If you didn't get your hands on tickets for tomorrow's Green and Lean SkyGarden event, you don't have to miss out on the Green and Lean Caramelised Cinnamon Pears on Porridge we're serving for post-workout breakfast - just get yourself up to SkyGarden's Darwin Brasserie where it's being served until Feb!

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Some Friday motivation for you - need a revolution? Break through your health & fitness plateau & join the Green and Lean 12 Week Plan to finally find your healthiest self this year, whilst NURTURING your love for food!

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I'm opening up the Honestly Healthy platform to inspiring, qualified and motivational individuals to share their knowledge and passion within the wellness sector. Want to get involved? Click here to join us: [ Honestlyhealthyfood.com Link ]
Green and Leaners! It's chilly outside, I get that your smoothies may not be quiiiiite as satisfying right now - so switch it up if you're craving something warming & go for my Warm Protein Smoothie! Stuck for protein powder? I recommend Lomax Nutrition's Pro Edge Plant Formula.

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There's still time to join the Challenge! We start on Sunday & thousands of us are taking on our transformation journeys TOGETHER! That's a whole lot of collaborative power - get involved!

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'The livestock industry is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions. This is more than the transport sector...' Honestly Healthy isn't allllll about the yummy, feel-good food, we also strive to promote lifestyles which are environmentally conscious. Use Veganuary as a chance to learn about where your food comes from and how it is produced so you can make the best choices where possible...
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When I took you all shopping with me for last year's Green and Lean Challenge! Who's joining us for January's Challenge?? Just one week & less than a fiver & we'll all be well on our way to achieving our health & fitness goals for the year, whilst having FUN & enjoying our food & exercise - we start on Sunday so register now & get ready!

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I'm OVERWHELMED at the number of you already signed up for next week's Green and Lean 7 Day Challenge! Over ten THOUSAND of you have joined the Green and Lean 7 Day Crew - let's see if we can beat November's 12,000!! For less than a fiver you'll get your shopping list and meal plan for the week, exclusive breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes, follow-along Prep Night video, four BRAND NEW...
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Has Blue Monday left you feeling uninspired for this week's dinners? Remember, food can help your mood! So get my ROTW Sweet Potato Oat Burgers on the table & SMILE! You have burgers, life is GOOD!

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From our beautiful Edyta, who took on November's 7 Day Challenge! Do something for YOU today & follow her lead!

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If you haven't signed up to join the Green and Lean January 7 Day Challenge, why not?! 7 days of food & fitness to set you off on your 2017 goals, powered by the magic of our Green and Lean community! Who's in??

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I'm so excited to be opening up the Honestly Healthy platform for you to be a part of! The Honestly Healthy Ambassador Program will be launching this year to provide you with a channel to the world of the wellness industry. We want to help the next generation of healthies and foodies to have a voice. Social media and the online health and fitness world has quickly become saturated and we want...
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Sundays are for pancakes, amiright? Make them extra special with my GREENIES Stuffed with Kale & Mushrooms! SRSLY guys, these are the pancake lover's dream. Tag me in your pics when you make them!

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We have been cooking a very special bun! Mr B and are are so excited to share our news with you that we are expecting our first bubba in June.

I'll be blogging about my highs and lows of pregnancy along the way and here is my first post!
Big love from the 3 of us

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On the wintriest of winter weekends, today's bake has to be super comforting & the perfect partner to a warm & snug cuppa - enter, my Gluten Free Carrot Cake! I promise you this is the ONE for fuelling hygge-esq afternoons. Go bake yours!

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Tips for weaning the kiddy winks! Here are my tips for prepping food for the rest of the family whilst making healthy freezable purees for the tiny ones! You can use any veggies you have available so it's super easy to use up leftovers & they're ready in seconds for when baby's hungry!

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IT'S THE WEEKEND! You need Green and Lean approved Turmeric Masala Curry for a snuggly, relaxing Friday night in. Throw in all your favourite veg and serve with brown rice or quinoa for the ultimate fake-away!

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Mr Tom Cheeseman is READY! Are you?! Tickets for our SkyGarden event sold out super fast - who got their hands on one?? SO excited to see you!

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Chrissy took the leap to upgrade her lifestyle & look at how it paid off! Trust that you don't have to be hungry to lose weight, you don't need to exercise for hours every day to be fit & you don't have to restrict to find your confidence. Being healthy can become a natural part of your lifestyle, it doesn't have to dominate.

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At Honestly Healthy we say 'haaaay-al NO!' to food waste! I implement my Prep Night method myself and into the Green and Lean Plan, meaning you only buy what you're going to eat, and as everything is portioned you don't cook more than you need. How do you help cut down on you food waste?

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