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Photo of the day: Iguazu Falls with rainbow in the mist. [ Nat-geo.ca Link ]
Here are National Geographic’s 52 best images of the year—curated from more than two million photographs. Which is your favorite? [ Natgeo.com Link ] #BestPhotos2016
Do you think you have what it takes to survive on #Mars?
Believed to be a new species—possibly several—these freshwater fish breathe air through a primitive lung [ Nat-geo.ca Link ].
Getting to #Mars was the easy part...surviving Mars is a whole different ballgame.
Photo of the day: oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) in the waters off Cat Island in the Bahamas. Learn more here: [ Nat-geo.ca Link ].
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100 hours of breathable air remain. Will they survive? Watch an all-new episode of #Mars on Monday.
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Their only mission now...is to survive. Watch an all-new #Mars tonight at 9e/p!
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It's a more hostile environment than we've ever seen on Earth. Can we survive #Mars? New episode Monday at 9e/p.
We made it! Thanks to everyone who helped us touch down on Mars [ Nat-geo.ca Link ]. If you missed episode 1, it repeats tonight at 7e/4p.
Land on Mars...in 360°!

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Question: when did Curiosity land on Mars?