Peaceful rebellion in Bristol
Teachers should be able to provide first aid and point pupils to services. But what we need are professional mental health services!

Mental health problems rife among teenagers but teachers lack skills to help
While the rest of the developed world turns away from a failed technology, we pin our hopes on it. Failure of policy, failure of democracy.

“[Globally] The civil nuclear programme globally doesn’t have any orders.”

Foreign companies flock to build nuclear plants in the UK
Astonishing: "The Formula Marketing Bill has long been needed, and is of vital importance to ensuring the health of both babies and mothers. However, 26 years after the WHO code was signed by the UK, it has taken a private members’ bill to put this issue on parliament’s agenda – and even then its second reading has been delayed by a month already."

26 years ago the UK signed up to formula milk advertising rules – so why isn't it law yet?
Astonishingly uncontrolled and out of control: Tippex!

"The visit uncovered an example of an employee at the forge “amending a manufacturing record in an uncontrolled manner” as recently as September 2016, two years after similar problems were uncovered. The doctoring went undetected by Areva’s on-site quality control, Areva’s independent third-party body and inspectors from EDF.
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Inspectors find safety irregularities at Creusot nuclear forge in France
Very disappointing fare increases in Sheffield. We need to be encouraging more public transport use, but this will discourage. We all pay for that: congestion, air pollution, roads for cars not people.

Bus and tram ticket prices in South Yorkshire set to increase
Congratulations Caroline - I know this was a long fight!
Meet lots of Green Party members on the Unite for Europe march tomorrow!

Green Bloc: Unite For Europe

Fuel poverty and energy efficiency - Caroline Lucas is on the government's case

Fuel Poverty: 21 Mar 2017: House of Commons debates - TheyWorkForYou
Great news - but please keep signing the petition. We need to ensure Pride remains safe and wins a secure future

Pride has been released!
Big emitter, big greenwasher

Drax AGM demo

The failed privatisation model - financialisation of the most basic resource of all.

"Ian Byatt, who was head of regulator Ofwat for the first 11 years after the water industry was privatised in 1989, said one of the big problems is water companies’ “complicated corporate structures”.
“The boards are largely composed of investors, so the prime issue is how much money are we getting, not how...
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Thames Water business model under scrutiny after sewage fine
Another of our "friends and allies" in the Middle East.
"The prospects for political reform in Bahrain now look increasingly bleak."

How a spate of killings in Bahrain has raised suspicions of state brutality
Looking forward to today's debating - great to see students engaging in tough issues

Debating Matters - Regional Final
Statement from Caroline Lucas on today's eventsCaroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, has responded to today's attack in Westminster.

Caroline responds to attacks in London | Caroline Lucas