#NSFfunded entomologist Christine Miller and her team are researching mate selection and animal weapons as a key to better understanding animal behavior, diversity and evolution. Learn more!

Women's History Month: Christine Miller is analyzing animal warfare

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program supports outstanding graduate students. It funds the work of people who go on to lead laboratories, produce breakthrough discoveries and win Nobel Prizes. And it just added 2,000 new fellows for 2017.

NSF awards 2017 Graduate Research Fellowships

Don’t try this yourself. Trained #NSFfunded scientists track twisters across the U.S. during tornado season in spring.

Atmospheric scientists boldly go into the heart of a tornado | NSF - National Science Foundation

A camera that reveals the intricate, imperfect beauty of snowflakes can also expose their potential danger. Just one example of #NSFfunded tech that improves human safety in severe weather.

Road safety through snowflake imaging | NSF - National Science Foundation

Early career doctorate holders are an awesome resource for the scientific community -- they have the latest training and fresh new ideas. Who makes up this critcally important group? Learn more by checking out the 2017 Women, Minorities and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering report: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#NSFfunded scientists have found that fog and dew keep a desert alive. Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ] #WorldWaterDay

Photo credit: Credit: Lixin Wang
#NSFfunded engineers at Cornell University develop a new water testing technique that can identify a wide range of contaminants in lakes and rivers.
This technology engineered by #NSFfunded researchers asks #whywastewater when you can reuse it and generate energy in the process? Watch and share for #WorldWaterDay: bit.ly/2mRRuDi
For #NationalAgDay, watch and share this video about #NSFfunded technology for farmers that saves energy, cuts costs and is better for the environment: [ Bit.ly Link ] #precisionagriculture
In the strawberry capital of California, the water source is a confined underground aquifer that is slowly being depleted. How can American growers meet the demand and maximize profits while using the least amount of water? Sounds like an agricultural math problem. See how mathematicians helped solve it. [ Bit.ly Link ] #NationalAgDay
Just as flower blossoms signal the start of a warmer season on land, a similar "greening" event--a massive bloom of microscopic plants--unfolds each spring in the Atlantic Ocean. #firstdayofspring

Spring plankton bloom hitches ride to sea's depths on ocean eddies | NSF - National Science Foundation

You might know NSF for its funding of breakthrough science and support of innovative researchers. But did you know NSF was created during a federal movement to improve security during and after World War II, and the agency’s work continues to benefit national security? Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Over more than a decade, underrepresented minorities (those whose representation in STEM fields is below their representation in the U.S. population) made considerable progress attaining science and engineering degrees. But there's still a wide gap between them and other groups. More: [ Bit.ly Link ]
NSF Director Córdova toured the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory — the largest and highest-powered magnet laboratory in the world— at Florida State University last week. Visit her blog to learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Photo credit: Bill Lax/FSU Photography Services
Simple brains offer insights into the more complex human brain. The latest Discover Magazine photo gallery features gorgeous images of some of the latest NSF-funded findings.

The Incredible Thinking Machine | DiscoverMagazine.com

Before Rita Colwell became the first woman to serve as NSF director, she was an internationally recognized expert on cholera and other infectious diseases. To get to that place, she overcame challenges many women in science will recognize. #WHM2017

Women's History Month and one woman's trek in science | NSF - National Science Foundation

Activate neurons! Ultra-fast control of #brain cells allows #NSFfunded researchers to study the nervous system in real-time.

Credit: Zhenpeng Qin, University of Texas at Dallas
More eyes on the skies! #NSFfunded researchers release a publicly searchable database of stars to help in the hunt for exoplanets.
New approaches to the treatment of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, epilepsy and other brain diseases and disorders rely on technological developments. #NSFfunded researchers create the tools needed to understand, model and manipulate the nervous system to ultimately improve human health.

Video credit: Behnaam Aazhang at Rice University Electrical and Computer Engineering