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Donald Trump’s picks for his cabinet:
❌ Want to make birth control more expensive
❌ Want to ban abortion
❌ Voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act
❌ Voted against equal pay for equal work

Is Donald Trump’s Cabinet Anti-Woman?

“If the politicians who passed this bill wanted to understand what they were doing to people in Ohio, they would have held public hearings and listened to stories like mine. Instead, they tried to slip the legislation into an unrelated bill that had widespread support.”

Ohio's Proposed Law Would Have Stopped Me From Getting an Abortion

Here’s how you can take action after the Ohio legislature passed a bill that would ban abortion before most women even know they’re pregnant.

3 Things You Can Do To Stop The Ohio "Heartbeat Bill"

We're on Capitol Hill this morning with a coalition of progressive groups delivering 1 million signatures calling on Congress to stop the appointment of Steve Bannon! Watch live:
BREAKING: Ohio just moved yet ANOTHER abortion ban to the floor for a vote in the legislature after passing another extreme abortion ban on Tuesday. The Ohio legislature is on a crusade to make abortion illegal in the state.

Tell Gov. Kasich to Veto Ohio's Abortion Bans

State law requires that a pamphlet, which contains lies about abortion, be given to women 24 hours before the procedure.

Texas tells women abortion might cause cancer. Science says otherwise.

In her 40+ years of public service, Senator Barbara Boxer has lead the charge for reproductive freedom.
“You’re putting ideology before medical science, and that’s incredibly alarming if you’re going to be the one leading this country’s health care policy one day.”

I Couldn't Afford Birth Control — & Then I Got Pregnant

Reminder: This is unconstitutional. Tell Governor Kasich to veto the bill → [ Prochoiceamerica.org Link ]
Dr. Warren Hern is one of only four doctors in the entire country who provide abortion later in pregnancy. Send him a thank you note for being there for patients who need him and not backing down in the face of anti-choice intimidation!

Send a Message of Support to Dr. Warren Hern

These states are taking away money from hungry children and families to fund anti-choice propaganda.

States are using welfare money to fund anti-abortion propaganda

Maria Schneider once said about the scene, “I felt a little raped, both by Marlon and by Bertolucci.”

The Rape Scene in Last Tango in Paris Was Not Consensual

This weekend, thousands of anti-choice extremists tried to block women from accessing reproductive health care outside of a North Carolina clinic.

North Carolina Abortion Providers Fight For Ground Amid Growing Hostility

Our reproductive rights are under attack—and Trump’s election has emboldened anti-choice politicians at the state level.

Legal and still a crime: Abortion laws to watch out for in Trump’s America

Thank you, Senator Barbara Boxer, for fighting for women and families for the past 40+ years. ❤

Senator Barbara Boxer: The Exit Interview

“Everything’s bigger in Texas, including a vendetta against women’s rights.”

Here’s What You Need to Know About Texas’s Seriously Terrible New Abortion Law

If this became law, abortion providers would be guilty of first-degree murder.

Florida Group Intends to Outlaw Abortion and Birth Control as First-Degree Murder

Texas’ new laws are humiliating and insulting. They provide NO public health benefit and could also inspire other states to enact regulations just like them.

To see how Trump could curb women's rights, read Texas’s proposals forcing clinics to bury miscarriages