The madness is back again. A time of basketball fervor, crazy bracketology science and an array of wagers regarding who will make it to the dance and win it all. With many hopes and dreams riding on the shoulders of teams and individual players, sometimes it might just be one simple injury on your favorite team that can dash your entire pool strategy and tournament. What follows might be a...
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Corrective Strategies for Basketball
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Youth Exercise Specialization (YES)
Oh the Madness!
Speed and agility training is crucial for improving basketball footwork skills as well as stamina. It's also key in decreasing player injury.

Speed and Agility Training for Basketball
New clients, or even those that you’ve been working with for some time, can all benefit from focusing some of their training on stabilization work. Without a strong structural base to move from, how can we continue to build upon our foundation or safely excel in our fitness endeavors? Not very well!
Stabilization training helps us to establish this base, while also laying the groundwork to...
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NASM's Optimum Performance Training
Are you overtraining?
Rest is an often over looked component of the training puzzle. It is a vital piece that needs to be incorporated into an athletes training plan. The need for a recovery period applies to both cardiovascular and strength training.

Overtraining – When There Isn’t Enough Time to Recover
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Fitness Nutrition Specialization (FNS)
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National Academy of Sports Medicine
Can social networking help you find your dream job? Definitely! But you have to be smart with what you post, who you follow, and privacy settings (especially if you have a more daring side).

Social Media and Job Searching: Benefits and Drawbacks.
Wonder Women
Take your female clients’ strength and fitness to new heights with this hormone-timed full-body powerhouse workout.

Wonder Women
Powerful Women:
Surveys show female health club membership is on the upswing, but women still visit less often than men. Here’s how to tap into this growing market and keep them coming back for more.

Powerful Women
A slam dunk requires a good vertical jump!
How can you power it up with OPT?

Powering the Vertical Jump with OPT
Clients ready to step it up a notch?
If you’re using the calendar to progress clients, it’s time to think about digging deeper into the how and why of progressions. Understanding the phases of learning and the neural continuum can help you make better-informed decisions, which can help clients progress safely and effectively (and have fun).

Exercise Progressions: Are You Asking the Right Questions?
If java is your preworkout go-to, here's some satisfying news.
Taking the Edge Off Coffee: “Cultured” coffee may soon be here—referring, of course, to microbes rather than something from an English 19th-century social gathering.
Scientists are researching ways to remove the bitter notes in coffee. Eliminating certain microbes during a controlled fermentation process and adding other microbes...
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Food News and Facts
Clicking with Clients
Make the most of social media with these tips from a fitness-marketing pro who’s been there, posted that.

How to Click With Clients
Do you stretch? Why and when?
Each form of stretching creates different types of effects on the neuromuscular system. When choosing the types of stretching (and protocols) to use with clients, it's important to base exercise selection on your client’s fitness evaluations, their goals, and also when the stretching activities will take place.

Conditioning and Training: The Relevance of Flexibility Training
Busted! 4 Food Myths That Science Debunks.
It’s time to let go of these cherished nutritional notions.

Busted! 4 Food Myths That Science Debunks
See where a career in personal training can take you!

The Career Paths of a Personal Trainer
“No Time to Exercise?” Do the Math.
Quick health fix: 10 minutes of HIIT offers the perks of 50 minutes of moderate aerobics.

In a recent study, one group of sedentary men did 10-minute sessions of high-intensity interval training, while another group did moderately intense workouts lasting 50 minutes each. After 12 weeks of thrice-weekly workouts, both groups showed equal cardiovascular...
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Training Edge
What’s the Best Class Length to Encourage Utilization?

If you’re rethinking your session schedule for 2017, recent survey results (Stromgren 2016) may help you make an informed decision. Two major players in the fitness industry recently shared their findings on 2015 health club and studio usage, including facts on timing.
ClassPass revealed that sessions lasting 45–55 minutes were better...
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Training Edge