Members of the Kennedy Space Center community gathered Wednesday afternoon to remember astronaut Gene Cernan with a wreath-laying service at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, died Monday in Houston at age 82.

Kennedy Honors Gene Cernan in Wreath-laying Service
NASA's Commercial Crew Program recently held a children's calendar artwork contest, and winners' art is now being displayed onboard the International Space Station! How cool would it be to send your artwork to space!?

Well done, artists! We are blown away by the truly impressive pieces we recieved!
A strong tradition at Kennedy Space Center is for workers to sign the crowning beam when they complete a new structure. The platforms recently installed inside the VAB for the SLS rocket certainly fit the bill!

NASA, Contractor Workers Sign Final Platform in Vehicle Assembly Building | Ground Systems Development and Operations Program (GSDO)
We are very sad to report that today, we have lost another hero. Eugene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, died Monday, Jan. 16, surrounded by his family.

Cernan, a Captain in the U.S. Navy, left his mark on the history of exploration by flying three times in space, twice to the moon. He also holds the distinction of being the second American to walk in space and the last human to...
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Over the weekend, veteran spaceflight engineer Charlie Blackwell-Thompson gave a presentation at the Orlando based Otronicon -a convention demonstrating innovative new technologies. Charlie will serve as the Launch Director for NASA's SLS rocket and Orion program. She is also the first female Launch Director.
The final work platform that will enable workers to assemble NASA's new SLS rocket has been installed inside of the Vehicle Assembly Building. The rocket fits into these platforms like a puzzle piece.

It's rocket science!

Final Work Platform Lifted into Place for NASA’s Space Launch System | Ground Systems Development and Operations Program (GSDO)
Check out what happened this week Inside KSC! The Cygnus spacecraft that will be launched on the OA-7 mission arrived and began processing in the Operations and Checkout building, and the SAGE III experiment underwent extensive testing ahead of its upcoming launch.
NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, Deputy Administrator Dava Newman, and Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot are giving their final farewell speech to employees today. It's a bittersweet moment as we look back on all our accomplishments over the last 8 years. We have come far together.

From Kennedy Space Center to our outgoing administration -Ad Astra!

Still sealed in its environmentally controlled shipping container, the Orbital ATK OA-7 Cygnus spacecraft's pressurized cargo module (PCM) has arrived inside the Space Station Processing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
NASA Centennial Challenges wants YOUR help building a 3-D printed habitat on Mars.

NASA and its partners are holding a $2.5 million competition to build a 3D printed habitat for deep space exploration, including the agency’s journey to Mars. The multi-phase challenge is designed to advance the construction technology needed to create sustainable housing solutions for Earth and beyond.

Visit ...
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NASA's 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge

NASA Centennial Challenges wants YOUR help building a 3-D printed habitat on Mars. NASA and its partners are holding a $2.5 million competition to build a 3D...

The Pressurized Cargo Module (PCM) of the Cygnus spacecraft has arrived at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for processing and assembly before launch. The OA-7 mission is targeted to launch on Thursday, March 16 from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Orbital ATK will launch Cygnus atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket for delivery of essential...
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Our latest edition of Spaceport Magazine has hit the news stands. This edition is dedicated in honor of a true hero, not just to America, but to the world: John Glenn. We'll take a look back on the year and everything that we've accomplished here on the ground at KSC and in space!

Spaceport Magazine – January 2017
Experience the encapsulation and launch of NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft as if you were actually standing on the launch pad! Drag your mouse to look around -and if you have a virtual reality headset, make sure to slip it on for this one! This is absolutely as close to a rocket launch as you'd ever want to get.

WARNING: NASA strongly advises against standing underneath actual rocket launches in...
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Happy Birthday from Kennedy Space Center to one of the most brilliant minds of our time, Stephen Hawking! Stephen turns the big 75 today. Here's to many more trips around our host star, Mr. Hawking!
Check out this week's edition of Inside KSC. We're taking a look back at our year here at Kennedy -it's been a big 2016, and we're looking at an even bigger 2017! Hold on tight!
NASA has selected two missions that have the potential to open new windows on one of the earliest eras in the history of our solar system – a time less than 10 million years after the birth of our sun. The missions, known as Lucy and Psyche, were chosen from five finalists and will proceed to mission formulation, with the goal of launching in 2021 and 2023, respectively.

NASA Selects Two Missions to Explore the Early Solar System
Did you know that Kennedy Space Center has additional Facebook Pages that post different material? It's true -each of our programs here at KSC have their own Facebook Page, and they post about their activities on a regular basis! We'll be highlighting these pages this week.

Today, we're highlighting NASA's Launch Services Program. The Launch Services Program (or LSP) serves as the bridge...
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LSP Earth's Bridge to Space

NASA's Launch Services Program launches probes, satellites and missions into orbit using some of the most advanced rockets in existence.