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Our monthly climate analysis for the U.S., just out today:

NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information - Climate

Happening now, near Pearl Harbor:
We just had to share this with all of you today. Nature is amazing, isn't it?
The ocean is loud ... and getting louder. Join our scientists THURSDAY for a live @reddit Science "Ask Us Anything" chat about ocean noise and what we're doing to lessen the impacts on marine life: [ Redd.it Link ]

Understanding Ocean Noise Reddit AUA

WATCH LIVE on Wednesday as we dive to explore two sunken Japanese mini-submarines:

NOAA live dive on historic Japanese mini submarines near Pearl Harbor

The ocean has always been a noisy place. But it's getting louder. Learn more about what ocean noise is, why it matters & steps NOAA is taking [ Go.usa.gov Link ]
On December 8, NOAA scientists discuss ocean noise and what NOAA is doing to reduce this threat in our national marine sanctuaries and beyond.

Understanding Ocean Noise Reddit AUA

Today marks the beginning of meteorological winter. Winter can bring with it a wide variety of potentially dangerous weather. From impacting roadways, outdoor activities, infrastructure, and more, being prepared for any eventuality can bring you and your family some peace of mind this winter season. Check out the National Weather Service's Winter Safety website for more! [ Weather.gov Link ]...
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It's a wrap! Atlantic, eastern Pacific and central Pacific 2016 hurricane seasons end today and NOAA scientists said all three regions saw above-normal seasons. This incredible image is from NOAA's GOES-West satellite on October 6, 2016 and shows Hurricane Matthew as it approaches Florida with Nicole lurking farther east. Here's more: [ Go.usa.gov Link ]
A timely tip from NOAA's National Weather Service.
Healthy coral reefs are one of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on Earth. NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program works every day to make them more resilient to threats. [ Go.usa.gov Link ]
The crew from the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is getting ready for the 2017 field season.
It's the start of Corals Week! Check out this story from our colleagues at the National Ocean Service and visit [ Oceanservice.noaa.gov Link ]

Does coral jewelry make a good gift?

For the first time, NOAA and partner scientists have connected the concentration of human-caused carbon dioxide in waters off the U.S. Pacific coast to the dissolving of shells of microscopic marine sea snails called pteropods. [ Go.usa.gov Link ]

The global ocean has soaked up one-third of human-caused CO2 emissions since the start of the Industrial Era. While this reduces the amount of this...
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This just in from NOAA Satellite and Information Service
Worried about putting on extra weight over the holidays? These California sea lion pups sure aren't! After three years of underweight pups stranding in high numbers on Southern California beaches, scientists from @NOAAFisheries report that this year things are looking up for pups. Their average weight has increased and the pups are better nourished in 2016 according to recent research from...
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Satellites are amazing tools for observing the Earth and the big blue ocean that covers more than 70 percent of our planet.

How are satellites used to observe the ocean?