There are a few spots available. Come play Tennis, or come for lunch this Friday. To RSVP please call (949) 831-6660. Hope to see you there.
There are a few spots available Come play Tennis or come for

Spring Charity Round Robin and Luncheon to Support the NFA

Rebecca Marie Brown
Rindy G Russell
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Don't you love this bracelet for spring? For Moms, for grads?
Don't you love this bracelet for spring For Moms for grads

Silver Together Charm Bracelet - National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA)
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Become A Social Media Powerhouse
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Jenna Grillo Racing: Team AWARE
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Would you like to know more about integrative medicine? Click the first link to watch an interviews from the experts at the CPC between Bob Turano and Dr David Katz
National Fibromyalgia Association 04/19/2017
Rachel Raja
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Migraines and cluster headaches treatments"
Lindsay Taylor
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"I have no doubt that the strain I put on my body contributed to my deterioration." Article tells why not to hide your illness when searching for happiness. Click fist comment to read full article.
National Fibromyalgia Association 04/17/2017
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May you find all your eggs full of joy today, May your pain be manageable, May your family be helpful, May the weather be agreeable, and May your legs find time to rest today.
May you find all your eggs full of joy today May your
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Fibro Family Support
Good Morning everyone. "People with fibromyalgia have more difficulty falling asleep and sleep worse and less compared to the general population, according to the results of a new review. Researchers called for the attention of doctors in treating sleep disturbances in patients with fibromyalgia, as better sleep may help improve disease symptoms."
Good Morning everyone People with fibromyalgia have more difficulty falling asleep and

Fibromyalgia Patients Sleep Worse Than Healthy People, Study Finds
Rachel Allen Lynn
Kimberly Elizabeth King
Debbie Hampe
The experts at the Community Pain Center (CPC) encourage individuals with pain to be well informed about their condition, available treatment options, and resources for optimal care.Learn more here. Click link in first comment.
National Fibromyalgia Association 04/15/2017
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We are looking to add new articles to the NFA website this year. What articles do you love? What wold you like to see?
We are looking to add new articles to the NFA website this

National Fibromyalgia Association's Home Page: Join us here.
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"Zynerba, a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical, is developing next-gen synthetic cannabinoid treatments formulated for transdermal delivery. A transdermal patch is intended to allow sustained and controlled delivery of two the company’s therapeutic cannabinoids: cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)."
Zynerba a clinicalstage specialty pharmaceutical is developing nextgen synthetic

Fibromyalgia Pain Therapy, a Cannabinoid, May Soon Enter Clinical Trial
Melinda Lee Broadwater
Rose Delis-Wilder
Jeremy Holdsworth
Read my Gupta Programme review to learn how brain retraining and meditation may help in recovering from fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.
National Fibromyalgia Association 04/12/2017

Gupta Programme review | Can brain retraining help you recover from fibromyalgia and ME/CFS?
Leslie Jones
Brenda Dean
Using Social Platforms For Business
If you shop online with amazon, use amazon smiles and a portion of every dollar you spend could go to support the nfa.
If you shop online with amazon use amazon smiles and a portion
"When you tell someone you have fibromyalgia, you may be met with a confused look. “What’s that like?” It’s actually a tough question to answer — it’s not easy describing what fibromyalgia feels like to someone who has never experienced that level of pain"
When you tell someone you have fibromyalgia you may be met with

16 Ways to Imagine What Fibromyalgia Feels Like
Sandy Northam
Jolyn Mills
Karla Juelfs Meier
Choose from many designs, many different price points. Perfect for moms, grads, and dads. Proceeds to support the NFA.
Choose from many designs many different price points Perfect for moms grads

Free Joint Pain Information
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The experts at the CPC are talking about Chronic Pain is a Long-Term Relationship with your Health Care Team: "In the case of chronic pain, where cures are rare and outcomes varied and limited, the traditional model is likely to fall short of the hopes of both the patient and provider. In fact, for most forms of chronic pain, the evidence supports patients taking an active role in the clinical...
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National Fibromyalgia Association 04/07/2017
Donna Webster
A Note to Myself When Pain Wakes Me Up at 3 A.M. "When it’s really bad, when my entire body is in so much pain I cannot move and fear takes hold of me, here’s what you need to remember, my exhausted, medicated, terrified, panicked, and somewhat broken self: You will get through this." (Link to full article in first comment)
A Note to Myself When Pain Wakes Me Up at 3 AM
Barbara Morris
Krystin Livelovelaugh
Caroline Graham
Today is the last day to contribute to the Chicago School of Professional Psychology's research on fibromyalgia study. Please fill out the survey and share. (Link is in first comment)
Today is the last day to contribute to the Chicago School of
Lauren Miller
Tracy McMonagle Sparks
Cheri O'Dell
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller

The National Fibromyalgia Association, along with 21 other nonprofit organizations, has partnered with the Community Pain Center (CPC) to offer the pain community valuable information and resources. Banded together in solidarity we can accomplish more than ever before! (Link to CPC Pain Cooperative in first comment.)
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller
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