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National Wildlife Federation Campus Ecology
Photos have the ability to take our breath away and transport us around the globe. Enter your favorite wildlife and nature photos in our annual National Wildlife Photo Contest. Your submissions support our work and enter you to win our $5,000 grand prize!

National Wildlife Photo Contest
Although we came up short today, thank you to each and every one of you who called, wrote,and visited your Senators to ensure that leadership at the EPA is guided by sound science and supports clean air and clean water. We need your help now more than ever to protect wildlife and wild places.
Our public lands are under threat of turning into private property. Fighting to ensure this doesn't happen is a top priorities for us. But we can't do it without you. Find out what's at risk and why this fight is so urgent!

Why We are Fighting for the Public Lands that Wildlife Depend On
Why are monarch numbers still so low? And how can you join us in bringing them back? We've got the answers:

New Numbers Show Monarch Butterfly Populations Still in Trouble
In celebration of the day of love, we dug through our archives to find the cutest wildlife pairs. Be prepared to go awwwwwww! <3

Dynamic Wildlife Duos
Hope you caught Naturalist David Mizejewski on Today Show! Here's David with more on the segment:
Scientists estimate that about a third of all U.S. species are at risk of extinction. Learn more about the biodiversity crisis taking place in our own backyards:

The U.S. Biodiversity Crisis
Public lands, like national parks and wildlife refuges, provide special places for us to connect with nature. But they also provide habitat for wildlife. Check out some of our staff members favorite hidden gems across the country. And share what your favorite public land is:

Fall in Love with Wild America
Fluffy feathers on their ankles and feet and stiff outermost feathers help Arctic Owls survive a wind chill of 60 below. So why are we seeing them further south than usual? Take a look:

Cool Operators - National Wildlife Federation
Did you know bison exhibit some pretty odd behaviors? They roll around in dirt, create depressions (wallows) in soil, take dust-baths, and even rub their horns on trees!
When the temperatures drop (to some pretty extreme lows), these wildlife are ready! See how these "winter warriors" adapt in some of the most unique ways:

Top 10 Winter Warriors
Your yard could be the perfect background for a stunning wildlife photograph. Submit your backyard habitat photos in the National Wildlife magazine Photo Contest for a chance to win the grand prize of $5,000:

National Wildlife Photo Contest
Florida is a premier fishing destination. But the toxic algae crisis continues to threaten fish populations and local livelihoods. Uncover the causes and the plans to turn conditions around:

Florida: Paradise Unwound
What would your caption be for this fun Friday fox photo?
Every February 2, we anxiously await groundhog Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of spring’s arrival, but how accurate is he?

Groundhog Day Forecasts and Climate History
Would the proposed wall along the U.S. southern border impact wildlife? Yes! See how habitat fragmentation affects migration, species' ability to disperse to new areas, and more:

Trump’s Wall: Erecting New Barriers to Recovering America’s Wildlife
A heated bird bath is a great way to provide water for birds and other wildlife as the temperature drops and water freezes. Check out tips from our Garden for Wildlife - Certified Wildlife Habitat program on how to best equip your yard with water for the birds:

EPA nominee Scott Pruitt fought to overturn water and air safeguards that protect our fish and wildlife. He sued to stop the EPA from reducing water pollution and blocked the Clean Power Plan. He is the wrong person to head the agency aimed at protecting our environment.

Click here to connect to your senators’ offices and urge them to vote NO on Pruitt’s nomination:

Protect Wildlife, Oppose Pruitt
Winter is one of the best times of year to spot wildlife tracks. Plus there's no need for fancy equipment with these tips to get you started:

Searching for Signs of Winter