Fatigue is one of the most prominent symptoms of fibromyalgia. Here's what the research actually says about how to relieve fibromyalgia fatigue!

23 clinically-proven ways to reduce fibromyalgia fatigue | Fed Up with Fatigue

"A study published in the journal Modern Rheumatology suggests low vitamin D status may negatively impact balance among patients with fibromyalgia."

Vitamin D Council | Low vitamin D status associated with balance problems among fibromyalgia patients

Listen to the podcast of Jenna Grillo of Team AWARE talking about her love of racing and her fibromyalgia pain (At 2.57 min- press the red and white triangle in the center of the page). She is using racing to promote awareness. Thanks Jenna Grillo for sharing your story with everyone.

KP Podcast Episode 05: Jenna Grillo, Racing for Fibromyalgia

Despite chronic pain & depression from fibromyalgia & CFS/ME, Leah Tyler lost 100 pounds through healthy eating & exercise, dropping from size 16 to size 6.

My Painful Stumble from Furious to Fit - COMMUNITY PAIN CENTER

"It’s times like this that we need our loved ones a little bit more. However, when you’ve always been the caregiver in your relationships, you sometimes find out that the majority of the people you’ve surrounded yourself with are not the caregiver type and sadly they start to fade away until they no longer exist in your life."

The Friendships That Fade When You're Chronically Sick

"To keep it simple, here are some of the tips I use."

5 Survival Tips for Dealing With Doctor's Appointments

Fibromyalgia and depression coexist in 30-40 percent of the fibromyalgia community. Learn more here.

How Psychotherapy Can Help FM-Related Depression - National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA)

"I finally began to find ways to simplify my routine and be able to meet the needs of my family to the best of my ability. Creating a routine that can enable you to contribute to your own care and the care of your loved ones can empower you and teach you how to manage your health conditions instead of allowing your health conditions to manage you. All you have to do is figure out how to...
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How I Simplified My Routine So I Could Live a Normal Life With Fibromyalgia

How much does fibromyalgia cost you annually. Have you ever added it up?

Economic Burden - National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA)

2016 with its federal government crackdown on opioids and natural pain relief options has left us in pain, but there are a few bright spots. Here's a glance back.

A year in review: 2016’s top fibromyalgia news | Fed Up with Fatigue

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Brea talks of the history of hysteria- the misdiagnosing of women for centuries- which contributes to the untreated nature of diseases like FM.

What happens when you have a disease doctors can't diagnose

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Membership - National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA)

This description is so authentically real- all the way down to the panic attack at explaining this illness.

I Used My Cane at Church for the First Time and This Is What Happened

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