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As a young paramedic in Barrie, Ont., Natalie Harris went to bed dreading her next nightmare. Nearly every night, she bolted upright screaming and drenched in sweat.

First responders call for national strategy and increased funding to tackle PTSD crisis
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The Trudeau government is pressing ahead with plans to deploy troops and armoured vehicles to Latvia, where they will serve as the core of a 1,000-strong battalion.

Trump looms large as Canada and allies finalize plans for NATO mission to Latvia
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CIA concerns included the number of VCRs owned by Canada, and how a 49-year-old Pierre Trudeau kept pretending to be youthful.

Declassified documents reveal what the CIA really thinks about Canada
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The one thing these millions of marchers had in common, in towns and cities around the world, was support of women’s rights.

Women's marches send message to Trump: We won't go back to the bad old days
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Donald J. Trump cannot seriously jeopardize American exports to Canada without causing widespread manufacturing job losses on home soil, Michael Den Tandt writes for Full Comment.

Canada's strongest card in the era of Trump: We buy American
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Kadri has never scored more than 20 goals in a season for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now, he's on pace to break 30. #sports

'I adapted and now I love it': Nazem Kadri forays into the dirty areas and emerges as a goal scorer
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Critics say prisons are no place to raise a child, but proponents say nurturing the mother-child bond in the early stages will benefit the child in the long-run.

'A lot of goodwill': How to make life normal for babies raised in prison
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Hassan Al Shaikh and his wife, Radia, are expecting another boy, who they are going to name, "“Justin Trudeau Al Shaikh.”

Family of irked boy behind the prime minister at N.B. town hall to name baby after Trudeau
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Donald J. Trump's team is pushing back against reports inauguration attendance was much lower than when Barack Obama took office.

Left: Obama's inauguration in 2009. Right: Trump's inauguration
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One theory gaining currency among some foreign policy experts is that Donald J. Trump is cultivating Russia in the hopes it will join him in isolating China, Matthew Fisher writes via Full Comment.

Matthew Fisher: President Trump's ascent complicates Asia's future
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Kathleen Wynne wrote that she thinks O’Leary believes the government’s role should be to serve “society’s most well-off,” based on policies he’s outlined thus far.

Wynne pens open letter to O'Leary: 'I respect anyone who is willing to enter the den'
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Even the lines used to defend the Caribbean politician's private ride are similar to those used by Trudeau's supporters.

Trudeau isn't the first politician to face blowback from taking a ride on the Aga Khan's helicopter
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"It does nothing to stop the unethical, undemocratic influence of big money in B.C. politics"

B.C. premier rejects annual $50,000 stipend from Liberal party but still faces ethical questions
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ESPN reported that no The Pittsburgh Steelers players were evacuated, although most guests did leave the hotel with alarms blaring. #sports

Boston man arrested for pulling fire alarm at Steelers' hotel hours before Patriots game
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