25 Years Ago Today: Space Shuttle Discovery launched on STS-42. This flight was the first International Microgravity Laboratory mission, and the chair pictured here was part of a vestibular system, or body motion, experiment. An astronaut seated in this chair could be rotated upright, sideways, or lying down while eye movements and other sensations were recorded. See it on display in the...
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Today in 1976: Concorde entered commercial service as two flights took off at the same time: Air France AF085 from Paris to Rio de Janeiro and British Airways BA300 from London to Bahrain. Our Concorde, on display at our Udvar-Hazy Center, flew that first Air France commercial Concorde flight to Rio: [ S.si.edu Link ]
Today in 1949: Convair B-36 aircraft flew over the Capitol in Washington, DC during Harry S. Truman's inauguration.

Image Credit: U.S. Air Force
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Image Caption and Credit: Convair B-36 aircraft fly over the Capitol for Harry S. Truman's inauguration, January 20, 1949. Credit: U.S. Air Force
In "Remembering Capt. Eugene Cernan," senior curator Michael Neufeld recalls Cernan's storied astronaut career - [ S.si.edu Link ]

Image Caption and Credit: Astronaut Eugene A. Cernan, Apollo 17 commander, salutes the deployed United States flag on the lunar surface during NASA's final lunar landing mission. Credit: NASA
We mourn the loss of our friend Gene Cernan, the Last Man on the Moon and a hero for the ages. Godspeed the Commander of Apollo 17.
Today in 2009: US Airways Flight 1549 ditched in the Hudson River after birds struck and disabled the engines of the Airbus A320 moments after takeoff. All crew and passengers were safely evacuated. In 2010, the flight crew of US Airways Flight 1549 was awarded The National Air and Space Museum Trophy for Current Achievement.

Image Caption: Crew of US Airways Flight 1549 (left to right):...
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It may look like it's on the Moon, however, Lunar Module 2 has had its own adventures here on Earth. This is its story - from drop tests to display.

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Today in 1908: Pilot Henri Farman made the first one-kilometer circuit in Europe in a Voisin biplane and won 50,000 francs.
Pictured here is a Voisin Type 8 in our collection: [ S.si.edu Link ]

See it on display at our Museum in Washington, DC.
The President’s Daily Briefs contain intelligence and analysis on current and future national security issues. In "Presidential Briefings from 1960-70s Spotlight Soviet Missile and Space Programs,” curator Jim David introduces his recent publication about the President’s Daily Briefs from the Kennedy administration through the Ford administration: [ S.si.edu Link ]

Image Caption and Credit:...
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Whether you're getting ready to cheer on the Clemson Tigers or Alabama Crimson Tide, our collection has something for you. The U.S. Army Air Corps 64th Service Squadron used this elephant carrying a log as their insignia, and the 1st American Volunteer Group, also known as the Flying Tigers, used this cartoon Bengal tiger as their mascot.
Today in 1969: NASA announced the astronauts selected for the first lunar landing: (left to right) Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin Jr., Neil A. Armstrong, and Michael Collins. This photo of the crew was taken the following day.

Image Credit: NASA
NASA is building a brand new rocket for the future of human spaceflight. The Space Launch System (SLS) will take astronauts beyond the low-Earth orbit of the International Space Station. Astronaut Christina Koch helps us examine the SLS rocket in more detail: [ S.si.edu Link ]

Image Credit: NASA
Sci-fi fans! Today in 1929: “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” the first science fiction comic strip, debuted. Rogers first appeared as a character named Anthony Rogers in Philip Francis Nowlan's story "Armageddon 2419 A.D." (Amazing Stories, Aug 1928). National Newspaper Service president John F. Dille bought the character for a comic strip and suggested renaming him "Buck." A color Sunday...
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Today in 1949: Chuck Yeager piloted the Bell X-1 "Glamorous Glennis" in the only ground takeoff of the X-1 program. Though originally designed for conventional ground takeoffs, safety and performance concerns prompted mission planners to air-launch X-1 aircraft from Boeing B-29 or B-50 Superfortress.

Yeager is pictured here in May of 1948.

See the Bell X-1 on display at our Museum in...
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We've moved the #Apollo11 Command Module "Columbia" from our Museum in Washington, DC to our Udvar-Hazy Center. You can see it from the overlook to our Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar as we work to prepare it for our upcoming exhibition, "Destination Moon." How did we accomplish this move? Discover the story: [ S.si.edu Link ]
Today in 1958: Sputnik, the world's first artificial satellite, burned up on reentry into the Earth's atmosphere after spending three months in orbit.

This is the last surviving piece of Sputnik - the arming pin. Removed just prior to launch, it prevented contact between the batteries and transmitters. A pin mounted on the launch vehicle served the same purpose until the satellite separated...
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In "Capturing the Essence of Astronomer Vera Rubin," curator David DeVorkin recalls the life and legacy of this pioneering astronomer: [ S.si.edu Link ]
Today in 2004: the Stardust spacecraft encountered comet Wild 2 and collected cometary particles for return to Earth. Stardust was the first U.S. space mission dedicated solely to returning extraterrestrial material from beyond the Moon.

See the capsule from this mission on display in "Exploring the Planets" at our Museum in Washington, DC: [ S.si.edu Link ]
Today in 1914: The world's first scheduled airline - the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line - began operation flying across Tampa Bay, FL. Pictured here is former St. Petersburg Mayor A.C. Pheil (center) who paid $400 to be the first passenger. Regular fares were $5 one-way or $10 round trip. The St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line closed down after just a few months for financial reasons after...
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