President Donald J. Trump's revised immigration order is expected to be announced this week.

New immigration ban order will still face legal challenges
A unanimous #SCOTUS sides with the parents of a child whose public school barred her service dog from her classroom.

Supreme Court rules for disabled child and her dog in lawsuit case
TODAY at 2 p.m. ET: National Constitution Center CEO Jeffrey Rosen joins #FacebookLive to answer your constitutional questions!

Live Video (2 p.m.): Jeffrey Rosen answers your constitutional questions on Facebook
#OnThisDay in 1732, president and Founding Father #GeorgeWashington was born.

Fascinating facts about George Washington for his real birthday
#AmericanNationalTree: #OnThisDay in 1876, Zitkala Sha ("Red Bird"), also known as Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, was born.

Bonnin was an educated American Indian who struggled to be heard—and to speak for other Indians—at a time when white society considered them to be "sinful savages." She fought those prejudices with her writing, her music and her political skills.
Bonnin was born on the Pine...
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How was the #18thAmendment enforced?

The Volstead Act specified what precisely was legal and illegal, and it was passed by Congress is 1919.

Learn more when American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of #Prohibition returns on March 3: [ Link ]
The Justices will decide whether a Mexican family has the ability to sue a U.S. Border Patrol officer after their son was killed.

U.S.-Mexico border shooting case at Supreme Court today
#AmericanNationalTree: #OnThisDay in 1940, congressman and #LibertyMedal recipient John Lewis was born.

Lewis was the son of sharecroppers in Troy, Alabama. As a student at the American Baptist Theological Seminary and Fisk University, he organized sit-ins at Nashville lunch counters to protest segregation. In 1961, Lewis joined the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and became a...
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This #PresidentsDay, explore the constitutional powers of the executive branch with the Interactive Constitution!

Download the app: [ Link ]

The Interactive Constitution: The President’s constitutional powers
Constitution Daily looks at ten people who almost sat in the Oval Office. #PresidentsDay

10 people who very nearly became President
#OnThisDay in 1792, President #GeorgeWashington officially created the modern US Postal Service.

A big day in the history of the United States Postal Service
Did you know the holiday's official name is Washington's Birthday?

#PresidentsDay at the National Constitution Center is free, courtesy of TD, through the TD Charitable Foundation: [ Link ]

Why Presidents Day isn’t really a national holiday
#AmericasTownHall: Scholars, advocates and other public officials debate a #termlimits amendment to the Constitution.

Panel one: [ Link ]

Panel two, featuring former Governor Ed Rendell and Congressman Ron DeSantis: [ Link ]

Should We Amend the Constitution to Impose Term Limits? Part 1 (HD)

America's Town Hall: Scholars, advocates and other public officials debate a term limits amendment to the Constitution. Speakers include: Suzanne Almeida, Ex...

YOUTUBE.COM "From Snowden to Ferguson, the solution to these challenges is both simple and profound: democratic accountability."

On February 21, author Barry Friedman joins #AmericasTownHall for "Reshaping Policing for the 21st Century."

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Commentary: Democratic policing can lead to more accountability
#OnThisDay in 1942, #FDR issued Executive Order 9066, which led to the internment of Japanese-Americans during #WWII.

A controversial executive order leads to internment camps
Did you know #AbrahamLincoln argued a case before the Supreme Court in 1849?

Today, enjoy extended museum hours from 9:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.

February 20 admission is free, courtesy of TD, through the TD Charitable Foundation. Enjoy presidential trivia, compete in the #PresidentsDay Costume Contest, and meet President Lincoln!

Presidents Day Weekend - National Constitution Center
Was James Buchanan, then Secretary of State, the source of the leak?

The newspaper leak scandal that rocked Washington – in 1848
The religious liberty case has been in scheduling limbo since the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Waiting for Gorsuch? Supreme Court finally schedules last major case