Parents may have rejoiced last year when their kids left the couch to run outside hunting imaginary creatures—even though they still clutched digital devices. Are there benefits to this kind of screen time?

What Augmented Reality Can Teach Our Kids
If you want to protect the world’s only grass-eating monkey, saving the grass is a good start. [ Link ]
In a sixth-century Egyptian monastery’s library, high-tech imaging of parchments reveals thousands of pages of hidden text.

Ancient Parchments Reveal Old Texts Concealed by Newer Ones
"It has taken me a while to find my style, but 25,000 screenshots later, it feels like I’m getting there." Meet an artist who is challenging conventional ideas of photography and travel.

How an Agoraphobic Artist Sees the World Without Leaving Home
Photo of the Day: Looking up during a winter night in Lapland, Sweden, #YourShot photographer Johannes Kormann was rewarded with this view of the aurora borealis. #photography

Photo of the Day: Backyard Beauty
Watch an exclusive sneak peek from the first episode of #Genius, starring Geoffrey Rush as the older Einstein and Johnny Flynn as the younger.

Time Is But a Stubborn Illusion
This fish has either a right- or left-sided sex organ—effectively halving its chances of finding a compatible mate.

The Fish That Mates by Direction
Japan's Fukushima prefecture is still mostly empty years after the earthquake and following nuclear disaster—but a few residents are returning to tell their story. [ Link ]
Meaning ‘new day’ in Farsi, Nowruz marks the beginning of the year 1396 in the Persian calendar, symbolically leaving the hardships of winter behind and honoring the rebirth of nature.

It's 1396, According to the Persian Calendar
Photo of the Day: Against the current of flowing water, an egret sands perfectly still. #photography

Photo of the Day: Like a Rock
#YourShot photographer Michael Cleary captured this greyheaded flying fox—the largest bat in Australia—in mid-flight over the water. [ Link ]
Whether from an airplane or on top of a windmill, these photographers are capturing unique perspectives of the growing wind and solar power industries. #MyClimateAction

The Energy of Tomorrow Looks Strikingly Artistic from Above
"Melissa inspires me because she is a positive forward thinker, not someone who is defined by what happened to her out of her control," writes #YourShot photographer Jeff Kennel. Submit your photos of the strong women in your life.

'Strong Women' Photo Assignment
Champagne houses and winemakers are aging their products in the deep sea. Here's why.

How Shipwrecked Champagne Is Changing Winemaking
Charge into the fray of an epic Viking battle with over 600 hardcore re-enactors armed with swords and axes. #LiveLikeAViking
Photo of the Day: For a brief moment, clouds above the Matterhorn in Switzerland part and are illuminated by the sun. #photography

Photo of the Day: Fire Mountain
Rich in copper and skilled bronzework, Cyprus was courted as a trading partner all over the ancient world. So why did it take so long for archaeologists to discover one of its greatest cities?

Searching for the Lost City of Copper
As it turns out, there is a scientific theory to explain why we find puppies so cute. Learn more and enjoy these adorable photos from our archives. #NationalPuppyDay

This is Your Brain on Puppy Pictures
Watch a gorgeous time-lapse of "bleeding heart" monkeys foraging in the Ethiopian Highlands. [ Link ]
Depending on your opinion of sport hunting, these photos may evoke dismay and discomfort—or be seen as an ode to the cycle of predator and prey.

Hunters Return to the Scene of the Kill—With Their Prey