When DuPont built a chemical plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia they created jobs for the community, but with it brought devastating side effects #Parched
Captain Tyler McLaughlin of the Pinwheel talks about his passion for bluefin tuna fishing and hopes for the future #WickedTuna
Though they weren't called mullets back then, the business in the front, party in the back hairstyle has been around for a long time. They've been reemerging through history for many years, is it time for a comeback? #Explorer

The History of Mullets

We live in a world with many “alternative facts,” which means verifying and fact-checking ourselves and those in our community plays an important role in determining what is real and what is fake.

How Fake News Tricks Your Brain

Time is not absolute. The distinction between past, present, and future is but a stubborn illusion. The #Genius himself, Albert Einstein, explains:
This artist is challenging conventional ideas of photography and travel:

How an Agoraphobic Artist Sees the World Without Leaving Home

Are mullets business up front and a party in the back or a serious fashion faux pas? #Explorer
Farmers in Kern County, California suspect oil production waste water has contaminated their almond orchard. Don't miss a new episode of #Parched Tuesday at 10
Through music, language, art, and the written word the boundless human imagination has been given a voice, but they have a dark side. They can distort our perception of reality. They can corrupt and manipulate entire populations. #Origins
How often do you walk by street art without giving it a second thought? Step inside the world of graffiti, tagging, and street art in New York City with Assignment Explorer finalist Sergey Gordeev.
The big infrastructure project may have important impacts on climate, animals, and people. Here's how:

4 Things You Need to Know About the Approved Keystone XL Pipeline

Turns out champagne houses and winemakers are aging their products in the deep sea:

How Shipwrecked Champagne Is Changing Winemaking

For daring to translate the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into English, scholar William Tyndale was sentenced to a brutal death #Origins
Francesca Fiorentini sits down for an eye-opening interview with Salvadorian women’s rights activist, Morena Herrera. #Explorer
Pinwheel is hooked up, but the fish is tangled with another boat’s anchor. See what happens! #WickedTuna
From empanadas to ravioli to momos, almost every culture has some form of dumpling in its cuisine. Join Assignment Explorer finalist Valentina Vee as she showcases the diverse dumpling scene in New York City.
Two photographers share their unique perspectives on the growing wind and solar power industries:

The Energy of Tomorrow Looks Strikingly Artistic from Above

Lonni Sue Johnson’s amnesia is revealing important connections between memory, personality, and consciousness.

Artist's Memory Loss Fuels Discoveries About the Brain

Did you know that Louis XIV had a mullet? Monday on #Explorer we take a look at one of the most iconic hair styles of all time.
"There was no graphic communication. Someone had to invent it for the very first time." Discover how communication made us modern, next week on #Origins