Ski down volcanic mountains, surf the North Atlantic swells, and hike over tundra in search of Arctic foxes in the far corners of Iceland's ancient landscape.

Unexpected Adventures in Wild, Rugged Iceland
From wild horses on the run to wind-swept beaches, see our collection of the best aerial adventure photos submitted by our #YourShot photo community.

Your Aerial Adventure Photos
Colin Haley’s lightning-fast climbs in Patagonia and Alaska last year cemented his place among the greatest alpine climbers of all time.

This Climber's Bold Ascents Crushed Speed Records
Experience the sights and sounds of paragliding as pilot Théo de Blic performs aerial maneuvers while soaring above the Saint-Hilaire du Touvet Funicular. See more: [ Link ]
We asked 20 outdoor luminaries—from speed hikers to CEOs to environmental activists—about the trails they dream about. Here are their picks for the world's best hikes.

World's Best Hikes: 20 Hikers' Dream Trails - National Geographic
She spent her youth surfing and sailing. Now Shannon Switzer Swanson is diving into marine biology to investigate the aquarium fish trade.

To Save Fragile Ocean Fish, This Surfer Turned to Science
A great white shark swims toward #YourShot photographer Ralph Clevenger in this image taken while diving off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

Diving with Sharks Near Guadalupe Island, Mexico
Want to play with perspective at one of the flattest places on Earth? Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni is worth a trip.
Members of Quark Expeditions prepare to hike Greenland's Scoresby Sound in order to collect valuable climate change data. Share your photos and join the conversation with #MyClimateAction.

Coming ashore in Greenland Photo by H. Akay - National Geographic Your Shot
Taking eight stages and more than a year to complete, see how Adventurers of the Year Pete McBride and Kevin Fedarko hiked the length of the Grand Canyon—documenting its threats along the way.

Hikers Trace the Length of the Grand Canyon to Save It
Journey into a strange and unknown world 1500 feet (457 meters) beneath the French Alps, and watch what may be the deepest slacklining expedition ever.

Watch This Daring Highwire Walk Through a Deep Underground Cave
From its volcanic peaks to its vast salt-encrusted flats, the Atacama Desert offers some of the world's wildest landscapes.
It takes commitment, creativity, and courage to excel in adventure photography. Here are nine women who are showing how it’s done.

Nine Female Adventure Photographers Who Push the Limits
These twenty trails travel deep into each destination's history and culture, from Mount Kailash in Tibet to the Hayduke in Utah and Arizona.

World's Best Hikes: Epic Trails - National Geographic
Mountain biker André Sanches barrels down a steep slope in this photo, taken near Whistler, Canada—a mountain biking hot-spot.

Mountain Biking in Whistler, Canada
Whether it's surfing, skiing, paddling or diving—our adventures are all possible thanks to fresh water. #WorldWaterDay
Dreaming of warmer weather? These stunning #YourShot photos of Australia’s wild places will have you jumping on the next flight Down Under.

Your Australia Adventure Photos
This Adventurer of the Year paddled through rapids and remote gorges over 234 days to document the social and environmental conditions along China's revered Yellow River. #WorldWaterDay

This Kayaker Made the First Solo Descent of China's 'King of Terrors'
In this hypnotizing time-lapse, filmmakers capture the dancing northern lights and scenic beauty of Minnesota's Voyageurs National Park. See more: [ Link ]
National Geographic explorers Kevin Fedarko and Pete McBride comically recount their brutal Grand Canyon thru-hike—while highlighting the many threats faced by one of the United States' most iconic national parks.

Grand Canyon Adventure: The 800-Mile Hike That Nearly Killed Us (Part 1)