Our 12 rescued German Shepherds are getting accustomed to their new lives at Lily's Haven. Soon they will be available for their forever homes!
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Here is an update on our "Angel Dogs", two puppies who were unexpectedly rescued during our last mission.
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Here is an interesting article about why it can be harder to lose a dog than a relative. What are your thoughts?

Why Losing A Dog Can Feel Harder Than Losing A Relative

One guess why Bliss, a super cute French Bulldog, is giving us a HIGH FIVE? Give up???
She found her FOREVER HOME!!!
There are other dogs waiting ... Can this short video tempt you to a peek at our Available Dogs page?
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Muffy is a nearly 10-year-old Maltese who has been through a lot in her life. She recently had surgery for multiple mammary tumors, which were benign, and has three others that will be removed. Despite all that, Muffy is a very sweet little girl who is deserving of a wonderful home. Is it yours?
For more about this darling senior, read her profile at the link:
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SENIOR SUNDAY! Today we are featuring Peter, a senior Shih Tzu who has been patiently waiting for his home for over two years. To read more about him and to see our other adoptable dogs, visit the 'Available Dogs' page on our website: [ Milldogrescue.org Link ]
Joan is a little Brussels Griffon/ Yorkshire Terrier. Our rehab team is working with her right now to help her learn that people can be loving and kind and she has nothing to fear. She loves other dogs and is easy-going and friendly with them. Another dog in the home would help her to learn to trust people. She is very fearful, and for this reason she can only go into a home with children over...
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Famous Amos and all of us at National Mill Dog Rescue would like to wish everyone a happy Sunday!
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Here is the link to the story FOX31 KDVR.com in Denver did on the German Shepherds saved by National Mill Dog Rescue.
Nice job telling a tough story, Emily Allen FOX31! We appreciate the coverage.

German Shepherds rescued from β€œhorrific conditions” in Weld County

We end this day with an update from ChaCha's family.

"My family adopted ChaCha and I am writing to let you all know that she is an absolute doll. We just love her! ChaCha is extremely interested in our guinea pigs. In this picture, she is tending them while I clean the wading pool that they live in. We wonder if she thinks they are puppies. Thank you so much for bringing this girl into our...
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Be sure to watch FOX31 KDVR.com in Denver at 9:30 tonight. Emily Allen FOX31 is doing a story on the 12 German Shepherds rescued on Wednesday. Here is a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the TV news crew at work.
You can also watch the broadcast online at .
Nike is available for adoption at National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado Springs, CO. Read about her at this link: [ Petango.com Link ]

Learn about adoption here: [ Milldogrescue.org Link ]
FOX31 KDVR.com in Denver is at Lily's Haven doing a story on the 12 rescued German Shepherds. The story will air tonight at 9:30. You can also watch the broadcast live online at .
Emily Allen FOX31
We love it when groups volunteer! Last Saturday, Air Force Academy cadets from squadron 32 helped us out at Lily's Haven. We appreciated it, and the dogs enjoyed it too!
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Jennifer, the six-year-old German Shepherd featured on an episode of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet is learning how to be a beloved family member. She was adopted by a wonderful couple last Saturday. Her new "mom" Laura tells us Jennifer's favorite place to in her office. Laura adds, "She gets a little bit more curious each day, though and we hope she’ll move around the house a little more...
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Cleo the Beagle is enjoying a snow day in Woodland Park, Colorado. She was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue in December.
Her "mom" Sue sent us this video and writes, "Three months ago, Cleo was in a cage in a puppy mill. Today, she is running through the snow in her backyard. Life is good.”
We have dogs waiting for their new homes. Check out our Available Dogs page at the link: [...
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Marigold is looking for her family! She can be shy at first but is sweet once she warms up. She is easy-going, loves to play with other dogs, is independent and is doing fabulously with potty training. Miss Marigold likes her beds, her toys and, as you can see, she loves to be outside in the yard!

Marigold is available for adoption at National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado Springs, CO. You can...
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Update!! Juliette has found her family and is now on hold with a pending adoption!

Please view our current available dogs at this link: [ Milldogrescue.org Link ]

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