China is an ancient civilization with a history dating back thousands of years, and National Geographic is unravelling it layer by layer.

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Photo by Johan Lolos (@lebackpacker)
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The little-known land of grass roofs in Faroe Islands, Denmark. Photograph by Karine Aigner. #TravelTuesday
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"I took this shot last summer at Cathedral Provincial Park, BC, Canada. The wind was crazy but my partner and I decided to pitch our tent there anyway - and some friendly mountain goats decided to join us!" - Johan Lolos (@lebackpacker)

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A captive polar bear in China's Dalian Forest Zoo sits upon concrete painted to resemble snow. Photo by Sheng-Wen Lo.
If he were still alive, he'd be 138 years old today.

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Winner of Nat Geo WILD's Wild To Inspire film competition in 2014, Filipe Deandrade is taking us on an epic journey of wildlife encounters in the US in a brand new WILD digital series.

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Scientist. Rebel. Lover. Target.

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RIP, Satao II. One of Africa's last Tusker elephants was discovered dead in Tsavo East National Park, likely killed by ivory poachers with poisonous arrows.

One of Africa's Last Great Tusker Elephants Was Killed by Poachers
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Sunset at Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.

Photo by Johan Lolos (@lebackpacker)
First the mysterious oarfish, and now this. Is the famous "hairy blob" that washed up in the Philippines a new species, or something totally different?

Mysterious "Hairy Blob" Washed Up on Philippines Beach
It's Einstein like you've never known him before. Coming soon to National Geographic. #GENIUS

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Scientists have recently discovered 7 Earth-like planets which may just have the right conditions to host life forms - only 39 light years away.

Seven Alien 'Earths' Found Orbiting Nearby Star