The real story behind the tiger drone video that went viral.

What You Need to Know About Tiger Farms
A shocking video of four men brutally murdered at sea has maritime investigator Karsten von Hoesslin diving into the murky depths of the lawless oceans and encounters drug smuggling, people trafficking, illegal fishing and piracy.

Lawless Oceans
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When hunting turns into play...

#WorldPolarBearDay !

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"I’m drawn to the darkness," says National Geographic photographer Robbie Shone.

How to Photograph Inside a Cave
It's all about the chase with these love bears.

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Happy #WorldPolarBearDay
Photo by Naomi Blinick⠀

Wisdom the albatross watches over her chick recently at the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.⠀

See the full story: World's Oldest Wild Bird Has Baby at 66 (link in bio)⠀

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Instagram post by National Geographic Australia • Feb 26, 2017 at 10:36pm UTC
"I remember being young and hearing stories from my dad about watching the space race,"

Vintage NASA Pictures Get New Life in Vibrant Colour
Traffic or clifftop? This is not your average commute.

Kids Commute to Clifftop School With Death-Defying Ladders
Photo by Nick Nichols.

Wendi, an orphan elephant, approaches Nichols's car in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. She was found as an hours-old newborn in 2002, probably abandoned by her mother, and now leads a group of fourteen orphans that have been independent since 2009.⠀⠀
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Instagram post by National Geographic Australia • Feb 19, 2017 at 9:31pm UTC
Signs at the forest entrances remind visitors that their lives are precious, to think of their families.

An Ethereal Forest Where Japanese Commit Suicide
This sea snake's venom game is strong!

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<3 The local lion population has risen from 11 animals to 50 today.

Raised to Kill Lions, This Kenyan Warrior Now Saves Them
What are these mysterious 50,000 year old bubble bugs?

Weird Life Found Trapped in Giant Underground Crystals
The banded sea krait’s venom is ten times more toxic than a rattlesnake’s venom.

WATCH: Sea Snake Devour an Eel Its Own Size
Photo by Giuseppe D'Amico ⠀

On the shore of Kurile Lake, a remnant of the volcano that was once active on this site in Kamchatka, Russia, competition for a meal can be fierce—and this brown bear isn’t letting his smaller rival get close to steal any salmon away. This photograph wasn’t easy to come across for Your Shot photographer Giuseppe D’amico—it required “stalking of the small beaches...
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Instagram post by National Geographic Australia • Feb 24, 2017 at 1:04am UTC
Book your tickets to nature's greatest shows.

7 Magical Places to View Auroras
This seven-acre solar plant now provides all the power used on Ta'u Island.

How a Pacific Island Changed From Diesel to 100% Solar Power