Tom Price's next hearing is happening now — but we already know he's not fit for the job.
Congress is voting TOMORROW on this dangerous bill — join us now to make your voice heard and protect our rights!

URGENT: Stop Congress from Eliminating All Abortion Coverage
NWLC was so proud to march with you at the Women's March on Washington - feel free to share photos of you with our signs and we'll add them to the album!
"Her push for charter schools without any accountability exposed my children and their classmates to chaos and unacceptable classroom conditions. They are working to reach their potential, but it’s no thanks to her. "

As A Detroit Mother, I Know That Betsy DeVos Is The Wrong Choice For America's Kids
Point blank: Betsy DeVos is dangerous for public schools.

What We Learned in the DeVos Hearing: She’s Unfit for Office - NWLC
When women and people of color are fairly represented on our courts, our quality of justice goes up.

Why the Election of 9 Black Female Judges in Alabama Matters
Today marks the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, when the Supreme Court recognized the right to obtain an abortion. How is Congress celebrating? By voting on a bill that would eliminate abortion coverage. Let's show these backward politicians that we will NOT back down.
We are the #resisterhood and we will fight for your rights.
You speak out against injustice. You know that every fight is your fight too. You bring friends, family, and neighbors into the fold. You won’t let the opposition confuse, overwhelm, or divide us. Because you are the #Resisterhood. Share this image or your own image of resistance and tag it #Resisterhood to let the world know: You march. You fight. You resist.
70% of people support access to abortion – are you with us?
Today begins four years of ruthless attacks on our rights: attacks on our right to basic health care, attacks on our right to choose what happens with our bodies, attacks on our right to equal treatment in the workplace.

Stand with us to protect the rights of women and girls from President Trump's attacks: Become a monthly donor to support our emergency defense efforts.

Donate to the National Women's Law Center
Our own Fatima Goss Graves explains why she'll be in the streets in D.C. tomorrow.

Why I Will March
"Yes, I was denied health insurance coverage because my pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition."

Worst #TBT Ever: When Being a Woman Was a Pre-Existing Condition
Today in gross but unsurprising news: A man who bragged about sexual assault wants to cut programs that protect women from violence. Senators – we’ll be in touch.

Trump plans to eliminate 25 violence against women grant programs to cut spending
The last eight years have brought significant victories for women and girls, many of which we worked on with the Obama Administration. President Obama, we're thankful for your work — and we're ready to keep fighting.
Besty DeVos needs to be kept far, far away from our schools.