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Live Now: FY2018 Budget documents are posted: [ Link ]

At 12:30pm ET: Hear about the #StateOfNASA: [ Link ]
NASA’s Orion Spacecraft 05/23/2017
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Tank welding is complete on Orion's crew module at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. [ Link ]
Tank welding is complete on Orion's crew module at Kennedy Space Center in Florida
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We are continuing to pursue the first integrated flight of NASA's Space Launch System rocket and NASA’s Orion Spacecraft, Exploration Mission-1, as a rigorous flight test of the integrated systems without crew: [ Link ]
NASA’s Orion Spacecraft 05/13/2017
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Building the next Orion vehicle, launch abort system motor test, and more in the Orion's April highlights: [ Link ]
Building the next Orion vehicle launch abort system motor test and more
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Happy #StarWarsDay from the Orion program. #MayThe4thBeWithYou!
Happy StarWarsDay from the Orion program MayThe4thBeWithYou
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European Space Agency astronauts Tim Peake, Matthias Maurer, and Luca Parmitano tour NASA's Orion Spacecraft mockup at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
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We're building the Orion spacecraft, scheduled to fly on our Space Launch System, the most powerful rocket ever built. This new deep space vehicle will take humans farther into the solar system than we have ever traveled before. Get the details: [ Link ]
NASA’s Orion Spacecraft 05/02/2017
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Thank you, Ingersoll Machine Tools in Rockford, IL, for hosting us. Great progress on building the Orion spacecraft which will carry humans around the moon and beyond!
Thank you Ingersoll Machine Tools in Rockford IL for hosting us Great
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Here is a quick view of the Mobile Launcher from the rooftop of the Vehicle Assembly Building. Work continues to take place on the Mobile Launcher in support of the SLS rocket.
NASA’s Orion Spacecraft 05/01/2017
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