Natasha Bedingfield
03/25/2017 at 16:21. Facebook
Throwback to making the #LetGo video with NESTEA. It was so much fun to shoot this on the beach and I still can’t get over this dress!
Natasha Bedingfield
03/24/2017 at 16:03. Facebook
“Let Go” is here! So excited to team up with NESTEA. Finally something that puts my deep love for tea to music!
This is rocky with my friends Cambrie Schroder and Faith Schroder. Happy #nationalpuppyday people!
Excited to share a sneak peek of a brand new video project. Stay tuned for the premiere coming tomorrow! #LetGo
Today is UN #WorldWaterDay so please join me to help kids get #CleanWaterHere in the US and Abroad by lending your social voice here (I did!):
So thankful to this incredible one who was willing to say "i do" to being my soul's partner in this mysterious magical adventure called love . It's our anniversary today and he's not on insta but I thought I'd share with you guys that love is a beautiful force so keep loving those around you .. don't lose faith in love cos it's powerful . Your love for others can transform them - I'm talking...
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I missed these cuddles while traveling . #reunited
Had to close my eyes and go into a calm state to do this pony tail . Ladies do you feel me? When I was all flustered and rushed I couldn't do it.

Back stage pic by Andreas Engelhard just before my #Hamburg #notp show #badhairday turned good #cantrushgenius #calm #meditation #mondaymotivation
When you karaoke to your own song
Right now I feel very similar to this door I'm standing in front of . Covered with all the labels people stick on me; all the limits that have been scribbled over my future by others and sometimes even myself . The good point to this metaphor is, it doesn't matter what is graffitied on your door , you are the one who decides to open yourself to what you want in life. You decide what or who to...
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Sometimes the change you want to see around you starts inside your Self
Already missing #Hamburg . I can understand why this creative city is where the The Beatles and so many other legends got their start .
These two feet
These two legs
That I stand on
Have not been thanked enough
I expect so much of them
Demanding strength , stability and speed
Mostly without a please or repayment
Too often all they have experienced from me
Is lack of love or even self hatred and frustration for their limitations
So just taking a moment to honour these important supporting actresses in the show that is...
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Getting out of bed in the morning is often so hard. Especially if it's dark outside or cold or after a late night and u got to go to work . What are your tricks to get yourself up and at em? Do share !

I do the whole #umathurman in #killbill - " wiggle your big toe" routine . One two three sit up etc...
Haha women are incredible .. just saying
#tbt Epic high fives on tour with Ronan Keating #notp. Feels like he’s one of the biggest stars in Germany. You should have heard the crowd cheer when he got on stage.
She sounds exactly like me when she's in the shower . Jahannah James. What artist do you sound like in the shower? What is your shower song? Ed Sheeran - #shapeofyou
#LoveLooksLike spending time with the one you love.