What might a fracking rig near the historic village of Letwell in Rotherham look like? Some locals have been considering this and shared the results with me ...
Guardian covering the huge, deadly issue of air pollution in Sheffield - and giving a big plug to the Sheffield Green Party petition on the subject - please see first comment for link. And please sign and share!

60mph speed limit for M1 under consideration to combat air pollution

Looking forward to this meeting in Nether Edge on January 31 - Article 50, a real living wage, universal basic income, renewable energy, air pollution, and of course trees among the subjects likely to come up. Free - but please book so we can plan for numbers!

Natalie Bennett "Sheffield Needs Green Ideas"

Australia, per capita a huge contributor to climate change, also has an environment incredible vulnerable to it

The threat to species from climate change should provoke shame in our hearts | Tim Flannery

While the UK makes the world a more dangerous place by opposing the work of 138 countries in calling for a ban on nuclear weapons, we're got to ask if Trident can be considered credible even in its own terms.
Normally the government boasts about the "success" of these tests, so there's no excuse for this lack of transparency - no doubt other nuclear states were aware of the failure.
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Failed missile test 'covered up' as MPs made decision on nuclear weapons

Excellent arguments for the long-term Green Party policy pay ratios presented by Observer readers. We say the top paid person in an organisation shouldn't be paid more than 10 times the lowest paid person.

Fair pay for both rich and poor is not beyond our control | the big issue

Exciting possibilities - a decentralised, resilient system, with the returns going to households and communities, not to tax-dodging multinationals

Batteries included: Yorkshire village seeks to solve riddle of too much sun

Reflections - An undemocratic corrupt system gave world President Trump. That's for American people to fix. Our job is to fix own undemocratic corrupt system.

Bridges not walls: a great response to Trump |

The rest of the world will be acting. If Trump reverses direction he'll be harming everyone, but particularly his own country

Let’s make Donald Trump’s swearing-in a call to action for the environment | Caroline Lucas

Sadly Caroline's Bill was filibustered (talked out of time) by the regular coterie of Tory obstructionists, who don't believe in the democratic process

The idea of girls growing up with a leader like Donald Trump turns my stomach

Well said Caroline - Theresa May should not be handed a blank cheque to make of Brexit what she wants, without any kind of democratic mandate

Jeremy Corbyn suggests he will order Labour MPs to vote in favour of triggering article 50 - Politics live

Exciting ideas for improving life in Sheffield from the head of a brilliant organisation

The Big Challenge: Looking for a new perspective