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National Autistic Society
2 hours 33 minutes ago. Facebook
“I’m really thankful for the fact I’ve got Asperger’s. It’s a part of me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

Congratulations to University of Exeter acapella group, Semi-toned, for winning the BBC’s national TV singing competition The Choir: Gareth’s Best in Britain. Semi-toned member Michael Luya, who has Asperger syndrome, wowed viewers with his solo in the semi-final. Watch...
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Gareth Malone's Choir winner 'thankful' for having Asperger's - BBC News

'It was the evening of his older brother Walter’s ninth birthday that a breakthrough came. Walter was a bit tearful and Owen suddenly said, “Walter doesn’t want to grow up – like Peter Pan and Mowgli.”'

Read this wonderful piece in The Guardian about 'Life, Animated', a film that follows Owen Suskind, who is on the autism spectrum, and his family as they learn to communicate with each other...
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How Disney gave voice to a boy with autism

"Most of my struggles are around social interactions, particularly understanding silent communication like body language. For instance, I can find it difficult to know what's expected of me unless it's communicated clearly in the form of a direct request."

James, an autistic adult, has been working in customer service for BP for 11 years. In his experience, an understanding manager who is...
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Autistic employee James shares his story - The National Autistic Society

On the eighth day of Christmas Matt speaks to us about what Christmas is like from his family and reminds us to ‘do what is right for your family’.

Give a gift today to help support families like Matt’s this Christmas: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"If you asked any staff member at Mainwaring Terrace what they thought of Philip, they’d say he was a ‘bundle of laughs’, a ‘pleasure to be around’ and that he ‘has staff queuing up to work with him’. If you asked Philip what was the number one single on the day you were born, for example, he’d be more than happy to tell you.

When he first moved to the specialist residential service, however,...
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Philip's story: Residential support at Mainwaring Terrace

A vital opportunity has come up to tell the Government what needs to change.

The Government has just launched a consultation on disability and work. They want to understand how to improve the system so that more disabled people who want to are able to get in and stay in work. This includes autism. We know work isn’t right for everyone, and this consultation also covers benefits around work....
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On the seventh day of Christmas Fay tells us more about how her and Bowie experience Christmas and Fay suggests a great 'sensory box' gift idea.

Give a gift today to help support people like Fay and Bowie this Christmas: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Discover more about award-winning film Life, Animated at some special preview screenings in December. You’ll also have the opportunity to try out our TMI Virtual Reality experience for yourselves! Life, Animated explores how a young autistic boy’s passion for Disney films helped his family to better understand his world.

We’ll be at the London preview and Q&A on 9 December. It would be...
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Listen up, aspiring Spielbergs! Since launching, our film competition ‘Autism Uncut’ has seen a huge number of you preparing for the big screen.

To make sure no Scorcese is left behind - the deadline for entries to the competition is being extended to 31 December!

So don’t worry, you still have time to dust off your camera, brush up on your screenwriting skills and show the world your...
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We were delighted to see the star of our first #AutismTMI campaign film, Alex, on CBBC Operation Ouch this yesterday evening.

Alex spoke to presenter, Dr Xand about how autism affects him and described how he finds it hard to filter noises and lights.

He also brought along his classmates to show them how it can feel through our Autism TMI VR experience.

If you missed it yesterday,...
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Operation Ouch! Hospital Takeover, 7. Germ-Fighters

“Once your child starts work, you become quite disempowered, you can only hope that you have done your job well enough in preparing them for the world of work, that they will have the skills to self-manage or know when to ask for help.” Stephanie worries about her son being successful in his transition from education to employment this article in The Guardian.

We think autistic employees...
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Autism in the workplace: a parent's view

It's amazing that 25,000 of you have already have taken part in our campaign to reduce the Autism Employment Gap and signed our petition. However, we need to build this further so we make our voices as loud as possible to get the Government to provide autistic employees with more support.

If you haven't signed our petition yet then please do and share with anyone else you think would be...
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Only 2 days left to vote for us in the OneFamily community awards!

Voting closes on Wednesday 30th November and we've been teetering on the edge of first place this week so we need your help!

If we win you'll have helped our Northern Ireland services secure £25,000 for a sensory garden designed by Alan Gardner (star of Channel 4’s Autistic Gardner and one of our cultural ambassadors)!...
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National Autistic Society NI Autism Centre - The Foundation

On the sixth day of Christmas, Melanie finds the shops too bright with decorations everywhere. It's really distressing for her. But her family and the staff at The National Autistic Society service she attends have helped prepare her for Christmas. Melanie is supported to put up decorations in the way that suits her, or to take them down if she likes.

The important thing is that she can take...
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On the fifth day of Christmas, Bowie reads a visual story with his mum, Fay, as he does every evening in the lead up to Christmas. This helps him to prepare for the festive season.

Bowie's family have made some changes to how they celebrate Christmas to make sure he doesn't get overwhelmed by 'too much information', to involve him as much as he wants to be, and to make sure he enjoys the...
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If you chose to disclose your autism at work, what's the response been like? We're interested to hear both good and bad experiences so that we can work with employers to provide the right response to support autistic colleagues.

For advice about how best to support autistic colleagues, get your employer to sign up to Autistic Talent, our new e-newsletter [ Bit.ly Link ]
Beat the crowds and head to our website to grab a Black Friday bargain!

Our Christmas cards prices are reduced by 20% today and will stay that way for the weekend so order yours while stocks last!

Visit our shop to see Rudolph and his friends and the rest of our 2016 range: [ Bit.ly Link ]
For Erin, what helps her thrive at work is her autism being understood and appreciated by her manager. Small adjustments make a big difference. However, it hasn't always been this way and she has struggled in the past. Find out more about Erin's story: [ Bit.ly Link ]

What adjustments would help you to thrive at work?

Autistic employee Erin shares her story - The National Autistic Society

How do you feel about lost potential? Our research shows that the employment rate amongst autistic adults (32%) is much lower than the overall rate of employment for disabled (47%) and non-disabled adults (80%). It’s very disappointing to see that for those who are employed, more than half of autistic adults feel they are ‘under-employed’.

This is a waste. Although employment will not be...
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“I cried. It was wonderful. Wonderful. Because all my life suddenly made sense.” says 68 year old poet Peter Street about receiving his diagnosis ten months ago.

Autistic adults, Penny Andrews, Peter Street and our cultural ambassador Jon Adams speak to The Guardian about their lives and receiving a diagnosis late in life.

We think it's a wonderful piece, read it here and tell us what...
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'All my life suddenly made sense': how it feels to be diagnosed with autism late in life | Society | The Guardian