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What's the most feared insect in Europe? Who better to show you than David Attenborough himself!

The David Attenborough Videos You Have To Watch!

This baby rhino was shot by poachers, but has been rescued and is recovering!

Watch: baby rhino injured by poachers rescued

It's 2037 and a dust storm has lasted months running havoc on the Daedalus crew's permanent base, Olympus Town. The psychological pressures of life on Mars reveal themselves while the crew remained trapped in the habitat.

MARS Continues Tomorrow 7.30pm AEDT/NZDT on National Geographic Channel
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In 2037, the dust storm has lasted for months, and Olympus Town’s infrastructure, along with its residents’ well-being, suffers. The psychological pressures of life on Mars reveal themselves while the crew is trapped inside the habitat.

MARS continues tomorrow 7.30pm AEDT/NZDT on National Geographic Channel
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This amber preserved tail of a 99-million-year-old dinosaur has a few surprises...

First Fuzzy Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber

GeoCARB was one of 15 proposals submitted to NASA’s Earth Venture missions program.

NASA To Launch First-Ever GeoCARB Program To Monitor Climate Change

Today, more than 95 years after it began, John Glenn’s long and remarkable journey came to an end.

What John Glenn told National Geographic in his last interview

Two wars, 149 combat missions and three trips around the planet made him a historic figure. We remember Astronaut John Glenn who has passed away at 95.

Pioneering astronaut John Glenn was a lifelong adventurer

A historian called it “the most terrible of all the ministers of death.”

Viral surprise: a child mummy found in Lithuania had oldest known case of smallpox

Watch our LIVE stream of Australian Museum’s Spider Wrangler Lachlan Manning milking the venom from Australia’s biggest huntsman species, the golden huntsman at the Venom Lab. The golden huntsman’s venom has never been studied in Australia before. Find out more uses for venom here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Get closer to over 400 real spider specimens including live tarantulas, giant water spiders and...
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Don't miss our Facebook LIVE stream this morning 10.30am AEDT as we watch the milking of Australia's biggest huntsman spider!

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Check out Australian Museum's Spiders Alive & Deadly Exhibition
"If your offspring live on, your blood line lives on, nothing else matters." Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) narrates Nat Geo WILD's Savage Kingdom.

Savage Kingdom continues tonight 8.30pm AEDT Nat Geo WILD

Saba The Phatom Assassin

Simple solutions can often have dramatic effects.

$2 Clay pot fridges in Nigeria are saving food In rural villages

What is Buzz Aldrin's vision for space exploration and the mission to Mars?

Click here for your chance to WIN a signed copy of his book Buzz Aldrin Mission To Mars.

WIN a Signed Copy of Buzz Aldrin’s Book Mission to Mars!

Don't miss the next episode of MARS this Sunday 7.30pm AEDT/NZDT National Geographic Channel.

In 2037, psychological pressure takes its toll as the crew is trapped in the habitat. In reality, scientists study the effects of extreme isolation.

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Hubble captured the mesmerising Butterfly Nebula on July 27, 2009. Catalogued as NGC 6302, it's a tumultuous cauldron of hot gas, with a dying star five times the mass of our Sun in its centre.

Don’t miss Hubble’s Amazing Universe Tonight 7.30pm AEDT on National Geographic Channel. See more of Hubble's images here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
China is already the world’s largest market for EVs.

Why electricity really is the fuel of the future

Our favourite astrophysicists Neil deGrasse Tyson Tyson talks to the creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman about the science of zombies!

Continues tonight 10.30pm AEDT/NZDT National Geographic Channel
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The Walking Dead Continues Mondays 7.30pm AEDT on FX AUSTRALIA
Behold the Bathochordaeus charon, named for the mythical Greek ferryman who was thought to transport souls of the dead across the River Styx.

Mysterious ocean blob found for first time in a century