OHB in Sweden is assembling, integrating and doing initial testing of the European Service Module Propulsion Qualification Model (PQM) that represents the propulsion system for testing purposes.

It is much heavier than the final module as it will not be launched into space. Shown is the PQM container ready for shipment to the White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico where it will be tested...
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This NASA engineer is "making history every day" building the rocket for the journey to Mars! Her inspiring story: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ] #ModernFigures
Thanks and congratulations to UT Tyler students for their work with the Orion Program!

UT Tyler student project with NASA

We are saddened by the loss of retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon. [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Check out the latest edition of our program newsletter, SLS Highlights! [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Major construction is complete on the 221-foot-tall stand that will be used to test SLS's largest fuel tank! Details: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ] #JourneytoMars
Want a behind the scenes NASA tour ahead of Super Bowl LI? Only 1 hour left to apply to our Feb. 1 #NASASocial in Houston! Application closes at noon ET: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]
Can you imagine experiencing gusts like this? A model of SLS is undergoing tests in a wind tunnel at NASA Langley Research Center that is capable of generating wind speeds of up to 900 miles per hour!

Engineers are testing the model to understand how the rocket may perform during deep-space missions. This test is particularly focused on understanding how the cargo version of the heavy-lift...
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Happy New Year! Here's to more progress on the world's most powerful rocket in 2017! #NASASLS
Happy New Year! Check out our 2016 highlights: [ Nasa.gov Link ] and see our plans for 2017: [ Nasa.gov Link ]
From Apollo 8’s Christmas Eve 1968 Message: God bless all of you, all of you on this good Earth.
While we prepare for our first flight with NASA’s Orion Spacecraft in 2018, wind tunnel testing is already underway on the next, more powerful version of SLS. It will deliver a 105-metric-ton (115-ton) lift capacity and will be 364 feet tall in the crew configuration -- taller than the Saturn V that launched astronauts on missions to the moon.

Here's more: [ Go.nasa.gov Link ]

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We've had a busy 2016 assembling Orion for our first integrated flight atop NASA's Space Launch System. Check out what's in store for Orion in 2017: [ Nasa.gov Link ]
The 9th of January 2017 will be an important day for Bas Theelen, currently manager of Airbus' famous EDRS programme. On this day he will take over the reins as Head of the Orion-ESM programme from Oliver Juckenhöfel. Bas is a human spaceflight enthusiast and cannot wait to start his new position. "I already met the team and also our partners and customers at ESA, NASA and Lockheed Martin....
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Solar arrays, space food, international partners, and more in our November 2016 monthly highlights: [ Nasa.gov Link ]
Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium in front of the Orion mock-up at NASA Johnson Space Center with Center Director Ellen Ochoa; Assistant Orion Program Manager, Paul Marshall; Philippe Deloo, ESA’s European Service Module program manager and the Belgian delegation.
Parts of Orion crew module are built all over the United States. How do we get them to Florida for assembly? David Elliott takes us on a tour of NASA's Super Guppy airplane. [ Jsc.nasa.gov Link ]
Orion main engine arrives in Europe

The main engine for the European Service Module that will power NASA’s Orion spacecraft was shipped from NASA’s White Sands Test Facility and has arrived in Bremen, Germany.

More: [ Blogs.esa.int Link ]
Thank you to the Guppy Aircraft Team for their contributions to Orion's mission and safe transport of our hardware.