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National Rifle Association
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Contrary to the apprehension and alarm expressed by gun-control groups, this expansion in gun ownership, permit-holders and permitless carry laws doesn’t correlate with an increase in violent crime. Permit holders, as a class, tend to be substantially more law-abiding than the general population.

The Year of the Gun: Carry Permit, Sales Figures Explode in 2016

Spoiler alert: The spot reveals the organization as simply another anti-gun group that wants to marginalize firearm ownership. The main takeaway from its PSA is that any young person who shows an interest in guns should be treated as a would-be mass killer.

Gun Control Group: Interest in Guns, Music Signals Intention to Murder

Gun control advocates (including the Obama White House), believe the use of black lists to curtail Second Amendment rights is a “common sense step.” But watchlists and background checks are not so popular with Obama and his fans in other contexts.

New “Watchlist” Sends Outspoken Academics into a Tailspin

We may have fought off a Hillary Clinton presidency, but now the real work begins. With President-elect Trump and a pro-gun majority in Congress, it's time to restore Second Amendment rights for all law-abiding Americans!

New GOP group in Congress prepares 'pro-gun agenda'

When the NRA responded to tragic school shootings by calling for armed security in our nation's schools, we were criticized by anti-gun politicians and the media. But why is that such a preposterous idea? Armed guards provide security...gun control laws don't.

America needs security, not the appearance thereof

A gas station clerk was working one night when a man walked in and pulled a gun on him. That's when things went very, very wrong....for the suspect.

North Kansas City gas station clerk shoots robbery suspect

Gun control advocates would have you believe that concealed carriers pose a threat to public safety when in fact, the exact opposite is true! As the number of concealed carriers have gone up in America, the crime rate has steadily decreased.
Did you catch the latest from NRATV's Ginny Simone? In an exclusive interview, former NRA President David Keene discussed the message that the election sent, and what's next for gun owners.
President Obama says his biggest policy disappointment is that he didn't pass stricter gun control laws.
The Constitution, and America's millions of law-abiding gun owners, feel differently, Mr. President.

Obama is 'most frustrated' he couldn't pass gun control

It's time to get ready for the fight to make national concealed carry reciprocity a reality. Self-defense is a fundamental right, and it's time we recognize that for all Americans.

National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill In The Pipeline For Next Congress

The NRA National Firearms Museum showcases a wealth of military arms from throughout history, but two specific pieces in the collection tell stories of World War II and the military men-turned-authors who once owned them.

Remembering World War II Through Two Writer’s Guns

Each year on December 7, we remember the 2,403 Americans killed that day in 1941 during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan—an act of aggression that thrust the United States into the deadliest conflict in human history. In honor of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, join Lt Col Oliver North and the Frontlines team as they commemorate the Allied victory over Japan, marking...
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With the explosion in the number of concealed carry licenses in the U.S., many are looking for the ideal concealed carry handgun. Sheriff Jim takes to Shooting Illustrated to talk about how to find the perfect gun for you. It's not that there aren't good choices...there are too many!

The Perfect Concealed-Carry Gun?

Gun-free zones are magnets for criminals intent on doing harm. What's more, fears that allowing guns on campuses will result in the Wild West are completely and utterly unfounded.

Should Ohio's universities be able to authorize concealed-carry on campus? Yes

On Tuesday, both Senate Bill 199 and Sub. House Bill 48 had their final hearings. Both bills are expected for consideration on the House and Senate floors as early as tomorrow. These important bills aim to protect the Second Amendment rights of active duty members, employees and law-abiding Ohioans across The Buckeye State

Ohio: Pro-Gun Bills Expected for Floor Votes Wednesday

Data proves that concealed carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding citizens in America. Yet anti-gunners consistently oppose laws that protect the rights of those who wish to carry a firearm in public for self-defense.

Anti-Gun Hysteria Is Hazardous to Your Health

In 2016, the NRA saw significant victories throughout the country on numerous issues of importance to gun owners. But attacks on the Second Amendment aren't going away anytime soon. Therefore, it is more important than ever that all NRA members stay involved in the legislative process and ensure that our voices are heard.

Winning The Ground Game

Good news: Legislation is already in the works to push national concealed carry reciprocity in Congress. Bottom line? Every American has the right to self-defense, and that right doesn't end at state's border.

Congressman To Push National Concealed Carry Bill After Trump Is Sworn In

A Florida man called 911 when three intruders were breaking into his home. But as we all know, a lot can happen while waiting for police to respond. Thankfully, he was able to exercise his right to self-defense...

Man Shoots Home Intruder While on Phone With 911

In 1992, the NRA’s fundraising program, Friends of NRA was founded with one goal in mind – raising money to further the growth of the shooting sports. But since then, it has become so much more.

Celebrating 25 Years of Fun, Fellowship, and Fundraising