Hunting is a skill that is slowly dying, see how Hayden Turner acquires it from one of the fewest tribes alive. Tune in at 10 PM tonight.
There is very little that cannot be accomplished with the triumvirate of human will, dedication and technology. Watch the team from Sterling Power accomplish the monumental task of setting up an electric transmission network across the PirPanjal range, on Extreme Tech: Corridor to Kashmir.
Tune in at 10 pm to experience how our ancestors survived in the primitive times.
Picture of the day: Sibling Rivalry
Animals have more in common with us than you think. Watch us unravel some of the most startling facts, tonight at 7pm.
Picture of the day: The bone-chilling encounter in the wild.
The herd escapes the thunderstorm to realize that they have walked right into the lioness’ den. Vigilant of every move they make, they lay stranded. Watch Mygrations tonight at 10 pm to see what happens next.
Picture of the Day: Say hello to the place you’d rather be on a Monday morning!
Watch: Street Genius, Beyond Magic with DMC and Science of Stupid starting 7 pm.
Picture of the Day: Clash of the titans
We have a great lineup for you tonight. Brain Games, Science of Stupid, Megafactories & Beyond Magic with DMC starting at 7 PM.
Strength comes with a heavy grind.
At the beginning of the Vietnam War, Lt. Charles Klusmann's RF-8 Crusader was shot down and held captive. Witness how he overcomes the odds on ‘No Man Left Behind’ tonight at 10 PM. #NoManLeftBehind
The view at the top always makes it worth the effort.
A scene out of the everyday turns deadly when a flight en route New Delhi is seized by hijackers. Catch the complete story of the turmoil the passengers of Indian Airlines IC 814 went through on India Unlocked, tonight at 9 pm.
Lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars - we’re studying these big cats to understand what makes them the vicious creatures they are. Is it their sharp teeth or maybe their killer claws? Find out on Deadly Jaws, tonight at 11 pm.
Picture of the Day
Leaving behind an afterglow
We’re uncovering our country’s gems on tonight’s episode of India Unlocked. Stay tuned for a culture-filled show, tonight at 9 pm on National Geographic.
With the launch of 104 satellites in a single mission, ISRO has further propelled India's space exploration to new heights.
Join us as we commemorate this milestone with an airing of Mangalyaan: India's Mission to Mars. Today at 6 pm on National Geographic.
They stepped into enemy territory, fought till breaking point and made it out alive. Catch the whole story from the soldiers who survived on No Man Left Behind. Fridays at 10 pm.