Ellie has a big personality and an infectious smile. She also has kidney disease.

Little Girl, Big Inspiration

Organ Donor Hero: Arthur Poirier, Jr.
Relatinoship: Husband
Honored by: Jennifer Poirier
Date of Transplant: 09/06/2006

"Art knew of my PKD, he always said, because he has type O blood he would be tested when the time came. When we knew my kidneys were failing, Art was tested, he said there would be no questions asked, he wanted me well. My mom was dying of cancer at this time. 3 days before...
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"Our worst fears had come to life when in August of 2012 my mother’s kidneys completely failed and she had to begin dialysis treatments."

Becoming a kidney donor was not easy, but in the end, it was all worth it

Chris Kraemer was diagnosed kidney disease in his 30s. His childhood best friend volunteered as a living donor, ultimately saving his life.

Childhood Friend Becomes a Kidney Donor, Gets Matching Tattoos with Recipient

Thank you to all renal social workers who help patients and their families by providing emotional, financial and lifestyle adjustment support. Give a shout out to your favorite social worker!
"I applaud individuals with chronic kidney disease on their inner strength and resolve to lead a 'normal life'" - Dr. Leslie Spry

Chronic Kidney Disease: The Long-Term Battle

We’re jumping for joy, spring is finally here and it’s a great time to get outside and join us at a Kidney Walk! #WalkTalkWednesday

Join us at a 2017 Kidney Walk!

WATCH: Why is involving patients and caregivers in research so important? Our panel of experts from Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute - PCORI and NKF answer your questions.
Join us LIVE today at 10 am ET as we discuss the importance of including patients and caregivers in kidney disease research with Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute - PCORI.
Marly's grandfather passed away from kidney disease. She chose to commemorate him with a tattoo.

A Family That Gets Inked Together, Stays Together

Have a friend or two who know nothing about kidney disease? Watch and share "Kidney Disease 101." #HeartYourKidneys
Do you have recurrent Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (rFSGS)? Would you be willing to take part in a confidential telephone conversation? Those taking part will be paid for their time.

Learn more: [ Svy.mk Link ]

FSGS Survey

Team Kidney is running in the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K in Central Park! This NYRR race is one of the largest kidney awareness events in the country, and it benefits the National Kidney Foundation. Register today at [ Bit.ly Link ]

UAE Healthy Kidney 10K - NYC

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Organ Donor Hero: Joshua Ramseier
Relationship: Husband
Honored by: Laura Ramseier
Date of Transplant: July 2, 2015

"Josh is the best husband I could ask for. When I needed a kidney transplant, he was tested and found to be a match for me. He gave me this selfless gift, saving my life. He is my hero and an amazing inspiration. I am thankful for him every day."

Honor your own hero: [ Wshe.es...
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Why is it important to involve kidney patients, caregivers, clinicians, and others in research? Join us for this important Facebook Live event with Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute - PCORI next Wednesday 3/22 at 10 am EST. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Thank you to our partners at Pentec Health who assembled 500 care packages for dialysis patients in their community through our Drive for Dialysis volunteer program.

Find out how you can host a Drive For Dialysis in your office: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Join us for a 30 minute interactive Facebook Live event with the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

What does comparative effectiveness research have to offer patients with chronic kidney disease and their caregivers?

What is the importance of getting patients, caregivers, clinicians, and others involved in research?

How will PCORI’s research help to answer questions that...
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FB Live: The Need for Patient-Centered Research on CKD

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Did you watch Good Morning America this morning? Show your support for Kristi Callaway and her amazing efforts to connect living donors with kidney recipients by donating today! Thank you, GMA!

See the story here: [ Abcn.ws Link ]

You can find Kristi's page at Our Daddy Needs a Kidney-Team Callaway.

GMA's "Dare to Donate a Dollar" to NKF

Good Morning America is asking you to "Dare to Donate a Dollar" to NKF! This morning's segment featured Kristi Callaway, an inspiring mother and wife who has made it her mission to help people find kidney donor matches. If you support living donation, dare to donate a dollar to NKF today. Thanks, GMA!

See the story here: [ Abcn.ws Link ]

You can find Kristi's page at Our Daddy Needs a...
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GMA's "Dare to Donate a Dollar" to NKF

Tune in to ABC’s "Good Morning America" tomorrow, 3/17, between 8:30 - 9 am ET to watch a special segment that pays tribute to a woman whose Facebook page has helped nearly 20 patients find living donors! You will also be challenged to support the National Kidney Foundation in a special way. Tune in!