Heeeeere kitty kitty. Big Cat Week is back!
Next Saturday is going to be wicked! #WickedTuna
First evidence ever for this uniquely romantic gesture confirmed by French scientists.

Wife Discovered With Husband's Heart, Centuries After Death

If you're having a "ruff" day, we recommend tuning in to the Westminster Dog Show - tonight and tomorrow night from 8pm-11pm!
Photo of the day: Male lion crossing riverbed in Rwanda. This image is from Return of the Lion. [ Nat-geo.ca Link ]
Uncover mysteries of the deep - our #LawlessOceans marathon starts at noon on Saturday.
Throughout most of 2016, conditions in the Arctic were anything but normal.

Arctic Ice Isn't Doomed Yet-Here's How to Save It

Before he became Einstein, he was a man named Albert. #Genius
Even the 20th century’s greatest mind can get caught in a bad romance. #Genius is coming April 25th.
Upcoming documentary #GenderRevolution explores the rapidly evolving intricacies of gender identity. [ Nat-geo.ca Link ]

Katie Couric On 'Gender Revolution'

A fire whirl more than 3000 feet high is captured on video in Western Australia.
[ Nat-geo.ca Link ]

WATCH: Fire Tornado Captured in Rare Video

Explore the culture, politics, and biology of gender identity alongside Katie Couric. #GenderRevolution
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