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Our CEOP Education team reached more than 3 million children with the #Thinkuknow programme last year, teaching about sex, relationships and the internet
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NCA Specials are volunteers who provide niche expertise and skills of huge value in the fight against serious and organised crime.

Are you interested in becoming an NCA Special? Here's where to find out more [ Link ]
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More than 1,800 children were safeguarded or protected from sexual exploitation and abuse as a result of NCA activity in 2015/16
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Our Victim ID team in CEOP Command analyse indecent images of children in order to identify, safeguard and protect victims of sexual exploitation and abuse.

In 2015/16 the team successfully identified 130 victims.

National Crime Agency
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These fugitives are Most Wanted in connection with serious crimes – from the rape of a child to murder. They're thought to be on the run in Spain.

Please share and help flush them out of hiding.

[ Link ]
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Fugitives often think they can flee abroad to escape justice. They’re wrong. Our hunt doesn’t stop at the border.

We never give up. We never stop looking.
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Did you know that our international network covers 130 countries worldwide?

This global reach and influence enables us to support UK police investigations and to tackle organised crime threats at source
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You're on Facebook, so we assume you like social media.

Do you have a minute to spare to complete our social media survey?

National Crime Agency: Social media survey
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Money laundering is a critical enabler of organised crime.

Money launderers may not seem the worst of the worst, but without them organised crime groups simply couldn't function.

Without corrupt 'professional enablers' criminals couldn't conceal their assets #FlagItUp
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The signs of modern slavery can be difficult to spot - but the more people who know what to look for the sooner we can make this terrible crime a thing of the past.

Please share and help us end modern slavery.
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The government has announced a £40 million package of measures to protect children and young people from sexual abuse.

This includes £20 million to the NCA to help us tackle online child sexual exploitation

[ Link ]

Government delivers £40 million to tackle child sexual abuse and child trafficking - News stories - GOV.UK
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"I could have stopped things going this far." Help prevent a tragedy. Help us get #GunsOffOurStreets.

If you hany any information about illegal guns please report anonymousy to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

We don't need you rname, but your information could save lives.

[ Link ]
National Crime Agency
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Fantastic work from Metropolitan Police Service - 83 firearms and 1,175 rounds of ammunition were handed in during their week-long gun surrender -

[ Link ]

Every gun out of circulation is a life-saving result.

#GiveUpYourGun #GunsOffOurStreets

More than 80 guns handed into police during amnesty
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Wanted Sex offender Blerim Hajdarmataj thought he could evade justice by fleeing abroad.

We used our international network to track him down.

[ Link ]

Sex offender who fled the UK jailed for eight years
National Crime Agency
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International cricket spot fixing arrests - our statement

Two men in their thirties have been arrested by National Crime Agency officers in connection with bribery offences as part of an ongoing investigation into international cricket match spot-fixing.

The men were arrested on Monday 13 February and have been released on bail until April 2017 pending further enquiries.

As part of the...
View details ⇨
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Go on now go. Walk out the door. Just turn around now if you don't feel welcome anymore... This Valentine's Day, think before you love

Instagram post by National Crime Agency • Feb 14, 2017 at 2:13pm UTC
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Reports up 32% over two years with an average of £10,000 lost by victims in the UK

Dating fraud victims report once every three hours
If you needed just one good reason not to be looking for cocaine in Norfolk, here it is people. Only a Great White Shark!

Couple Looking For Cocaine May Have Discovered Great White Shark In UK Waters
If you saw something that didn't look quite right, what would you do?

It might be nothing, but you never know what might be important. If you see anything suspicious please report it to your local police or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Help us protect our borders