How would you like to visit a land described by Theodore Roosevelt as “so fantastically broken in form and so bizarre in color as to seem hardly properly to belong to this earth?" You can experience it for yourself with these Badlands National Park travel ideas. #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

Badlands National Park: Discovering a Land of Beauty
Want to #FindYourPark at the top of some of the most impressive peaks? Here's what you need to know. #EncuentraTuParque

Mountaineering to the Top
"Whether it’s establishing new parks to tell a more complete story, making field trips possible, or creating the next generation of conservation leaders, the National Park Foundation is committed to carrying on Woodson’s legacy today and all of our tomorrows."

#BlackHistoryMonth #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

Carter G. Woodson's Legacy Inspires Us To Greater Achievements
Happy 285th birthday to our country's first president, George Washington! Have you had the opportunity to walk where he took his very first steps? Visit George Washington Birthplace National Monument and experience a living memorial for an extraordinary man. #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

Honoring Our First President's Birthday at George Washington Birthplace National Monument
Which part of Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve would you say is a must-see? #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

A Louisiana Journey Through Jean Lafitte
Breathtaking natural beauty can be found near bustling urban centers. A mere 30 minute drive from the nation's capital, the Potomac River puts on a spectacular show as it bursts its way forcefully through Mather Gorge at Great Falls Park.

Where do you go when you want to connect with nature? Where do you #FindYourPark close to home? Let us know in the comments below! #EncuentraTuParque

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We hope you're enjoying your fee-free day this Presidents Day! Why not quiz each other on these facts during your national park adventure?! #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

15 Fun Facts About Presidents Day And Our National Parks
Happy Presidents Day! Commemorate the holiday by reading about some of the remarkable places where you can #FindYourPark, all thanks to President Roosevelt! #EncuentraTuParque

Revel in Teddy Roosevelt's Legacy
From snowy, scenic overlooks at Bryce Canyon National Park to snowshoeing adventures at Grand Teton National Park, there are some unique ways to witness winter at national parks.

P.S. Spring weather will be here before you know it, so don't wait too long! #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

Winter at National Parks: Serene to Wild Travel Ideas
Presidents Day is the next fee-free day of 2017! Where will you #FindYourPark? #EncuentraTuParque
A national park starry night can be so breathtaking, you'll never want the sun to rise. With these astrophotography skills, you can capture magical moments in time forever. #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

National Park Astrophotography Guide
Ever wondered what went through the minds of the first National Park Service rangers? Ranger Shelton Johnson shares a live performance as a Buffalo Soldier and interprets the experiences, lives, and thoughts of the servicemen. #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque
A beautiful and heartfelt message from fellow park lovers. Take a look at the great images and read through their touching letter to the National Park Service. #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque
Happy Innovation Day! Which national park have you visited that commemorates feats of ingenuity and creativity? #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

5 National Parks that Celebrate Innovation
Imagine ascending sheer vertical rock faces along Longs Peak or climbing Mount Katahdin's steep, exposed slabs. If you're ready to make that a reality, then you'll love the challenge the rest of these mountains pose. #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

7 National Park Mountains You Have to Climb
It's so much more fun to #FindYourPark with people you love. Happy Valentine's Day, public lands lovers! #EncuentraTuParque
Happy 89th anniversary to Canyon de Chelly National Monument! From ancient cliff dwellings to an 800-foot spire, the features of this wild and rugged park preserve a unique representation of Arizona’s landscape and culture. #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

Touring Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Happy Galentine's Day! Who's taken on national parks with their gal pals in one of these 15 ways? #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

Celebrate Galentine’s Day in National Parks
Today would be President Abraham Lincoln's 208th birthday! What better way to celebrate our 16th president than with a trip to Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park? Have you ever visited his symbolic birth cabin? #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

Celebrate the 16th President's Birthday at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park
Happy 84th anniversary to North America's driest and lowest-elevation national park, Death Valley National Park! Did you know this park is home to rocks that move on their own?! #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

The Sailing Stones of Death Valley National Park