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Do you think having a four-wheel-drive system is essential in winter?
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A little “Know How” can go a long way. A really, really long way.
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It’s a known fact, with our winters, one never has enough windshield washer fluid! Restock your De-icer supply and save at the same time, thanks to this special limited time offer.
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Of course, the Law states that we must clean the snow off of our cars, but taking steps to see clearly, and not leave anything that could block other drivers’ vision can truly prevent accidents. This winter, sweep away the snow without a care with the great Arctic PlowTM, which will reach the farthest corners of your roof.
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Why do some cars have to be stored during the winter? Are there differences when it comes to an old or a brand new car?
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Which of today’s cars do you think is sure to become a classic?
True or false: You can use any kind of soap to wash your car?
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Believe it or not, crankshaft bearings have clearances thinner than a strand of hair. A film of oil is pumped through the gaps causing the rotating shaft to “float” on a layer of oil. Make sure you check your oil regularly and change when necessary, and always use the correct oil for your vehicle.