Today in1951: 1st Lt. Jacob Kratt of the 27th Fighter Escort Group performed the remarkable feat of downing two MiG-15s while flying an F-84. Three days later, he shot down a Yak-3, becoming the highest-scoring F-84 pilot of the Korean War. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
Today in 1968: Vietnam POW Lt. Lance Sijan succumbed to his injuries after being recaptured and sent to Hoa Lo prison. Lt. Sijan was posthumously promoted to captain in 1968, and awarded the Medal of Honor in 1976 for his heroism. Read about his story here --> [ Link ]
Today in 1991: The A-10A on display was flown by Capt. Paul Johnson on an eight-hour rescue support mission during Operation Desert Storm, for which he was awarded the Air Force Cross. More info--> [ Link ]
Check out this interview with Lt. Col.(Ret.) Jerome Baxter who flew the museum's F-102A Delta Dagger that's on display in the Cold War Gallery. --> [ Link ]
Today in 1945: Maj. Gen. Curtis E. LeMay took command of the 21st Bomber Command. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
Check out one of the first restoration videos on the Memphis Belle from our friends at Wright-Patterson AFB. #TBT #ThrowbackThursday See recent videos on our YouTube channel--> [ Link ]

Restoring the Memphis Belle®

Learn about one of the most famous aircraft from World War II, the B-17F Memphis Belle®, which is undergoing restoration at the National Museum of the U.S. A...

Today in 1967: Maj. Bernard F. Fisher was presented the first Air Force designed Medal of Honor, after its creation in April 1965. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
B-17F Memphis Belle™ to be placed on public display on May 17, 2018, in the museum's WWII Gallery. More info--> [ Link ]
Today in 1961: “The Four Chaplains Commemorative Medal” was awarded to the next of kin of Lt. George L. Fox (Methodist), Lt. Alexander D. Goode (Jewish), Lt. John P. Washington (Roman Catholic), and Lt. Clark V. Poling (Dutch Reformed) who went down with the USAT Dorchester in Feb. 1943. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
Today in 1991: This F-4G launched more than 40 missiles during Operation Desert Storm from Jan. 17 to Feb. 28. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden reflects on the life and legacy of Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon: [ Link ]
Reminder: The "Robots Among Us" Family Day this Saturday will include an appearance by a very special robot. Learn more --> [ Link ]
Today, we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., an icon of the civil rights movement. For many, this day is considered a day of service. What will you do to celebrate Dr. King's legacy?
Today in 1975: Between Jan. 16 and Feb. 1, the museum's single-seat F15A, nicknamed "Streak Eagle," broke eight time-to-climb world records. Learn more here --> [ Link ] This aircraft is currently in the Restoration Hangar and can be viewed on the Behind the Scenes Tour. [ Link ]
It's National Hat Day! Feel free to share your photos of you wearing your military hat/headgear. #nationalhatday
Today in 1953: Capt. Joseph McConnell Jr., the leading jet ace of the Korean War, scored his first victory. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
This week's aircraft is the Boeing YCGM-121B Seek Spinner, which is on display in the museum's Cold War Gallery --> [ Link ]
Here's our #FighterFriday photo featuring the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk. Visit here for info: [ Link ] Lockheed Martin
Today in 1942: The prototype XR-4 made its initial flight. The R-4 became the world's first production helicopter. Learn more here -->