Brace yourselves for a Wild Weather Weekend.
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No surprises that #inauguration and #trump are trending. Facing...Trump starts at 9pm.
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Before he became Einstein, he was a man named Albert. #Genius
From prisoners to press, explore the actions taken by the Iraqi President and how they ultimately led him to be captured, interrogated, and executed.

The Real Saddam Hussein starts at 9pm

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Keeping this beast of a road open takes an army of men and machines and closure is not an option.
New Highway Thru Hell continues tonight 8pm
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National Geographic - Highway Thru Hell
Sigourney Weaver travels to China - plagued by air pollution largely caused by the burning of coal. China is attempting to break its coal habit and reduce emissions.
#YearsOfLivingDangerously continues at 10pm
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Urban explorer Robert Joe and historian Dr Sam Willis are on a mission to uncover the secrets behind Himmler’s Haunted Castle.
New Nazi Weird War Two continues at 8pm
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BANGKOK, THAILAND- Wat Sai floating market, Bangkok, Thailand.

(Photo Credit: PAUL CHESLEY / National Geographic Creative)
Starring Tim Matheson and Cynthia Nixon, this one off drama takes an in-depth look at the assassination attempt that changed a presidency.
Killing Reagan premieres Sunday at 8pm.
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New Year. New Cases.
Buckle up for brand new Air Crash Investigation.
Starts Monday 23 January 9pm.
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Rewatch the whole of Killing Jesus this Christmas Eve from 8pm. This gripping three hour TV event follows the events leading up to the death of one of the most influential figures in history.
Embark on a quest with Morgan Freeman this Christmas Day.

Back to back episodes of The Story Of God will air from 8pm on the 25th!

Watch as Morgan journeys around the world to find the answers to big questions about the divine.

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Hear how Rolex Awards laureate Claudia Feh reintroduced the endangered Przewalski horses to their native habitat in Mongolia and improve life for the local nomadic people.
Collapse of the Oceans: Joshua Jackson travels to the Great Barrier Reef to see first-hand the effects of climate change on the world's oceans.

New Years Of Living Dangerously continues at 10pm

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Explore the ancient quartzite caves in the table-top mountains of South America with Rolex Awards laureate Franceso Sauro, watch this video to discover more.
Get ready to time travel back in time to Captain Scott’s Hut.
New #Antarctica continues tonight 9pm.
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