California is in crisis. During a historic drought, politics and money threaten to jeopardize the state's dwindling water supply. Water and Power: A California Heist, the premiere film under the new National Geographic Documentary Films banner, premieres tonight at #Sundance and will be coming soon to Nat Geo.
We are LIVE from #Sundance at the premiere of Water and Power: A California Heist. Tonight's topic of conversation is drought and politics. In other words: who controls California's dwindling water supply? Let us know your questions for the filmmakers, and look for the documentary on Nat Geo this spring.
Neil deGrasse Tyson talks to Game of Thrones star, Isaac Wright, and Helen Keen, author of The Science of Game of Thrones, about the possible origins of the dragon. #StarTalkTV
Morgan Freeman wants to know: Is there proof of God here on Earth? Is there a chosen one? Do heaven and hell exist? As we explore in #StoryOfGod, these artists showed us what they think. Take a look:
In remote Papua New Guinea, women accused of black magic meet a grim fate, sometimes being burned to death. #WareUncensored
Travel to the Hindu god Vishnu’s temple at Angkor Wat, where some say his spirit lives today. #StoryOfGod
Follow Morgan Freeman as he delves into the concepts of heaven and hell and how they have changed our lives. #StoryOfGod, Tonight 9/8c
The levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere have reached a milestone, and it's not a good one.
Whether you're looking for a short hike to conical hills, a surreal rainbow limestone landscape, or a multiday trek to sparkling Himalayan lakes, you’ll find it in one of these natural wonders.

7 Stunning Natural Wonders in Asia
A homesteader demonstrates how to make a baby chick waterer with household supplies. #LiveFreeOrDie
#DidYouKnow Astronauts drink their own urine in space. Here's why:
Historians theorize how the Roman Emperor Nero may be the antichrist referenced in the Bible. #StoryOfGod
Scientists hope the whale sharks that live around the East African island will help them better understand how to preserve the species.

Why the World's Biggest Sharks Love Mafia Island
For the first time, scientists have recorded a shark switching from sexual to asexual reproduction.

Shark Surprises Aquarium With Rare 'Virgin Birth'
Have you ever wondered how the Republican and Democratic parties got their animal symbols? Find out:
We designed an experiment to test if drivers were discouraged from parking in handicapped parking spots when pictures of disabled individuals are posted on handicapped parking signs. #CrowdControl
Neil deGrasse Tyson theorizes how Artificial Intelligence can be used in Space exploration. #StarTalkTV
Mosquitoes can carry some of the most deadly diseases known to man, but that won’t stop some scientists from sacrificing their own blood to feed them for a greater benefit. #TheBigPicture
Find perfection in these places where land meets water:

Top 21 Beaches in the World
A peculiar croak heard within the Amazon rain forest leads to the naming of a new species of frog.

New Poisonous Frog Species Discovered in Peru