“Every one of us has the power to make things better for birds, and we know that when you protect the birds, you protect the planet.” - Audubon President and CEO David Yarnold

A Call for Hope

The male Yellow-headed Blackbird may be impressive to see but not necessarily to hear: its song can be described as a hoarse, harsh scraping. Listen in: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Have you ever seen a raptor hunt? Learning how each kind has evolved to exploit their chosen prey can help you find and identify them in the field.

Birdist Rule #93: Understand How Different Raptors Are Built to Hunt Their Prey

American Coots are tough, adaptable waterbirds that swim in the open like ducks and walk around on shore, making themselves at home on golf courses and city park ponds.
VICE News spent a snowy December morning with volunteers to learn more about Audubon's Christmas Bird Count.

Watch: Vice News Tonight Goes on an Audubon Christmas Bird Count

For the third year in a row, we've pushed this pale blue dot that we call home past its previous temperature record.

Bad News, People: 2016 Was Officially the Warmest Year on Record

We're live from the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove & Valley Forge Audubon Society with Oden, our resident Great Horned Owl.
"Clean air and water are not Republican or Democratic issues, but basic American rights." Audubon President & CEO David Yarnold

Audubon Opposes Nominee for EPA Administrator

Ben Knoot's stunning capture of a Venezuelan Troupial striking a pose was one of our top 100 favorite photos from the 2016 Audubon Photography Awards.

Want to enter this year's competition? [ Audubonphotoawards.org Link ]
Scott Pruitt, the nominee to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has an extensive record of seeking to weaken or end the very protections we would depend on him to enforce on our behalf.

Urge your U.S. Senators to demand a nominee who is committed to protecting our clean air and water and to implementing common-sense solutions to address climate change.

Keep the Environmental Protection Agency Strong

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is crucial to protecting the health of people and birds alike. Here’s how.

Why We Need a Strong EPA

Did you know that the basis for the Clean Water Act was enacted in 1948?

Learn more about how this Act protects birds: [ Ow.ly Link ]
We love this head-on view of a Pileated Woodpecker and its flaming-red crest! Thanks to Pamela Brumbley for sharing this incredible photo.
In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency released a plan to dramatically cut carbon pollution from existing power plants, a historic step in the fight against climate change.

Learn why this was a good move for birds and people. [ Ow.ly Link ]
Did you know what Paul McCartney was singing about in this iconic song?

What the Beatles Song 'Blackbird' Was Really About

Take a look at our partner Explore.org's Rosie Hummingbird Nest Cam. Rosie is an Allen's/Rufous Hummingbird hybrid and she laid 2 eggs last week. Watch as she incubates her eggs.

See more at [ Explore.org Link ].
Have you ever spotted a Black-and-white Warbler?

Black-and-white Warbler

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What birds are you seeing this weekend?
Looking for a weekend project? Build a brush pile to help the birds that visit your yard!

Build a Brush Pile for Birds