There’s so much pressure on parents to give their children the very best start in life. Nutritional therapist and yoga teacher, Zoe Kirkby (from Zoe Kirky Nutrition & Yoga) has practical tips on how something as simple as the food and drink you give your young ones can boost their brain power, help them stay focussed throughout the day, improve their learning and concentration and minimise...
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Do you struggle to make tail or head of food labels? Ingredients can be confusing since they are often given scientific names, making it difficult for us to understand the toxins that are lurking in our food. This article reveals all!
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Have I got a super special recipe for you today! Make these stuffed, salted almond chocolate dates for the special mother figure in your life (it’s Mothering Day this Sunday!) and give the gift of health and love! Make a double batch and you’ll also get to enjoy them yourself!
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Having problems sleeping? Here are some fantastic tips to make sure you get enough shut eye!
Squeeze in 30 minutes of this great pilates demo and get one step closer to looking hot in those skinny jeans! [ Link ]
Well done! You’ve made it to Wednesday Why not whip up this scrummy, spring quiche by @TheHealthonist when you get home? It’s super easy to make, packed full of green-leafy veg and best of all? You’ll have tasty leftovers for lunch tomorrow. You’re welcome! [ Link ]
I love how versatile the humble cauliflower is! Try this gorgeous tagine with a cauliflower couscous as a fabulous gluten-free alternative. [ Link ]
I love this analogy from Carmen van Zanten of @The Pregnant Chef. She says that labour is a physical challenge much like a race, and yet so many women don’t consider that they’ll need healthy snacks to boost their energy to see them through the event. She’s got great tips as well as recipe suggestions (from yours truly!) to have ready for the day you finally meet your little bundle of joy! [...
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Healthy food doesn’t need to take a huge effort. Light and tasty my courgette and apple soup from my Green and Lean plan is great for lunch and dinner and only takes 10 minutes to prepare! [ Link ]
You’ve probably heard of downward-facing dog and cat pose, but what about crab reach and loaded beast? Intrigued? Today, Adam Stansbury ‘The plant powered Pt’ takes us through his fast and fun 30-minute workout over on my website. Enjoy! [ Link ]
Get your greens in! I think brussels sprouts have a bit of a bad rap, but they go oh-so-well when roasted and tossed in a scrummy pea salad.
Stretching to ward off stiffness, protein snacks for muscle growth … with everything going on, how many of you remember to drink enough water post-workout? And if you’re one of the few who don’t forget, how much do you drink, how quickly, and what is it? Well, fitties, you’re in luck! Jenna Hope Nutrition spills the beans on my website today. [ Link ]
Not a fan of porridge? I know it sounds a bit odd, but my sweet potato version will change your mind! Give it a go and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Sweet potato porridge with Dreams Rice Milk

It might sound strange but sweet potato and carrot porridge is a game changer and amazing for kids. Recipe is from my new book Honestly Healthy in a Hurry! h...

We’ve all heard of good and bad bacteria, right? Well it turns out that the microorganisms that live in our gut are pretty important to our overall health and wellness. Clinical Nutritionist Graciela Corrales has got 8 tips to improve gut flora over on my website. [ Link ]
Feeling run down? Give yourself an easy boost & squeeze these common superfoods into your meals. You’re welcome! [ Link ]
I don’t know about you, but my back is one of the first areas of my body to start taking strain. Sophia Butler Cowdry from @SophiaBCyoga takes us through an easy 30-minute yoga routine through all six spine directions. Soon you’ll be as good as new! [ Link ]