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Good news: In 2015, the number of fatal firearms accidents has dropped to the lowest point ever (since 1903, when the data was first tracked). There were 489 total fatal firearm accidents nationwide – a 17% decrease from 2014.

More Firearms, More Firearms Owners, Fewer Fatal Accidents
Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who took notice of Americans for Responsible Solutions’ complete disregard for the facts on firearm suppressors...

The Washington Post Gives Gun Control Group and U.S. Senator Three Pinocchios on Suppressors
No ammunition has had more of an impact on the shooting world than the .22LR rimfire cartridge. From humble beginnings at the shooting range to the rifle barrels of the world’s elite shooting athletes, the .22LR has withstood the test of time, and will continue to be one of the most popular, easy to find, buy and shoot cartridges in the world.

The Resurgence of Rimfire Ammo, The World's Best Training Tool
No doubt about it: The United States Supreme Court is of huge importance to Second Amendment supporters and law-abiding gun owners around the country. And your NRA is going to make sure each senator knows how vital it is that the justices on the bench respect our Constitutional rights!

Yes, the NRA will target Democrats who vote against Gorsuch
Great news: North Dakota is now the 12th state to enact Constitutional/Permitless Carry! Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms should not be conditioned by government-mandated time delays and taxes.

North Dakota becomes latest state to enact Constitutional Carry!
From Wayne LaPierre: "The job of making America great again will be a fight for every inch of freedom. And as NRA members, we must be at the center of the coming battles to oppose a kind of political sabotage never before seen in our nation’s history. We are being jolted into a new reality."

The Fight To Restore Our Freedom Is An Uphill Battle, But One We Must Win
During the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch in the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this week, Sen. Ben Sasse asked about the Bill of Rights. Gorsuch's answer is worth watching in full.
The Bill of Rights, which includes the Second Amendment, exists purely to protect liberty.
Ridiculous: A 4-year-old was suspended from preschool for 7 days because he found a spent .22 caliber bullet casing, and brought it to class.
The school's reaction takes paranoia around guns to a whole new level.

4-year-old suspended for bringing a shell casing to preschool daycare, goes viral on Facebook
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NRA-ILA's annual Leadership Forum is one of the most politically significant and popular events in the country, featuring our nation's top Second Amendment leaders in government, the media, and the entertainment industry. Get your tickets today!

Get your tickets today to the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum!
Watch Judge Neil Gorsuch school anti-gun Sen. Dianne Feinstein on the law and the Second Amendment.

SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch SCHOOLS Feinstein On 2nd Amendment
Owning a firearm is a personal choice. But, the decision to own or not own one is best left to the individual - not government bureaucrats or anti-gun lawmakers. After all, when seconds count, we're each responsible for our own safety.

Violent crime may be faced down by ordinary citizens
Today, House Bill 1169 passed the North Dakota Senate with a 34-13 vote! HB 1169 now heads to Governor Doug Burgum for his consideration.

North Dakota: Constitutional/Permitless Carry Bill Headed to Governor Burgum!
The Supreme Court ruled in Heller that you have an individual right to own a gun in your home for self-defense. And yes, it IS the "law of the land"!
During the first day of hearings with President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein called your NRA an "extreme organization."
Well, your NRA will never back down from defending your Constitutional rights. If only we could expect the same from sitting U.S. senators...

Sen. Feinstein at Gorsuch Confirmation: NRA an 'Extreme Organization'
From Tips and Tactics on NRATV: Share identifying characteristics of the animal you're tracking so your hunting partner can help relocate the animal if a follow-up shot is necessary.
Thomas Yoxall wasn't just in the right place at the right time, he was able to exercise his fundamental, Second Amendment right save this police officer's life.

Ambushed Arizona DPS trooper: 'I get to see my grand kids grow up'
Last week, gun control groups, as well as New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, made some outrageous claims about suppressors. The statements were so outlandish (ear plugs protect your hearing better than suppressors!), that even the Washington Post couldn't ignore them.

Even the Washington Post is calling out anti-gunners' suppressor lies
From NRA's American Hunter (Official): A gun designed to take a kicking and keep on ticking. It was with that in mind that Stoeger Industries rolled out its new budget-friendly P3000...

#SundayGunday: Stoeger P3000 Pump-Action Shotgun