My Country; a work in progress opens tomorrow. First, let's have a look inside the rehearsal room.

More information and tickets: [ Link ]
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Break a leg at the Oscars tonight, Andrew. Expecting you back in rehearsals at 9am sharp.
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Three brand new shows. On sale NOW.

National Theatre London
National Theatre London
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What advice would you give to aspiring actors?
'Don’t be British about it. Competition is fierce so don’t be afraid or embarrassed to be ambitious.'

Ten questions for… Ruth Wilson
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Press night in the Olivier, first preview in the Lyttelton. Broken legs all round to the Twelfth Night and Ugly Lies the Bone companies.
'Tonic Celebrates is a series of events celebrating brilliant women in theatre. We started running them last year because at Tonic we were keen to find more ways to highlight the achievements of women across theatre.'

Read our guest blog post by Lucy Kerbel, director of Tonic Theatre.

Tonic Celebrates
'Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em.'

Break a leg for tonight's opening preview, Twelfth Night company.
No display of affection is too showy for the Duke of Illyria.
Got big plans for today? Check our Twelfth Night guide to Valentine's Day first.

Twelfth Night: Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts
Sir Andrew Aguecheek with that 'post-Sunday roast' feeling.
Us/Them plays its final performance in the Dorfman a week today. Here's a glimpse of the show in just 31 seconds.
Ugly Lies the Bone arrives in exactly two weeks. Repeat: two weeks.
'For the time being it's just us. And Aunt Juliana.'
'So I don't get a butler?'

A clip from Hedda Gabler, which will be broadcast by NT Live on 9 March.
‘Beauty is but skin deep, ugly lies the bone; beauty dies and fades away, but ugly holds its own.’

Previews from 22 February. More info and tickets: [ Link ]
Please join us in welcoming to the building the latest inhabitants of Rehearsal Room Two: the Angels in America cast.
Twelfth Night opens in twelve nights. Here's a look at how rehearsals are going.

More information and tickets: [ Link ]
Violins tuned, wigs straightened, cameras set. Break a leg for the NT Live broadcast, Amadeus company.
A scene from Amadeus, which is broadcast by NT Live on 2 February. Find your nearest venue and book: [ Link ]
The third of three videos with the Amadeus cast turns its attention to one of the stars of the show: the music.

NT Live broadcast Amadeus live to cinemas tomorrow. Find your nearest venue and book: [ Link ]