Photo of the Day: A Japanese macaque—also known as a snow monkey—looks inquisitively toward the camera in this image taken near Jigokudani, Nagano, Japan. #Photography

Photo of the Day: Another Pretty Face
It’s one of the great questions of our age: Are we alone in the universe? Some scientists think we'll find out within the next ten years.

Why Our First Alien Encounter Could Happen Soon
The newly discovered milky-yellow creature, named Harryplax severus, appears to spend much of its time hiding in the shadows. Learn more about the ghostly crab.

Pale, Beady-Eyed Crab Named for Harry Potter Character
Meet Cantsbee, one of the last two gorillas studied by zoologist Dian Fossey.
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These via ferratas, or "iron roads," draw climbers and hikers to peaks in the Andes, Alps, and beyond.

Best Hikes: 11 Thrilling Hikes Around the World
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For decades, the candy has been used as an alternative for corn, which has become more expensive.

Skittles Spilled Onto Highway Were Headed for Cattle Feed
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This is believed to be the first ever footage of a pointy-nosed blue chimaera alive in its natural habitat.
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Explore the concepts of heaven and hell—and how they have shaped our lives—in #StoryOfGod with Morgan Freeman.

Heaven and Hell | The Story of God
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The royal leopard family relaxing in the African sun! Welcome to #safariLIVE! Join us on a daiy live safari as we go in search of wild animals in the African wilderness. Please post questions to the safari experts in the comments section below. Your LIVE safari continues Sunday January 29th at 11pm EST. Only on Nat Geo WILD!
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Ruled by Hammurabi, restored by Nebuchadrezzar, and conquered by Cyrus, Babylon was at the center stage of the dawn of history.

Beautiful Babylon: Jewel of the Ancient World
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Our video of the day: See how this crab distracts predators while on the move.

Watch a Crab Kidnap a Sea Slug
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Photo of the Day: Jagged rock falls away into the sea in this stunning landscape shot taken along Spain's Basque Coast, famous for its geological wonders. #Photography

Photo of the Day: Points of View
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Chief Arvol Looking Horse tells the story of the sacred pipe—an artifact so holy that people outside of the tribe are not allowed to see it. #StoryOfGod
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The Vikings have a reputation as the bad boys of the medieval world, according to this author. Is it time to rethink this prejudice?

How Much Viking Lore Is True?
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These tiny cephalopods are flashy and fierce. See how they use their armlike tentacles to strike.
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From Armenia to Chile, get a taste for each corner of the world.

6 Unexpected Cities for the Food Lover
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These shell-less mollusks come in some of the most fascinating shapes, vibrant hues, and intricate patterns of any animal on Earth. Enjoy some of our favorite photos of the colorful critters.

Nudibranchs | National Geographic
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Is there anywhere so magical as the woods? Photographer Ellie Davies captures the enchantment of the forest—and the feeling that something fantastical is just a step away.

Inside a Real-Life Fairy Tale Forest
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Elusive, obscure, and eclipsed in popularity by their larger cousins, small cats are amazing, high-performance predators.

Out of the Shadows, the Wildcats You've Never Seen
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See how the Ashaninka people of Peru use vapor from boiled herbs in their healing rituals.