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What’s up for December? See Mercury, Venus and Mars line up in the night sky and ring in 2017 with a New Year's Eve comet ☄
Let's go! NASA's Cassini Mission to Saturn swings back toward the planet today, ready to graze the outer main ring (F ring) on Sunday. More: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Underwater robots! New research could change how we study our ocean—and eventually look for life on other ocean worlds.

More: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Aces! Radio transmissions from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover and Mars Exploration Rovers successfully received by ESA - European Space Agency’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter.

Read more: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Smooth. Gears made of bulk metallic glass don't get brittle in extreme cold, making them perfect for space robots and exploring icy worlds. Read more at [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Saluting ISS-RapidScat: The ocean-wind monitor has ended operations after a successful two-year mission aboard the International Space Station. Info: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Saturn's icy moon Mimas is dwarfed by the planet's enormous rings. More info from NASA's Cassini Mission to Saturn at [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Space-themed gift; no doorbuster required. Download and print the free 2017 JPL calendar at [ Jpl.nasa.gov Link ]
Happy Thanksgiving! Like Thanksgiving, spaceflight is about heritage, the right ingredients and leftovers, only with engines and star trackers instead of potatoes or pie. NASA's Cassini Mission to Saturn explains.

Giving and Receiving: A Mission Tradition

And so it begins: NASA's Cassini Mission to Saturn prepares for “Ring-Grazing Orbits,” phase one of two in its dramatic endgame.

More: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Water ice makes up half or more of an underground layer in a large region of Mars halfway from the equator to the north pole.
[ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Global warming slowdown? Not so fast. Oceans absorbing extra heat accounts for dip in average global surface temperature.

Read full article: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Saturn’s outer ring fades into the background as moon Prometheus’ surface is revealed in detail. Most of NASA's Cassini Mission to Saturn's images of Prometheus are too distant to resolve individual craters, making views like this a rare treat.
More info + high-res image: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Go, GOES-R, go! Live launch coverage on now.
NASA Dawn Mission image of Ceres approximates how the dwarf planet would look to the human eye. More info at [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Wanted: Talented software developers to help power JPL missions and projects. Apply now at [ Jpl.nasa.gov Link ] to join us and "Dare Mighty Things."
LIVE: We're talking about NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. Watch and ask questions at [ Ustream.tv Link ]


TODAY! Watch NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson and the next crew launch to the International Space Station. Coverage begins at 2:30pm ET. Have questions? Use #askNASA and astronaut Doug Wheelock will answer them from the ground: [ Nasa.gov Link ]
New Eyes on Space: Find out about NASA's James Webb Space Telescope and its infrared study of the cosmos. Watch live and join the Q&A tonight on [ Ustream.tv Link ]
New mapping method will allow scientists to better monitor shoreline erosion after future oil spills.

Study Finds Widespread Land Losses from Gulf Oil Spill