There can be many different reasons why you may feel the way you feel.

Teens: Managing Your Emotions While Living with Kidney Disease
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Maleena @holstrit is 3 years post-transplant! She received a kidney from her dad after losing her own to E. coli bacteria. Post a pic of yourself with a sign saying how long you are #kidneystrong (years, months, even days!) and we might repost it on Instagram @nationalkidneyfoundation.
Laura receives peritoneal dialysis and spends every waking moment "living life to the fullest" with her husband, Stephen.

Couple of 40 Years Lives Life to the Fullest Despite Kidney Disease
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Navigating health insurance can be difficult. We defined some of the common insurance terms for you.

Common Insurance Terms Defined
Dealing with kidney disease can make teenage-hood feel even more challenging than it already is. Learning how to manage your medications can help.

6 Tips for Managing Your Medications When You're a Teen
Organ Donor Hero: Kim D'Ellena
Relationship: Mother
Honored by: Rachel D'Ellena
Date of Transplant: 5/13/13

"My parents have always inspired me, but it was brought it a new level in May 2013 when my courageous mom did the most selfless thing a person could do and donated my father a kidney. We have always been a "rodeo family" we travel, have a farm, horses but my dad just couldn't do it...
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Actress Bijou Phillips has announced she has been struggling with kidney disease and needs a kidney transplant.

Bijou Phillips Announces She Has Kidney Disease
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Bring Urgency to Kidney Health
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How can I find a clinical trial?
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Happy Valentine's Day to Heather and Todd!

Organ Donor Hero: Todd Luchies
Honored by: Heather Luchies
Relationship: Husband
Date of Transplant: 1/9/2017

"Throughout the donor testing process he never thought twice, actually I don't think he would have handled it well if he was denied. He wanted to donate to someone else if it didn't work out for me. He is selfless! I've been living with...
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Did you know your heart can affect the health of your kidneys, and your kidneys can affect the health of your heart? Have a great Valentine's Day!

The Heart and Kidney Connection
When a snow storm hits your area, you might have to skip dialysis. Here is why that's dangerous.

Winter Weather and Healthcare
This Valentine's Day, forget the sweet nothings and charm your special someone by baking this delicious Cran-Raspberry Mousse Pie.​​​​

Cran-Rasbperry Mousse Pie
Many people don’t experience severe symptoms until their kidney or heart disease is quite advanced, but there are some warning signs. Could you be ignoring them?

5 Signs Your Kidneys or Heart Could be in Trouble
Many companies will DOUBLE (or even triple) contributions made by their employees, employees spouses and retirees to eligible organizations like NKF.

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