9/11 Memorial Museum visitors inspect the Survivor Stairs, a “silent witness” and route to safety for so many on 9/11. #MuseumMonday [ 911memorial.io Link ]
A gesture of remembrance and thanks left on the first responders parapet of the 9/11 Memorial.
Jazmine watched the events of Sept. 11 unfold from her office building in New York City. For the first time in fifteen years, during her visit to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, she was able to face the events of that day and say goodbye to friends she lost.

New Yorkers share their stories of hope and resilience in the Reflecting on 9/11 exhibition. [ 911memorial.org Link ]
“It made an event that happened before our students’ births come alive, which is so important considering the magnitude of 9/11 in our history.” -Jennifer Leonard, a teacher at Rensselaer Junior Senior High School [ 911memorial.io Link ]

Student and Family Museum Tours Give Young People an Engaging Introduction to 9/11

In this throwback photo from February 2009, construction on the North Pool rose 65 feet to street level and the 40-by-40-foot inner void of the 9/11 Memorial can clearly be seen.
Photo by Joe Woolhead
A native of Buffalo, New York, Sean Rooney lived with his wife Beverly in Connecticut. He enjoyed carpentry and often crafted furniture for their restored Victorian home. On Sept. 11, Sean was at work at the Aon Corporation offices in the South Tower and called his wife from the 105th floor to say goodbye. Today we honor his 66th birthday by placing a white rose at his name on the 9/11...
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Sean Rooney’s Last Goodbye

The oral histories collected by the 9/11 Memorial Museum tell tales of bravery, loss, endurance, suffering, life and death. Often they have one element in common: love. We share three stories of love, from those who lost their special someone that tragic day in September. [ 911memorial.io Link ]
The 9/11 Memorial Museum documents not only the events that happened on Sept. 11, but their continuing significance on the world. On May 1, 2011, news was delivered from the White House that the hunt for Osama bin Laden was over. The al-Qaeda leader was killed in a targeted military strike carried out by U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six. Currently on display is a military uniform shirt worn by a U.S....
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Never forget, always remember.
After Sept. 11, a replica of the Statue of Liberty appeared on the sidewalk of a Manhattan firehouse. People walking by started covering her with tributes in honor of those lost on 9/11. Explore Lady Liberty and the ornaments and the stories that adorn her with our online interactive. [ 911memorial.org Link ]
“I see so much of him in you.” Jillian Suarez was 9 years old when her father NYPD officer Ramon Suarez gave his life saving others on 9/11. Nearly 10 years later, Jillian Suarez, at the age of 18 and planning to follow in her father’s footsteps by becoming a NYPD officer, sat down with her mother Carmen Suarez to learn more about her father. Read excerpts from the moving interview on the MEMO...
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‘I See So Much of Him In You’: Mother Shares Stories of Fallen NYPD Officer Husband with Daughter

Brooklynite Carlos Manuel Morales worked at Cantor Fitzgerald as a computer technician in the logistics department. A music and sports fan, he loved rock music, the New York Mets and The Denver Broncos. On Sept. 11, Carlos was at work near the top floor of the North Tower. Today we honor his 45th birthday by placing a rose at his name on the 9/11 Memorial. [ 911memorial.io Link ]
For the VICE News series TERROR, Suroosh Alvi has traveled to some of the most dangerous corners of the world investigating terrorist organizations. Tonight he discusses his experiences as a journalist and the growth of terrorism over the past 15 years.
Tune into Facebook tonight at 7pm (ET) for a conversation with VICE founder Suroosh Alvi. He’s traveled the world with VICE News investigating terrorism. Tonight we’ll explore the evolution of the world’s deadliest terror organizations and the impact they have had over the last 15 years. Watch live with us here at 7pm (ET) or at
Ahead of tonight’s Public Program we talked with VICE's Suroosh Alvi about his work as a journalist and the VICE News documentary series, TERROR. [ 911memorial.io Link ]
VICE founder, Suroosh Alvi travels the world to investigate the origins and impact of the world's deadliest terrorist organizations. Tomorrow night he joins the 9/11 Memorial Museum to discuss terrorism over the past 15 years. CC: VICE News

Terror: A Conversation with Vice's Suroosh Alvi

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“Sometimes when you stand at the end of the building and look along the façade you can see almost the identical shape of the towers just vanishing in the horizon.” - Craig Dykers, the principal architect from SNØHETTA, designers of the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s Pavilion [ 911memorial.io Link ]
Flowers left with a note that reads “Rest in Peace” at the base of the South Pool of the 9/11 Memorial.
Football was always a part of Durrell “Bronko” Pearsall’s life. He played in college, was nicknamed after a Chicago Bears Hall of Famer and was a captain of the @FDNY football team. A hero gone too soon, he's memorialized by his teammates, his community and by the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. [ 911memorial.io Link ]