#OTD in 1945 Fighting Squadron (VF) 153 was established. Flying F6F Hellcats initially, the squadron was subsequently redesignated VF-15A, VF-192, VA-192, and VFA-192,the latter its designation today. Known as the "Golden Dragons," the squadron flies the F/A-18E Super Hornet. Here is a selection of photographs showing squadron aircraft through the years.
#OTD in 1942, seventy-five years ago, Torpedo Squadron (VT) 8 accepted delivery of its first TBF-1 Avenger torpedo bombers. Six of them, each with a three-man crew, flew from Midway Atoll during the Battle of Midway on June 4, 1942. Only one returned from an attack against the Japanese Fleet, with one gunner killed and another wounded. The pilot, Ensign Albert K. Earnest, who was also...
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Museum aircraft preservationists are putting the finishing touches on a B-25 Mitchell bomber to honor the 75th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on April 18th.

Navy museum's World War II bomber honors Doolittle Raid

#OTD in 1990 Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron (Light) (HSL) 49 was established. The "Scorpions" now fly under the designation Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 49.
#WarbirdWednesday takes a look at the Douglas AD (A-1) Skyraider the legendary "Spad," which made its maiden flight in March 1945, seventy-two years ago this month.
Parents! What are your kids doing this summer? Sign-ups are now open for the Flight Adventure Deck Summer Camp held at the National Naval Aviation Museum, located on NAS Pensacola. Camp is open only to youth entering the 5th or 6th grade. Fees
are $165 per person, per session. Taught by certified teachers, campers will learn the science and math of flight and expand their knowledge of naval...
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#OTD in 1957, Commander Dale W. Cox, Jr., broke two transcontinental speed records in an A3D-1 Skywarrior. The first occurred during a round trip of 9 hours, 31 minutes, 35.4 seconds, from Los Angeles, California, to New York, New York. The second marked an east-to-west flight completed in 5 hours, 12 minutes, 39.24 seconds.
#MemorabiliaMonday takes a look at the USS Langley (CV 1) ship model displayed among several others at our museum that show the progression and development of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. Langley was commissioned #OTD in 1922.
From a TBM Avenger on board the escort carrier Shamrock Bay, to a squadron nicknamed the Fighting Shamrocks to the helmet of "Irish" Driscoll of VF-96 fame, there is much in naval aviation history to help wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day.
The first SH-2D LAMPS (Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System) helicopter test flight took place at the Kaman Aircraft Corporation, Bloomfield, Connecticut, #OTD in 1971.
The F11F/F-11 Tiger, delivered sixty years ago this month, is the subject of today's #WarbirdWednesday.
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Pensacola Fans--Help welcome home the U.S. Navy Blue Angels on Monday, March 20!

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Welcome Home our Blue Angels

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The aircraft carrier Carl Vinson (CVN 70) was placed in commission #OTD in 1982.
A terrain model of Attu Island is the subject of today's #MemorabiliaMonday.
#OTD in 1956, Attack Squadron (VA) 83 equipped with the F7U-3M Cutlass capable of carrying the AAM-N-2 Sparrow I deployed in Intrepid (CVA 11) marking the first overseas deployment of a naval squadron using air-to-air missiles.
#OTD in 1933, Macon (ZRS 5) was christened, the airships treated as flying ships complete with christening ceremonies akin to those for seagoing vessels.
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#OTD in 1942 the SBD-2 Dauntless on display at the National Naval Aviation Museum launched from the aircraft carrier Lexington (CV 2) and participated in a strike against Japanese shipping at Lae and Salamaua in New Guinea. The pilot on that flight, Lieutenant (junior grade) Mark Twain Whittier, received the Navy Cross and over fifty years later was on site when the restored aircraft was...
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#OTD in 1919 on board the battleship Texas (BB 35), Lieutenant Commander Edward O. McDonnell successfully launched in a Sopwith Camel from a wooden platform erected atop a gun turret as part of experiments with operating wheeled aircraft from ships. The operations at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, pointed the way to the commissioning of the first aircraft carrier, Langley (CV 1).