Poor appetite, sleeping habits and trouble concentrating are all symptoms of CKD. Learn more.

About Chronic Kidney Disease

Despite the uncertainty in the future of healthcare coverage, kidney patients can count on the National Kidney Foundation to relentlessly advocate on their behalf.

National Kidney Foundation Advocacy Priorities for 2017

The new Congress and its 59 freshmen legislators have begun discussions on legislation and policies that will impact healthcare and kidney patients across the country. Take action now to educate them about kidney disease.

Help Educate the New Congress About Kidney Disease

Organ Donor Hero: Christine Jonet
Relationship: Mother
Honored by: Amanda Jonet
Date of Transplant: November 16th, 2016

"My mom is an amazing individual. She and my dad have given me and my sisters and nieces so much to be thankful for. It was a true blessing when a friend of her's stepped in and gave my mom the gift of life through a kidney transplant. It was just a year ago we found out she...
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If you need a kidney transplant and struggle to start a conversation with potential living donors, we've developed videos and tools to help you. #BigAskBigGive

The Big Ask, The Big Give

The NKF Golf Classic -- a nationwide series of more than 30 golf tournaments held in major cities across the country -- just concluded at the legendary Pebble Beach Resort in California. It raised more than $3.5 million for the fight against kidney disease. Congratulations to the winners! .
A closer look at dairy foods will help those with decreased kidney function understand the importance of limiting dairy.

Dairy and Our Kidneys

Cindy received a kidney twice, once from her mom at 14, and then again from her dad in a paired exchange. Now she's telling her story to help other patients start a conversation about living donation. #BigAskBigGive [ Kidney.org Link ]
Many patients don't know what ESRD Networks do, but they can help you in many different ways.

What ERSD Networks Can Do For You

You may feel reluctant to ask your employer for any special help when faced with kidney disease or transplant. No way. It’s your right to ask for changes.

Work and Kidney Disease – Your Right to Ask for Special Accommodations

Organ Donor Hero: Quinn Kaiser
Relationship: Daughter
Honored by: Janie Kaiser
Date of Transplant: October 3, 2015

"She's the bravest, young adult, beautiful angel who is my daughter...at 25 she donated to me. I'd had a rare autoimmune acute disease. The dialysis was horrible. I did two kinds ...3 weeks later she was pregnant with our first grandchild ..All went smoothly ..I got a kidney and...
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Jason donated a kidney to his friend's dad. Whether you need a kidney or are considering donation, use this video to help you start a conversation. [ Kidney.org Link ]
"My hope with each person I speak with is to shed some light on my real-world experience of living donation. My job is not to give advice, just share my journey and perspective. - Kati, NKF Peers Mentor

Considering Becoming a Living Donor? Talk with someone who’s donated.

Organ Donor Hero: Claire Bott
Relationship: Friend
Honored by: Elaine Evans
Date of Transplant: October 18, 2016

"We had become friends because our older daughters are classmates. When Claire and her husband, Nathan, found out our son needed a kidney, they and 30 other amazing people offered to get tested. Claire was our life giving match! "

Honor your own hero: [ Wshe.es Link ]
It takes courage to ask others for help, and there's no bigger ask than for a kidney. We developed tools to help patients start the conversation. #bigaskbiggive

The Big Ask, The Big Give

Cesar @mrcesar is 13 years post-transplant! Post a pic of yourself with a sign saying how long you are #kidneystrong (years, months, even days!) and we might repost it on Instagram @nationalkidneyfoundation.
Why are kidneys so important?

How Your Kidneys Work

If you're looking for a good read about someone else's experience with kidney disease or a transplant, here are our staff's personal favorites.

5 Good Reads (NKF Staff Picks)

Glomerular filtration rate is the best test to measure your level of kidney function and determine your stage of kidney disease.

What is GFR?

Organ Donor Hero: Andrea Santucci
Relationship: Sister
Honored by: Evan Kushner
Date of Transplant: October 27, 2016

"About 26 years ago while I was in college, I went to the doctor not feeling well and I was diagnosed with a kidney infection. At the same time they told me to see a nephrologist because there was blood and protein in my urine. Ever since I have been monitored but it wasn't...
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