International students make up 20% of the student population. Can you imagine your education without them?

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Tomorrow from 10am

The government announced this morning that they're beginning to sell off pre-2012 student loans to private companies.

Sounds like a dodgy deal to us...[ Link ]

NUS President Malia Bouattia will be speaking alongside others like Shami Chakrabarti, Caroline Lucas and Lily Allen at an emergency demo outside 10 Downing Street tonight at 6pm in protest at US President Trump’s new draconian immigration measures which bans people from 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.

Emergency demo against Trump's #MuslimBan and UK complicity

"...all Jews include the duty to repair the world, Tikkun Olam, in our weekly Aleynu prayers. That duty feels more urgent and more difficult at the moment, as we face so many threats to that British value...If we are to fulfil that duty then we must stand not only against anti-semitism but also against its equally ugly sister islamophobia." Sue Lukes' NUS blog on Holocaust Memorial Day
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Sue Lukes: Holocaust Memorial Day and how life can go on @ NUS connect
Reflections from Jewish student Izzy Lenga on #HMD2017 : "It must still feel impossible to come to terms with what happened. But it is our responsibility to rebuild and unite, ensuring that life can go on for those who survived and continue to survive genocides." [ Link ]

Holocaust Memorial Day: reflections of a Jewish student @ NUS connect
"We must remember and pay respect to the many people that were lost, whilst taking the opportunity to consider how we, as a movement can oppose racism, fascism and oppression in all its forms." #HMD2017

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In the wake of government attacks on our education and futures, #Liber8 has landed ✊✊

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What's all this about the National Student Survey?

UCL Union break it down and tell you why you should NOT fill it in this year.

❌ Don't be fooled - the NSS survey is being used by the UK government to increase your tuition fees ❌

Students Are Boycotting The Government's "Trojan Horse" Plan To Hike Fees
"If only some of the energy that has been thrown into engineering this upheaval had gone into finding solutions to the problems created by Brexit and our crazy immigration policy. Alas, we appear to be stuck with a bad bill that, perhaps, the House of Lords can marginally improve."

Lord Chris Patten on the #HEBill as it heads into the Lords Committee stage.

Leave state control of universities to China | Chris Patten
Big shout out to all students. You've been amazing. Make sure you take a break over the holidays
Today, we made history. We became the first organisation in Europe to elect a full time trans officer ✨✊ : [ Link ]
We took to the streets to fight college cuts and the rise in tuition fees.
We took to the streets to fight college cuts and the rise in tuition fees.
We took to the streets to fight college cuts and the rise in tuition fees.