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What can you do to make it easier to defrost your windshield? It’s quite simple. Direct the heat to your windshield and lower your sun visors. This will trap the warm air at the top of your windshield and speed up the defrosting
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Who never came across another driver whose battery was dead? Become a road hero with these high performance Booster Cables. An essential tool for all cars: yours and others!
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Tire air pressure affects almost every working aspect of your driving. Thus, having a pressure gauge in your car is indispensable! Watch out for our special this month in your local NAPA Auto Parts store.
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No matter how easy you are on your clutch, it sometimes needs to be replaced when you reach a certain mileage. What’s the longest you’ve gone before having to replace your clutch?
Introducing an all-new portable solution to boost your battery in case of a complete discharge. Here are Carlyle Boosters from our NAPA collection. Visit our page at [ Link ] to get all the information you need.
Never be taken by surprise by a discharged battery. Get your own Battery Charger/Maintainer at your local NAPA Auto Parts store.
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It takes so little to warm yourself. Simply get the Buddy® Propane Heater at your local NAPA Auto Parts store today! [ Link ]
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New UltraPro line coming soon! Stay tuned for more details about the Radical tool range! #backinblack #UltraPro #tools #NAPA

New NAPA line - Auto Service World
This month is almost over... but winter is not! Check out these NAPA Winter gloves here: [ Link ]
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Do you think having a four-wheel-drive system is essential in winter?
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Changing your oil doesn’t have to be pricey. Get NAPA Conventional Oil, now just $17.99 for 5 litres.
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A little “Know How” can go a long way. A really, really long way.
Did you know that it’s possible for you to check your headlight alignment on your own? Here are tree simple issues you can fix by yourself: [ Link ]
It’s a known fact, with our winters, one never has enough windshield washer fluid! Restock your De-icer supply and save at the same time, thanks to this special limited time offer.
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