Photo of the Day: On this #InternationalPolarBearDay we look at a mother and her cubs enjoying a rare feast—a whale carcass. #Photography

Photo of the Day: Polar Bear Parade
Take a look: This photographer is colorizing photos from the space race in hopes that the images will excite a younger generation of explorers and scientists.

Vintage NASA Pictures Get New Life in Vibrant Color
This poet makes a powerful case for protecting the planet—and challenging the human race to create a sustainable future. [ Link ]
From an infamous forest to a spectacular Karnaval celebration, take a look at the photos that stood out most to our editors this week.

The Most Compelling Photos of the Week
The story of humanity’s love affair with alcohol goes back to a time before farming—take a look. #BirthofBooze

Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze
Photo of the Day: A rainbow arcs accross the Grand Canyon, which was established as a U.S. national park nearly 100 years ago today. #Photography

Photo of the Day: Rainbow Canyon
Watch the repetitive functions of lovable robots spiral out of control in this delightful short film. #ShortFilmShowcase

Vicious Cycle: This Cute Little Robot Has No Idea What's Coming
This photographer tracked down 70 forgotten statues of Vladimir Lenin—hidden everywhere from dumpsters to car trunks.

See the Bizarre Places People Stash Old Lenin Statues
Cycling swept the nation near the end of the 19th century because bikes provided the first affordable private transportation. Could it happen again?

Mapping the Urban Bike Utopias of the 1890s
Photo of the Day: Light from a headlamp illuminates pockets of trapped air within exposed ice on the surface of Alberta, Canada's Abraham Lake. #Photography

Photo of the Day: Bubbles and Ice
From Anna Karenina to The Kite Runner, travel the world through these global stories.

Around the World in 12 Books
Learn how one woman, Eliza Scidmore, was instrumental in shaping the National Geographic Magazine you know today—including its use of color photography.

The Woman Who Shaped National Geographic
When it comes to understanding the complex world around us, faster isn't always better.

What Is 'Slow Journalism'?
Photo of the Day: From the vantage point of an overlook near Trollstigen, Norway, a long exposure creates a winding ribbon of light along the mountain road. #Photography

Photo of the Day: Winding Road
"While scientists are warning of the mounting risks of climate change, the oil industry regards the decline of sea ice as a new business opportunity," writes #YourShot photographer Christian Aslund. Share your photos and join the conversation. #MyClimateAction

The People V. Climate Change
From youthful enthusiasts to successful professionals, here's how eight mapmakers got their start.

The Adorable Maps Today's Cartographers Made as Kids
An alligator waits in duckweed in New Orleans, Louisiana in this image by #YourShot photographer Cole Frechou. [ Link ]
We asked some of our photographers to reflect on their most memorable moments with big cats. Take a look. #BigCatWeek

6 Nat Geo Photographers Share Their Favorite Wild Cat Moments
Dr. Helena Ndume, in collaboration with SEE International, has performed more than 35,000 sight-restoring surgeries in Africa—for free. [ Link ]