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Photo of the day: a Galapagos Sea Turtle swims in the open water.

This image is from #WildGalapagos - catch it tomorrow night at 9pm on Nat Geo Wild!
Ancient mysteries, revealed. A new season of #TheStoryOfGod premieres tonight at 9e/p.
This is our story. All of us. Watch our #Mars marathon this morning starting at 10e/7p!
Unlock a mystery on the high seas tonight - #LawlessOceans is all-new at 9e/p
Photo of the day: Cheetah are the lithe fast attack model of the cat dynasty. Siblings will work together to bring down prey. This image is from Wild 24.
What would you risk in the name of science? Our #Continent7 marathon starts at noon today!
The hunt for justice begins now. #LawlessOceans is all-new Tuesday at 9e/p.
Steer clear of the water tomorrow...something is coming...#SHARKS
Justice lies beneath the surface. #LawlessOceans premieres Tuesday at 9e/p.
Photo of the day: the delicate orchid mantis is a merciless hunter in a beautiful disguise [ Nat-geo.ca Link ].
Sometimes it's safer to learn about the laws of physics from the comfort of your couch, instead of testing them out yourself. Enjoy our #ScienceOfStupid marathon today!
Photo of the day: An adult Lion's roar can be heard up to 5 miles (8 kilometres) away. Photo credit: Eric Schmiedl.
5 Festive Food Traditions From Around the World: [ Nat-geo.ca Link ]. Via National Geographic Magazine
How far can we go? Watch the season finale of #MARS tonight at 9e/p.
They've been fishing here for generations, but something is threatening their supply...#YearsOfLivingDangerously
David Letterman traveled to India to talk sustainable energy with the country's leading experts in #YearsOfLivingDangerously.
LIVE at the Mars Desert Research Station in 360! #Mars