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This carnivorous animal survives by preying on small mammals and birds. Burmese Pythons have poor eyesight. However, their hunt for food remains unaffected by this lack of good vision, mainly because they use the heat receptors in their jaws and chemical receptors in their tongues to stalk prey.
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Tonight we’re following brothers Brent and Grant Reeds into the heart of the wild. Stay tuned as these experts navigate us through the unchartered territory of the dangerous Botswana Okavango Delta in Africa. Safari Brothers, premiering tonight at 7 pm.
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Vision gets distorted underwater because of the way light travels through it. Sound, on the other hand, travels four times faster in water than through air. Taking advantage of this, Beluga whales make their way through the water by creating sound waves and using the echo that bouncers off of objects to determine their position.
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Catch species war against other species, competing for territory, food, and even lashing out in revenge. Watch the deadliest battle featuring the strongest animals in the wild on Gang Wars, tonight at 8 pm.
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Eyes bigger than his belly? What do you think? Caption this photograph and share your thoughts.
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Cubs are born blind. They require care and attention till the 6th or 8th week, when they start to follow their mother and move around a little more freely. #InternationalCheetahDay
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These wild cats usually feed on smaller prey like hares and gazelles. Adult male cheetahs that hunt in teams also attack zebras, wildebeests and even ostriches. #InternationalCheetahDay
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The hyena’s famous laugh can be heard from 5 km away. They usually ‘whoop’ to get the attention of other hyenas to assist them in a battle with other predators over a kill.
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Today, we celebrate the beauty and stealth of the cheetah with 3 top facts about the fastest creature on the planet. #InternationalCheetahDay

Cheetahs can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. But they utilise only half that speed when chasing prey.
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Today is International Cheetah Day!

We’re celebrating the world’s fastest land mammals today - cheetahs. With a fierce attitude, a merciless appetite and an undefeated title of being the fastest animal on land, we stand in awe of these wild cats. Don’t miss a closer look at these wild creatures the Cheetah Week line up tonight at 9 pm.
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Let’s dive into the deep blue for a closer look at some of the fastest fish in the sea.

The sailfish clocks in at 68 miles per hour and is considered the fastest sea creature, if not the fastest swimmer. This is because the sailfish doesn’t only swim, it leaps up from the water which helps it to cover more distance at top speed.

The killer whale, which is the world’s biggest dolphin,...
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It’s the longest standing battle in the wild - cheetah vs. antelope. To prey on the antelope, the cheetah is forced to develop deadlier tactics rather than merely relying on its speed. Catch the most awaited combat nature has to offer on I, Predator, part of Nat Geo Wild’s Cheetah Week, tonight at 9 pm.
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In the wild, every day is a struggle for survival. Crocodiles, however, have learnt to thrive by adhering to a strict hierarchy, living under the rule of a croc boss. But what happens when this order is threatened? Find out on Gang Wars, tonight at 8 pm.
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What happens when the fastest players of the NFL meet the fastest animal in the wild - the cheetah. Will Chris Johnson and Devin Hester rise to the challenge and be the first to cross the finish line, or will they be defeated? Tune in to Man vs. Cheetah, part of Nat Geo Wild’s Cheetah Week line up -tonight at 9 pm.
Myth - Wolves howl at the moon.

Fact - Wolves howl. It can be during a full moon or no moon night, or even during the day. The fact is that they howl to communicate with each other. A wolf’s howl can communicate different things like its location, warning about predators and the position of prey. Wolves even howl along with their pack as a way of strengthening the bond between members.
Contrary to its name, the flying dragon is neither a dragon nor does it fly. They merely glide from tree to tree by spreading the skin between their ribs to form wings. It’s a strategy they use to avoid ground-based predators.
Though they are usually brown, Tiger Salamanders can vary in colour. Their bodies sometimes bare bright yellow blotches or markings with a greenish base.