Browse submissions for our "Anachronisms" #YourShot assignment and submit your own photos that go "against time." [ Link ]

'Anachronisms' Photo Assignment
Inside a wooden barrel, drivers in India defy gravity using friction and centrifugal force while the crowd looks on from above. [ Link ]
Beneath the desert of South Australia, a photographer finds a community of opal miners with a "crazy and unusual life."

See the People Who Live in a Legendary Underground Town
A new 3-D model of one of the oldest known sundials—unearthed near Pompeii and shaped like prosciutto—is helping researchers understand how it was used.

Ancient Sundial Shaped Like Ham Was Roman Pocket Watch
Despite their origins, visitors flock to these “dark tourism” destinations each year—whether they’re sites of natural disasters, wars, or imprisonment.

Eerie Photos of 'Dark Tourism' Sites Around the World
Eclipsed in popularity by their larger cousins, small cats—such as the elusive bay cat or marbled cat—are often vastly understudied. Take a look at the rarely-seen and amazing predators.

Out of the Shadows, the Wildcats You've Never Seen
#YourShot member Justin Anantawan has been published in assignments about hair, fashion, and portraits. Take a look at his poignant images.

Photographer Profile | Your Shot
The largest Anglo-Saxon ship burial ever discovered contained artifacts of a quality and quantity never seen before—and it reshaped what historians know of the Middle Ages.

The Ghostly Treasure Ship of Sutton Hoo
Some maps are meant to be felt, not seen. A new atlas of Switzerland conquers the challenge of creating maps for the blind.

A Tactile Atlas Helps the Blind 'See' Maps
In the Ashaninka tribe in Peru, Mircyla Prado Pintallo uses boiled herbs to perform the healing art of vaporadora—a practice she began learning at age 9. [ Link ]
Fossil remains of 180-million-year-old sea creatures can be found embedded in the rock and sand of England’s Jurassic Coast. Take a look at more of the most unique beaches around the world.

21 Best Beaches in the World
To a degree unimaginable a decade ago, the intensely personal subject of gender identity has entered the public square. This glossary helps define the terms used in our special issue. #GenderRevolution

Redefining Gender
#YourShot photographer David Elliott captured this crisp image of eagles landing in Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada. View more stunning photos and vote for tomorrow's Top Shot. [ Link ]
Circus performers enchant audiences with glamour and onstage personas, but what happens behind the scenes?

Behind the Curtain of Vietnam's Oldest Circus
In ancient Egypt, humans were not the only ones wrapped in linen and reverently laid to rest. Learn why cats, gazelles, baboons, and even crocodiles were mummified in our issue from November 2009.

Animals Everlasting: Egypt's Animal Mummies
Human hair—collected door-to-door—offers some economic relief to the marginalized Mugat community in Uzbekistan. #EdenWalk

Trading in Tresses
Implanting an electrode in the brain of this Parkinson's patient may bring relief for his symptoms—but so could the placebo effect. [ Link ]
Two infant mountaineers face off on their most challenging climb yet in this amusing mockumentary featuring National Geographic Explorer Cedar Wright. #ShortFilmShowcase

Watch Adorable Babies Go on a Hilarious High-Altitude Adventure
Adnan Bubalo photographed this quiet scene on Sakrisoya Island, a small fishing village in Norway. [ Link ]
National Geographic photographers Mark Thiessen and Becky Hale were live from the Nat Geo Studios to talk about high speed strobe lights. Watch them capture an image of a water balloon popping, and ask your questions below!