Today is National Medal of Honor Day! Check out Medal of Honor Awards in the Air Force --> [ Link ]
On this Day in 2003: In four nights beginning March 25, 2003, C-17s airdropped an entire brigade -- nearly 2,000 paratroopers and 400 vehicles -- into northern Iraq. This mission was the first combat personnel airdrop from C-17s, and the 15-ship formation was the largest flown by C-17s up to that time. The crew of the lead aircraft was from the 62nd Airlift Wing, and they donated the...
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On this Day in 1944: The B-17G "Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby" made its first combat mission. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
Check out this video of the Memphis Belle™ restoration update with interviews from the museum staff. Here's a behind-the-scenes look as the left wing-tip was reattached in preparation for a public unveiling next year. The Boeing B-17F Memphis Belle will be unveiled at the museum on May 17, 2018, the 75th anniversary of the crew's 25th mission over Europe.
More than 100 pieces of art created by local students from schools across the Miami Valley will be on display at the museum during the 34th Annual Student Aviation Art Competition and Exhibition. The exhibit will be open from April 1-30. More info: [ Link ]
On April 12, 1919, a flag presentation ceremony was held in Paris in honor of the Air Service, A.E.F. Hundreds of banners, hand made by French women, were presented to representatives of the various U.S. squadrons that had served in France during WWI. Here's photos of one in the collection. Visit the Early Years Gallery to see five on display. #WWICentennial #GreatWar #handmade #WWI #TBT
On this Day in 1945: Ground troops crossed the Rhine at Wesel on the night of March 23-24, supported the following morning by an aerial invasion of more than 2,800 U.S. and British gliders and paratroop transports. By afternoon, the Allies had a firm bridge-head across the lower Rhine, ready to drive eastward around the Ruhr. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
One of the most iconic planes in American history has earned its wings.

Behind the scenes: Look as WWII’s Memphis Belle gets wings restored
Check out this video of museum restoration crews installing the final wing-tip of the Boeing B-17F Memphis Belle™. This aircraft was the first U.S. Army Air Forces heavy bomber to complete 25 missions over Europe and return to the United States. The Memphis Belle will be placed on public display at the museum on May 17, 2018. The Boeing Company #MemphisBelle
Check out photos of the museum restoration crews installing a wing-tip on the B-17F Memphis Belle™. This was the first U.S. Army Air Forces heavy bomber to complete 25 missions over Europe and return to the United States. It will be placed on public display at the National Museum of the U.S. on May 17, 2018.
On this Day in 1945: 1st Lt. Suella V. Bernard became the only nurse known to have participated in a glider combat mission during World War II. For this mission, she received the Air Medal. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
Exercise Cope North brought three Indo-Asia-Pacific allies - the United States, Australia, and Japan - together for combined air forces training at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. This year’s Cope North was the first to integrate the B-1B Lancer into the U.S. Pacific Air Forces-hosted exercise.

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United States Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, JASDF 航空自衛隊,...
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On this Day in 1968: In the aircraft on display, Maj. Jerome F. O'Malley and Maj. Edward D. Payne made the first operational SR-71 sortie. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
Check out this video for "Medal of Honor Monday". You can view these medals in the museum's Early Years Gallery. [ Link ] #medalofhonormonday
Check out this video on Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. See artifacts on display in the Early Years Gallery and learn more here: [ Link ] #avgeek #WWICentennial
On this Day in 1968: Between Feb. 5 and March 20, Ranch Hand UC-123s flew 2,866 airlift sorties. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
On this Day in 1944: Resistance fighters in the Balkans offered assistance to downed Airmen. On March 19, 1944, partisan painter Ive Subic and a courier came across two USAAF B-24 crewmen who had been shot down over Slovenia. Subic drew an illustration of the encounter. Learn more here --> [ Link ]
Today is National Quilting Day, so we'd like to highlight our "Fabric of the Air Force" quilt. It contains 100 hand-made squares from virtually every Air Force installation throughout the world. Measuring 20-by-20-feet, the quilt contains more than 180 yards of Air Force blue material. Thread used to join the squares together was flown aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis on its Sept. 22, 1997,...
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