Check out the latest edition of 'Inside KSC!' The Orbital ATK CRS-7 Cygnus spacecraft was hoisted atop the Atlas V rocket ahead of its launch to the International Space Station, and the Mobile Launch Tower for the Space Launch System rocket was fitted with a critical umbilical line.
We've all heard of yellow submersible vehicles, but a yellow spacecraft? Not so fast -it's just the lighting! The spacecraft is actually white.

In this image, a Kamag transporter hauls the Orbital ATK CRS-7 Cygnus spacecraft to the Vertical Integration Facility to be lifted and mated to the Atlas V rocket.
Dana Hutcherson is part of the NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration team of engineers working with private industry to bring a new class of spacecraft into operation. Her work is vital to return human spaceflight to U.S. soil using a model that calls for closer cooperation among the agency and the private sector. Read more: [ Link ]
Crawler on the move! In preparation for the new Space Launch System rocket, the 50-year-old Crawler Transporter-2 has recently been upgraded with new generators, gear assemblies, jacking, equalizing and leveling (JEL) hydraulic cylinders, roller bearings and brakes were installed, and other components. The Crawlers have a long history, being used for both the Shuttle and Apollo programs.
NASA, Orbital ATK and United Launch Alliance (ULA) have postponed Orbital ATK’s seventh commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station. ULA discovered a new booster hydraulic issue during prelaunch testing. The ULA team is developing a plan to resolve the issue and a new launch date will be determined. The Atlas V rocket and Cygnus remain secure.
Check out our new Headquarters building at Kennedy Space Center! The building that our HQ is currently in has provided us with faithful service since it was built more than 50 years ago. We're sad to see it go, but it's time for an upgrade. The new building will be greener as well, gleaning much of its energy from the solar farms in operation at KSC.

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Progress in Central Campus Construction Adding Modern Facilities | Kennedy Space Center
Less than a week until our next scheduled launch! What's going up? Find out!

Cygnus Packed with Experiments to Support Future Exploration
Check out all our science missions scheduled for liftoff this year, courtesy of NASA's Launch Services Program!
The launch of the Orbital ATK CRS-7 resupply mission to the International Space Station has now been rescheduled for no earlier than Monday, March 27. The additional time allows the ULA team to troubleshoot a hydraulic issue discovered on ground support equipment needed for launch.

Keep checking in right here for more updates! On launch day, you can watch live at .

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Want to find out more about the upcoming total solar eclipse? Tune in and find out!
Satellites that will bring the Internet to every part of the world will be made here @NASAKennedy in a factory that #OneWeb broke ground for on Thursday. The satellites – 2,000 of them – will launch from here as well in a show of Kennedy's diverse multi-use spaceport.
A scene from a UFO movie? No, it's real life! Here, technicians load a cargo unit into the Orbital ATK CRS-7 Cygnus spacecraft. The mission is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on March 24th at 9:00pm EDT.
The fiscal year 2018 budget proposal is now out and available for all to read. This proposed budget enables us to continue our work with industry to enhance government capabilities, send humans deeper into space, continue our innovative aeronautics efforts and explore our universe. The budget supports our continued leadership in commercial space, as well as bolstering our ongoing commitment to...
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NASA Acting Administrator Statement on FY2018 Budget Proposal
The upcoming launch of the Orbital ATK CRS-7 mission has been delayed several days to allow for additional time to replace and retest a first stage hydraulic component. The launch is now scheduled for 9:00pm EDT March 24th. This mission may possibly launch on March 23rd instead should the Eastern Range become available for that time.

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Our Cassini spacecraft bid farewell to Saturn's moon Mimas, having made its final close approach and creating this mosaic -- one of the highest resolution views ever captured of the icy moon. Details: [ Link ]
Want to know more about technologies NASA and its partners are developing for in-space manufacturing? Then join the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge webinar Monday, March 13, at 4 p.m. (EST). Twenty international teams that are participating in the challenge will be part of the webinar. The hour-long discussion is open to the public and you can register here.

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3D-Printed Habitat Webinar
Next Orbital ATK #Cygnus cargo launch to the International Space Station now targeting no earlier than March 21 due to prelaunch testing issue. Details: [ Link ]