatsoever. The chips are also covered in PERi-PERi salt too which is interesting. Also there are arrows indicating the direction of the lines. Tasty findings indeed!
Nando's gives you wings. PERi PERi chicken wings.
Phew! Summer is here and it's time to bust out the togs, hit the beach and chomp on an ice block. Introducing Nando's PERi PERi ice blocks. So hot they're cold.
Taking a roadie to Keri Keri? Don't forget the PERi PERi!
Nando's ½ mile, ½ chicken.