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What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century? You might not expect the most inclusive or thoughtful answer from a guy who spent eight years with the National Football League.

Ex-NFL Player Speaks Out on Gender and Manliness

An Alaskan resident discovers signs of a bear and takes caution while traveling to the Brooks Range. #LifeBelowZero
Since humans first saw a red dot in the night sky, we've been dreaming of going to Mars. When did it all start? #MARS
Travel to Uganda to see how this self-taught filmmaker is making incredibly violent action films, on no budget, that are intended to knock you dead, with laughter. #Explorer
America Ferrera meets a family in Waukegan, Illinois dealing with health issues caused by a coal plant right outside their window. @YEARSofLIVING
"I spoke with Glenn by telephone on October 24, for what would be the last interview of his life." Read what John Glenn shared with us in his final interview.

What John Glenn Told National Geographic In His Last Interview

Disappearing Arctic sea ice is making polar travel nearly impossible.

Are North Pole Expeditions a Thing of the Past?

In 1912, Robert Falcon Scott and his team left their hut for the South Pole. They never returned. #Continent7
The man famous for being the first American to orbit Earth continued to push the boundaries of space travel throughout his career

John Glenn, Pioneering Astronaut, Dies at Age 95

Comedian Larry Wilmore reveals his secret geek power… Magic! #StarTalkTV
Today's leading minds in science and exploration discuss future technologies most people haven't even imagined yet. #MARS
Scientists have confirmed the finding of a strange, elusive creature that hasn't been conclusively seen since it was first described in 1900.

Mysterious Ocean Blob Found for First Time in a Century

Electricity is the transportation fuel of the future. Years of Living Dangerously #YEARSproject

Years Of Living Dangerously: Fuel of the Future

Could self-driving cars make our planet and pocket books greener? Ty Burrell investigates autonomous cars on tonight's Years of Living Dangerously. #YEARSproject
Experts agree: dust storms on Mars are no joke. #MARS
Learn how a dead goat in a business suit is helping forensic science students make breakthroughs in blast-site investigations. #Explorer
What makes comedian Jay Leno's joke so funny? Leave it to Neil deGrasse Tyson to explore what makes it humorous. #StarTalk
Go behind the scenes of Years of Living Dangerously with Bradley Whitford as he takes on climate change deniers in Washington, D.C. #YEARSproject
As the southern continent rapidly warms, some whale populations are booming—while others are suffering from lack of ice. #Continent7

A Rare Look at the Disappearing World of Antarctica's Whales

Video shot in June but going viral this week shows a dramatic encounter between a large male kangaroo and a man in Australia.

Man Who Punched Kangaroo to Save His Dog Risked His Life