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This is a war between lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs. The final battle for power approaches these warring clans, and so does an unforgiving drought. Which disaster will they survive?
Stay tuned for the global mini-series event, Savage Kingdom, premiering December 19 at 10 pm on Nat Geo Wild and National Geographic.
"If I have seen FURTHER, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton
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Silhouettes against the giants
Vladimir Putin emerged as a man willing to break all barriers that came in the way of Russian interests. With the public image of a 21st Century Tsar, Putin stood up to challenges and never backed down. Tune in to National Geographic to get truth behind the headlines on Facing Icons, tonight at 10 pm.
Being the first to experience the terrain of another planet takes a toll on the physical and mental health of the crew members. Will this affect the success of the mission? Stay tuned to National Geographic to find out. MARS, Mondays at 10 pm.
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A morning call
Until we’ve found every piece of the puzzle, reached the ends of the earth and crossed every boundary, we will not stop. We are restless but focused and we will continue to push ourselves FURTHER.
We’re facing the world’s most powerful and influential people – from Escobar to Putin. Explore the truth through rare archival footage and intimate interviews with those who experienced their terror and reign. Facing Icons – tomorrow at 10 pm on National Geographic.
Two new members get introduced to the Daedalus crew to help ensure a steady and successful expansion of humanity’s first home on the Red Planet - Olympus Town. Join in on the mission on MARS - Mondays at 9 pm on National Geographic
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A stance of honour
Standing on the edge of knowledge, we’ve come so far in the varied fields of science and we intend on going FURTHER.
Be brave or be stupid, there’s still no escaping the laws of physics – and there is harm in trying. Watch these unfortunate souls trap themselves in tough situations as we tell you how they could have avoided it. Catch a brand new season of Science of Stupid, Mondays to Fridays at 8 pm on National Geographic.
Olympus, the first human settlement on Mars is ready for expansion. But how did the crew manage the dwindling resources, the failing equipment and the dangerous terrain? If you missed it, catch the repeat of MARS - Tonight at 10 pm, Saturday at 3 pm and Sunday at 9 pm on National Geographic.
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The point of disaster
With every insight and revelation, in the field or in the lab, despite how far we’ve come, the objective is simple - to keep going FURTHER.
You know these faces well, but how well do you know the truth behind them? Stay tuned as we throw light on the darkest areas of these famous lives to uncover the truth. Facing Icons - Fridays at 10 pm.
Do the best of the geologists and botanists have what it takes to ensure Mars becomes a self-sustaining planet? Join them in the mission to terraform the planet on MARS, Mondays at 9 pm.
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Flocked together
There will always be first steps to take because there will always be new frontiers to cross. We pledge to never stand on their threshold but to push past them and move FURTHER.
There’s always an explanation, and we’re giving you one. Catch the premiere of Science of Stupid, a brand new season, to find out how to elude disastrous adventures. Tonight at 8 pm on National Geographic.