What wildlife have you spotted out and about lately?
From protecting public lands to ensuring wildlife funding, big challenges lay ahead for wildlife. Join us as we continue to urge our leaders for a strong conservation agenda:

Nature’s Witnesses

Scott Pruitt cannot effectively serve as Administrator of the EPA. Read our CEO Collin O'Mara's full statement that shares why, for the first time in our 80-year history, we are formally opposing a cabinet nominee: [ Bit.ly Link ]

You can join us in opposing this nomination by urging a no vote. Find your senator here: [ Senate.gov Link ]
Today's hearing on EPA nominee Scott Pruitt may prove to be the agency's most important hearing since it was established 47 years ago. America needs an EPA Administrator who respects sound science, protects our outdoor heritage, and will uphold our bedrock conservation protections, but Pruitt's past actions indicate a disdain for this legacy. What do you think of Trump's choice?

EPA Hearing Must Raise Tough Questions on Science, Enforcement of Laws & Industry Relationships

More than 400 national parks showcase our country's history and outdoor heritage. Today, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day, each and every park is fee-free! So head out and visit a new place or an old favorite!

Free Entrance Days in the National Parks (U.S. National Park Service)

The Army Corp of Engineers wants to know what you think of their plans to add additional structures along the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, the 380 already built harm the fisheries and habitat essential to bald eagles and many other wildlife species. Click here and tell the Corps to develop a more wildlife-friendly alternative.

Defend Bald Eagle Habitat along the Mississippi River

The National Wildlife Photo Contest is looking for your best shots in 7 categories:

Baby Animals
Backyard Habitats
Landscapes and Plants
Other Wildlife (underwater life, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders and more)
People in Nature

Which one will you enter?

National Wildlife Photo Contest

Species from mammals to snakes to fish hibernate. But scientists are discovering that the behavior is more complex than just a comatose state and may offer insight into human ailments such as osteoporosis.

Hibernation: The Big Sleep

Did you know each full moon has a name? January's full moon (visible tonight) is called the "Full Wolf Moon." The name comes from Native American cultures in honor of the wolf packs that howled outside villages during the cold temperatures and deep snows of mid-winter.

Scientists have not discovered any specific connection between the moon's phases and when wolves howl—as a nocturnal...
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While colder weather keeps many of us bundled up indoors, many wildlife stay active all winter long. Check out these winter wildlife photography tips, grab your gloves, and go explore!

10 Tips for Winter Photography

Our 46th annual photo contest is open! Submit your photos of any of the wonders of wildlife and nature and you’ll have the chance to win cash prizes—including our $5,000 Grand Prize—and to see your work published in the pages of our award-winning magazine.

National Wildlife Photo Contest

ICYMI: Can you imagine a snake with legs?

Scientists discovered a DNA mutation that caused snakes to lose the legs they once had 150 million years ago!

Read more about this discovery here >> [ Ow.ly Link ]
Did you know a bull moose’s rack can be more than six feet wide? Cows don’t have antlers. The bull grows new antlers each spring and sheds them in the winter. His antlers attract mates and channel sounds to the bull’s ears, like giant satellite dishes. More 'amooseing' facts here:


Have you ever spotted the stunning snowy owl? They call the tundra home, but have been seen along our northern border, across the Midwest and the Northeast. See where:

Winter Havens for Snowy Owls

Bird feeders are a great way to provide food during the winter. But what if your homeowner's association prohibits feeders? Or squirrels wind up eating all the food instead? Discover some natural alternatives for your backyard birds:

Bird Feeding: No Feeders Required

Thank you Mayor Ivy R. Taylor and the San Antonio community for your support of our Mayors' Monarch Challenge! Has your mayor joined the challenge?
Our Naturalist David Mizejewski and surprise guest Ranger Rick visited the Great Day Washington show to share tips for introducing kids to wildlife and connecting them to nature. Check out the video:

Great Day Washington, Jan 2017 - David Mizejewski

Would you rather live in the mountains or near the coast? Do you enjoy cold or warm weather? Skydiving or scuba diving? See what endangered species matches you best: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Would you rather live in the mountains or near the coast? Do you enjoy cold or warm weather? Skydiving or scuba diving? See what endangered species matches you best:

Which Endangered Species Are You?

Some wildlife hibernate. Some migrate. But did you know that some actually survive the cold by burying themselves under the snow? Uncover more:

Probing the Hidden World of Snow