All about the 1913 Women's March on Washington: [ Link ]
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The Importance of Presidential Trivia | National Portrait Gallery
Happy birthday to the man that "shook up the world," Mohammad Ali #GarryWinogrand
You know that "big block of cheese" at the White House myth? Turns out it's totally true. Read more: [ Link ]
"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?'" Martin Luther King Jr. #MondayMotivation #MLK #Fernandez
See jazz's biggest stars like never before at "In The Groove: Jazz Portraits by Herman Leonard": [ Link ]

In the Groove: Jazz Portraits by Herman Leonard | National Portrait Gallery
Today we'll have a Portrait InSight verbal description tour at noon. It's perfect for those who are partially sighted but is open to all.
There are only two complete collections of official presidential portraits in the United States—we're one of them. [ Link ]

The Tradition of Presidential Portraiture, Explained
Our newest installation celebrates the festivities of the inauguration. Learn more from our senior historian David C. Ward!
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Today we remember David Bowie on the anniversary of his death with this TIME cover from 1983 #MickHaggerty
#OTD 1776: Thomas Paine publishes "Common Sense." More on his portrait by Laurent Dabos: [ Link ]
Before his artist talk at 3 today, read about Adrian Roman's work in his own words: [ Link ]

The Outwin 2016 People's Choice Winner: Adrián Román | National Portrait...
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Theodore Roosevelt passed away on Jan. 6, 1919. Read about his life and legacy in this blog from our archives: [ Link ]

President Theodore Roosevelt — National Portrait Gallery
Is your resolution to be more creative? Then come down to Open Studio Friday today: [ Link ]
Babe Ruth, ⚾ legend, was bought by the Yankees #OTD in 1920, which means it's a perfect today to see #OLBabeRuth: [ Link ]
Our historian James Barber is talking about George Washington Carver on NPR! Remember Carver's legacy on the anniversary of his death.
This Friday, hear artist Tim Doud discuss his portrait "American Prize" in The #Outwin2016: [ Link ]
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