How do you remember to reach back out to people who have taken a break from your training services? Have you ever dropped the ball on getting back to a prospect? Do you forget to follow up with someone that says they want to start training in six months?

Maybe it's time to start using a CRM tool to automate your client pipeline...

Who was that? CRM Tools to Automate Your Customer Pipeline.
If you're after muscle size, do reps really matter?

Are low reps really best for increasing muscle size?
Save 25% on NASM’s most popular products including the Certified Personal Training (CPT) program, Corrective Exercise Specialization, Performance Enhancement Specialization and Fitness Nutrition Specialization. Plus, sign up with $0 down and zero payments until April 1! Hurry, offer expires 2/20/2017.

National Academy of Sports Medicine
For max strength goals, how effective is it to attach chains or bands to a barbell?

You Ask, We Answer. Do attaching chains and bands to a barbell improve strength?
Bust through exercise commitment roadblocks!
You can navigate clients past common motivation blockers—here’s how!

Commitment Issues: When Exercise Motivation Hits a Roadblock
Should couples work out together?
Know when to sync them up and when to stay solo with this advice so they both get the results they desire. <3 <3

Teaming Up: Should couples work out together?
Now that your friends and family know you are a personal trainer, how can you politely and economically respond to requests for free training?

Fit Favors? How can I handle family and friends seeking free training?
Increase your heart smarts with info on how exercise impacts your heart, how to measure fitness via heart rate, and top cardio concerns fitness pros should know.

Pump Up Your Heart Smarts
Exploring the Science of Recovery:
It’s crucial to understand how post-exercise strategies can
impact the body’s ability to heal.
Recovery from training is becoming recognized as one of the most important aspects of physical activity and overall wellness. As we sort through the myriad recovery strategies and their varied levels of scientific support, it’s important to remember that both...
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Exploring the Science of Recovery
NASM's own Mike Fantigrassi (slides 6-7) shares his tips to fix "The 6 Biggest Mistakes Trainers See You Making at the Gym."

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Trainers See You Making at the Gym
Don't let an ACL tear sideline your season!
As fitness professionals and sports enthusiasts, we know how devastating an ACL injury can be for an athlete, both professional and recreational. ACL and other lower-extremity injuries occur most commonly during planting and cutting maneuvers. See how the NASM Corrective Exercise Continuum can be used to help prevent this potentially career ending...
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Corrective Exercise: Reducing Risks of Non-Contact ACL Injury
Double-Check Your Triathlon Training Knowledge!
Much has changed in endurance training during the four decades since the first triathlon. Ensure you are current on the new science to help clients enhance performance in a more time-efficient manner.

Double-Check Your Triathlon Training Knowledge
Combating cravings isn’t an easy task. Resisting seems to only increase the desire to bite into a chocolate donut or to rationalize with a chocolate flavored protein bar at the gym.
Here's tips on what can you do to help get food cravings under control, but we'd like to hear what works for you and your clients.

Can’t Stop Thinking About Food Cravings
Is client motivation starting to wander a bit after this first month? Try these 4 steps to keep your client's New Year's fitness goals on track.

4 Steps to Keep New Year’s Fitness Goals on Track
Are you undercharging for your personal training services?
See if you are making this mistake and how to fix it.

Pricing, Positioning, and Profits
Should You Try Muay Thai? NASM Master Instructor Rick Richey shares how it improves your fitness!

Should You Try Muay Thai?
Check out this article to help you sift through some of the evidence of “What You Should Know vs. What You Hear From Your Bro” when it comes to making an informed choice about which supplements (if any) you should be taking and why.

Performance Supplements: What You Should Know vs. What You Hear From Your Bro
Lower Crossed Syndrome: Starting From Center

How to help correct muscular imbalances caused by sitting in place for too long.

Lower Crossed Syndrome Starting From Center
A strong, stable core is key to injury prevention and client retention. Here’s the science behind core stabilization, along with moves to strengthen key muscle groups. . . and your clients’ resolve to stick with your program!

New Clients? Get to the Core of the Matter
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