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Get your copy of "Rammstein: Paris" now! Several editions available through our online store! [ Link ]

Out May 19
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Xandria wants YOU to join the streetteam!
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We've added four new Metal Kids T-Shirts to our online store! "Our" kids love them \m/ Get yours here: [ Link ]
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Loudwire just posted a list of the Best Metal Band From Each Country, covering 30 nations across the globe, and there are two Napalm bands in there, too! Moonspellofficialband for Portugal, and Arkona for Russia!

The Best Metal Bands From 30 Countries
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Nervosa Thrash announces new drummer! More news to be announced soon, stay tuned!
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"Ich denke jeder kennt die Situation, dass es Leute gibt in seinem Umfeld, die einem entweder nicht gönnen was man hat oder einfach nur der Neid aus den Leuten heraus spricht. Aus welchen Gründen auch immer. Ich finde diese negative Eigenschaft von Menschen ziemlich traurig und nur aus diesem Grund habe ich diesen Song geschrieben wenn ich ehrlich bin. Auch weil ich es leider selbst erlebt...
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Die Streetcore-Band Toxpack im 'Schall und Rausch'-Interview - Das Musik und Lifestyle Magazin - Pressure Magazine
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Otep Calls for Equality with Empowering New Music Video for “Equal Rights Equal Lefts” - watch it here!

“I wrote this song to celebrate and empower all people to live their authentic selves, to live their truth, and to fight for their right to exist. Every day the LGBTQ community faces bigotry, bullying, ridicule and legislative attacks. We are not “the other”. We are your friends, your...
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"FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO EXIST!" The official video for Equal Rights Equal Lefts from OTEP's seventh studio album GENERATION DOOM

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Seven Kingdoms fans already know this one, for all the others: check out the "Neverending" video by our latest signing!

The album "Decennium" will be available from May 5th, here's the tracklist:
1. Stargazer
2. Undying
3. In The Walls
4. The Tale Of Deathface Ginny
5. Castles In The Snow
6. Kingslayer
7. The Faceless Hero
8. Neverending
9. Hollow
10. Awakened From Nothing
11. In The Walls...
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SEVEN KINGDOMS - Neverending (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Pre-order "Decennium" now: Out May 5th, incl. 4 bonus tracks, taken from the EP "In The Walls" "A fire must burn!" That's th...

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"Wer in seinem Leben einen Menschen oder eine Beziehung verloren hat, weiß ganz genau was wir mit ZEIT zum Ausdruck bringen wollen. Der Song soll an die schönen Momente erinnern, aber auch dabei helfen, sein Glück in der Zukunft zu finden. Das Schreiben und die Produktion dieses Songs waren für uns besonders intensiv. Es gab viele ruhige Momente in denen wir in uns gekehrt waren und genau...
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8kids - Zeit (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Pre Order "Denen Die Wir Waren" here: iTunes: Amazon:

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It's that time of the week again! Check out Life Of Agony Famiglia's #TBT! Today we've got Mina laying down the piano tracks for "Little Spots of You" and Joey Z recording rhythm guitars for "A New Low"!
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Can't wait to finally hold the new Warbringer album in your hands? Well, here's something to make your mouth water even more! Check out the track-by-track rundown of "Woe To The Vanquished"!

Napalm Records: [ Link ]
iTunes: [ Link ]

WARBRINGER - Woe To The Vanquished Track-By-Track Interview | Napalm Records

Pre-order "Woe To The Vanquished" now: iTunes: Out March 31 „Raging lethal th...

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Alestorm and Valient Thorr on Vans Warped Tour!

Says Alestorm:
"Oh wow! This is not a typo. This is actually happening. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we're going to be playing all summer long across the USA on the Vans Warped Tour! This is gonna be a huge party, and something so very new and exciting for us, and we hope we'll see y'all at one of the dates!"

6.21 - Albuquerque,...
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Dressed Like Machines premieres the brand new 8kids song & video "Zeit"! Enjoy!

[WIN] Exklusive Videopremiere: 8kids: "Zeit" | Dressed Like Machines
The last video in Life Of Agony Famiglia' s "History Of Agony" series is up now at Invisible Oranges. In this one Joey Z and Alan Robert discuss the community that was built through NYC's music scene.

Pre-order "A Place Where There's No More Pain" now: [ Link ]

Life of Agony -“A History of Agony” (Part 3)
VIDEO PREMIERE! Official GRAVE DIGGER Fan Site reveal new video for "Lawbreaker" - check it out here: [ Link ]

Get healed by metal on one of these upcoming dates: [ Link ]

GRAVE DIGGER - Lawbreaker (Official Video)
Warbringer's video for #RemainViolent is up for this week's Loudwire #BattleRoyale. VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Battle Royale: The Pretty Reckless No. 1, Avatar Debut on Video Countdown
Product Of Hate to tour America's east coast with SKINLAB "Official" and IKILLYA this spring!

Watch the official tour promo video here: [ Link ]

5.31: Revere, MA @ Sammy's Patio
6.1: Wallingford, CT @ Cherry St Station
6.2: NYC, NY @ Saint Vitus
6.3: Philadelphia, PA @ Whiskey Tango
6.4 Washington, DC @ The Pinch
6.6: Chesapeake, VA @ Riffhouse Pub
6.7: Fayetteville, NC @...
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Brand new Jinjer tour teaser, Ladies and Gentlemen! Go check them out ripping these venues apart!
Seven Kingdoms - Unveil Release Date, Artwork and Track Listing
Of New Album & Napalm Records Debut Decennium!

Pre-Orders are up and ready for you HERE: [ Link ]

Florida power metal act SEVEN KINGDOMS have recently signed to Napalm Records and are now ready to unveil the track listing, release date and cover artwork for their forthcoming Full Length album and Napalm Records...
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SEVEN KINGDOMS - Decennium (Napalm Records Online Store)