Today in 1930: Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto by comparing this photographic plate from January 23, 1930 with two others taken that same month: [ Link ]
We're just two weeks away from our "Apollo on the Move" event at our Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. Don't miss this opportunity to go into the Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar to see Command Module Columbia and talk to our experts about the Apollo program.

Apollo on the Move

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union ushered in the end of the Cold War. The U.S. withdrew its Pershing II missiles and the Soviet Union withdrew its SS-20s. As a part of the treaty, both countries agreed that some of the missiles would be put in museums so that people could learn from them. Curator Tom Lassman shares the history...
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Grab your lunch and join us online this Wednesday! We'll be on Facebook Live talking about John Glenn's historic flight and the roles that Katherine Johnson and other African American women mathematicians at NASA played.

Ask an Expert Live: "Katherine Johnson and John Glenn's Flight"

Mariner 10 may have been the last of the Mariner spacecraft, but it was the first to complete many new tasks. It was the first U.S. spacecraft to visit two planets - Venus and Mercury - in one mission. It was also the first to broadcast images of Venus back to Earth. The greatest achievement of the spacecraft, however, was its use of a gravitational assist. Mariner 10 used Venus’ gravitational...
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5 Years Ago Today: the Vought V-173 "Flying Pancake" was rolled out following 8 years of restoration work. More from our archive: [ Link ]
Today in 1969: the first 747-100 "jumbo jet" made its first flight. The 747 helped popularize air travel and was the largest airliner for decades. Discover the story of the 747 forward fuselage we have on display at our Museum in Washington, DC: [ Link ]
TODAY! Get your questions ready and join us at 12:30 pm ET for a live Q&A about Guy Bluford, the first African American in space.

Ask an Expert on Facebook Live About Guy Bluford

60 Years Ago Today: Perry Young Jr. became the first African American pilot to fly a regularly scheduled passenger route for a U.S. airline. The press and community leaders hailed the flight as a significant step forward on the path to desegregation. For Young, it marked a professional milestone after years of persistence in the face of discrimination: [ Link ]
Preparing for the Super Bowl? Archivist Elizabeth Borja helps all of us get in the mood with this 1922 aerial photograph of the Baltimore Stadium ahead of its very first event, the Army-Marine football game. In front of 44,000 spectators the Marines defeated the Army with a final score of 13 to 12: [ Link ]

Who do you think will take the win today?

Baltimore Stadium’s Super Grand Opening
Today in 1971: Apollo 14 touched down on the Moon in the Fra Mauro highlands, which was the intended landing site for Apollo 13: [ Link ]

Images: NASA
Join us behind the scenes on March 4th at our Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA to see the Command Module that carried the #Apollo11 astronauts to the Moon's orbit and back.

Apollo on the Move

Remembering the crew of STS-107. On February 1, 2003, the seven-astronaut crew of STS-107 were lost when Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart during re-entry. The crew of STS-107: David M. Brown, Rick D. Husband, Laurel B. Clark, Kalpana Chawla, Michael P. Anderson, William C. McCool, Ilan Ramon.

Photo credit: NASA
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40 Years Ago Today: Space Shuttle Enterprise was transported 35 miles from the Rockwell International plant in Palmdale, CA to Edwards Air Force Base on a 90-wheel trailer traveling at about 3 mph.

Image credit: US Air Force
The breakout movie "Hidden Figures" sheds light on the significant contributions of three women—Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson—but also the broader impact that women had behind the scenes at NASA. Before the widespread use of electronic computers, as we know them today, many research facilities, including the Langley Research Center, employed women to crunch a colossal...
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Remembering the crew of Challenger STS 51-L. Today in 1986: the launch of STS-51-L ended in tragedy when Space Shuttle Challenger and crew were lost 73 seconds after liftoff. Crew of STS-51-L: Ellison Onizuka, Mike Smith, Christa McAuliffe, Dick Scobee, Greg Jarvis, Ron McNair, and Judith Resnik.

Image credit: NASA