The threat of undersea warfare brings every sailors worst nightmare to life in a new episode of WW2 Hell Under The Sea, tonight at 23:45 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
From the rise of the Wolfpack to the drive for victory in the Pacific, we profile the strategic masterminds in WW2 Hell Under The Sea, tonight at 21:00 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
Wild vicuña walk and run in front of a line of Quechua villagers who herd them to corrals during the Gran Chaccu, a yearly vicuña roundup and shearing. Photograph by Beth Wald, National Geographic Creative. #NatGeoAfrica
Can a grievously injured Ronald overcome his traumatic experience while carrying out his presidential duties? Watch Killing Reagan tonight at 21:00 CAT as we delve into the near death experience that Ronald Reagan faced just two months into his presidency. #NatGeoAfrica
Join us tomorrow night at 20:05 CAT for Reagan: The Assassination Attempt as we look into both eyewitness accounts and remarkable video of the Reagan assassination attempt. #NatGeoAfrica

National Geographic - Reagan: The Assassination Attempt
Killing Reagan, based on the best-selling book, takes you through the final months leading up to the 1980 presidential election and Ronald’s fateful day. Watch Killing Reagan this Sunday at 21:00 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
The threat of undersea warfare brings every sailors worst nightmare to life in WW2 Hell Under The Sea, this Monday at 21:00 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica

National Geographic - WW2 Hell Under The Sea
It has been one of the most controversial presidential races that the US has ever seen. Get to know the 45th POTUS before his official inauguration tonight at 20:05 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
Killing Reagan explores the events surrounding the assassination attempt on president Ronald Reagan. Don’t miss Killing Reagan this Sunday at 21:00 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist with a gifted ability to connect with everyone. Watch pop culture and science collide in Star Talk, this Thursday at 22:50 CAT.
Sex is often the motivating force behind all things in our world, from science to politics, pop culture and social interaction. Join us for the premiere of Original Sin: How Sex Changed The World, tonight at 21:00 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
Follow the rise of businessman, reality star and surprise White House occupant, Donald Trump, in Facing Donald Trump This Friday at 20:05 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica

National Geographic - Trump - "A wall for the mexican rapists "
Pop culture collides with science, in a way that late-night television has never seen, on tomorrow night’s premiere of Star Talk at 22:50 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
Do you think sex impacts humanity? Watch Original Sin: How Sex Changed The World this Thursday for all the answers. This 6-part event series reveals how things have changed over the past 50 years. #NatGeoAfrica
When it comes to war, the truth is often weirder than fiction. Follow Dr. Sam Willis and Robert Joe as they embark on a journey to set the record straight in tonight’s premiere of World War Weird at 20:05 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
African-American slave and preacher, Nat Turner, led a bloody revolt against the enslavement of African and American people of colour. Join Roger Guenveur Smith in Rise Up: The Legacy of Nat Turner, this Sunday at 20:00 as he peels back the layers of one of the most misunderstood Americans in history. #NatGeoAfrica
Two owl monkeys peek out of their nest in Yasuní National Park. Owl monkeys are monogamous creatures, and this pair has likely been together for a long time. (Photography by Tim Laman, National Geographic Creative) #NatGeoAfrica
Roger Guenveur Smith asks us to consider why Nat Turner is not lofted up across America as an early black revolutionary figure who helped shape the nation in tomorrow’s premiere of Rise Up: The Legacy of Nat Turner at 20:00. #NatGeoAfrica

National Geographic - Rise Up: The Legacy of Nat Turner