The Amazon produces 20% of Earth's oxygen, but the alarming rate of deforestation can greatly affect the Amazon's potential to produce this much oxygen.
For the first time, NASA telescopes have worked in tandem to watch blasts of high-energy radiation triggered by activity on the far side of the sun.

Our Sun Produces Bizarre Radiation Bursts-Now NASA Knows Why
Beneath the streets of Beijing, people live in an underground universe constructed during the Cold War era.

A Million People Live in These Underground Nuclear Bunkers
Katie Couric traveled to Yale to learn about gender pronouns and options beyond the binary male/female "he/she."

Watch #GenderRevolution: [ Link ]
One solution to feeding the populace of earth could be farming the oceans. See how that could work:
Father Guriy discusses the role and importance of Russian Orthodox Christianity in the Night Wolves motorcycle club. #WareUncensored
A young seal’s playful behavior points to a broader issue: how should we interact with wild animals?

What to Do When a Wild Seal Hops On Your Kayak
She is one of the most underappreciated scientists in the history of the earth sciences.

How One Brilliant Woman Mapped the Ocean Floor's Secrets
The tallest redwood tree is 377 feet tall, taller than the Statue of Liberty. How these giant trees stay hydrated is still a bit of a mystery.
One report reveals we spend almost as much money on coffee, per year, as we spend commuting.
How does a 4-year-old know they are transgender? #GenderRevolution
Revisit when President Obama spoke at the Republican annual policy retreat about the partisanship in U.S. politics.
From roaches in noses to leeches in nether regions, here are the animals most likely to get under your skin:

A Horrifying List of Creatures That Can Crawl Into Your Body
The latest daily figures may confirm a disturbing trend in global melting.

Antarctica's Sea Ice Shrinks to New Record Low
Learn how to save money by creating your own, nutrient rich soil. #LiveFreeOrDie
"Gender is who you go to bed as. Sexual orientation is who you go to bed with," -Sam Killerman Watch #GenderRevolution: [ Link ]
Hosted by Jason Silva, #Origins: The Journey of Humankind rewinds all the way back to the beginning and traces the innovations that made us modern.
Experiments show that plants may be able to perceive their physical environments:
National Geographic ‘will continue to report—factually and fairly—on how climate change is altering the Earth.’

On Climate Change, We're on the Side of Facts
Cynthia Nixon discusses Nancy and President Reagan’s unbreakable bond in #KillingReagan. [ Link ]