Ray visits the Vanoise National park in tonight’s episode of Wild France With Ray Mears, at 18:00 CAT. #WildFranceWithRayMears #NatGeoAfrica
A mother grizzly and her cubs cause a “bear jam” on Denali’s 92-mile-long Park Road, open to private vehicles only five days each summer. Most visitors travel the route by Park Service bus frequently spotting wildlife but rarely catching a cloudless glimpse of the park’s namesake peak. Photograph by Aaron Huey, National Geographic. #NatGeoAfrica
Join us for a 24 hour battle for survival on the Himalayas mountain range in tonight’s episode of Wild 24, at 18:00 CAT. #Wild24 #NatGeoAfrica
Are you ready for a journey of discovery? Don’t miss the groundbreaking premiere of Explorer on Wednesday March 1 at 21:00 CAT. #Explorer #NatGeoAfrica
We reveal exoplanets, astrophysical jets and the bubble nebula in tonight’s premiere of Hubble’s Amazing Universe at 21:00 CAT. #HubblesAmazingUniverse #NatGeoAfrica
We explore the exciting, complex, and unique waters of the Galapagos Islands in Mission Critical: Wild Galapagos, next Saturday at 18:00 CAT. #WildGalapagos #NatGeoAfrica
A silverback from the 22-member Mapuwa family emerges from the jungle to keep an eye on a ranger patrol. The park has largely succeeded in protecting mountain gorillas, its top tourist draw, from violence. Their population is now growing. Photograph by Brent Stirton, National Geographic. #NatGeoAfrica
A community takes advantage of the weather to increase their chance of survival in tonight’s episode of Lawless Island at 20:05 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica #LawlessIsland
Celebrities join Tyson in the Hall of the Universe to discuss the science fiction and fact of time travel in Star Talk, tonight at 22.45 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
Can American explorer, Albert Lin, save the lost tomb of Genghis Khan? Find out in Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Khan, next Wednesday at 20:05 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica #ForbiddenTombofGenghisKhan
Ye Ye, a 16-year-old giant panda, lounges in a wild enclosure at a conservation center in Wolong Nature Reserve. Her name, whose characters represent Japan and China, celebrates the friendship between the two nations. Ye Ye’s cub Hua Yan (Pretty Girl) is being trained for release into the wild. Photograph by Ami Vitale, National Geographic. #NatGeoAfrica
We unlock Egypt's secret chambers to reveal mysteries and magic in Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed, tonight at 20:05 CAT #NatGeoAfrica #EgyptSecretChambersRevealed
Astonishing observations are revealed before the end of Hubble’s mission in Hubble’s Amazing Universe, this Sunday at 21:00 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica
Don’t miss these super cute creatures in the Valentine's issue of National Geographic Kids! #NatGeoAfrica

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Though beautiful and graceful, swans are fierce creatures that work together to protect their baby cygnets from harm. Some are known to mate for life, forming strong bonds for years to come. However, if issues arise such as nesting failures, the swan will move on to another mate. #ValentinesDay #NatGeoAfrica
Join us for a fascinating journey deep inside the Great Pyramid, in Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed, this Wednesday at 20:05 CAT #NatGeoAfrica #EgyptSecretChambersRevealed
Not all will see the light of tomorrow as predator and prey are crammed together in Wild 24, tonight at 18:00 CAT. #NatGeoAfrica #Wild24
Sunrise lights up the Garden Wall, a spine of rock shaped by Ice Age glaciers. Grinnell Glacier once filled the basin below the wall, but like most glaciers in a warming world, it’s shrinking. Since 1850 it has lost more than 75% of its surface area. Photograph by Keith Ladzinski, National Geographic.