BREAKING: RESISTANCE WORKS โ€” the ACA repeal bill has been pulled! Thank you to everyone that called, emailed, wrote, faxed, and more to tell your Representatives to #ProtectOurCare!
The House is voting TODAY on the ACA repeal bill, and we need everyone to call their Representatives! Join us as we call them and tell them to vote NO!
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BREAKING: The House just delayed its vote to repeal the ACA โ€” but the fight isn't over. Keep the pressure on by calling your Representative at (202) 224 - 3121 and urge them to #ProtectOurCare!
WATCH LIVE: Our Senior Vice President for Program and President-Elect, Fatima Goss Graves, is testifying at Judge Gorsuch's hearing.
The bill, which the House is set to vote on today, contains a provision that would require new moms to work only 8 ยฝ weeks after giving birth.

ACA Repeal Bill Relies on Stereotypes to Punish Poor Families
Check out our new report on Judge Gorsuch's record on women's rightsโ€”and tune in tomorrow to watch our Senior Vice President for Program and President-Elect, Fatima Goss Graves who will be testifying at Judge Gorsuch's hearing.

NWLC Issues Report on Judge Gorsuchโ€™s Record on Womenโ€™s Legal Rights
If Judge Gorsuch is confirmed to the Supreme Court, it will be a serious setback for generations of women to come. Watch as our Vice President for Reproductive Rights and Health, Gretchen Borchelt, breaks down what's at stake for reproductive rights with this nomination, and why we must stop Gorsuch from being confirmed.

1in3 Campaign Speakout: Stories from the Resistance

We need the media to cover these cases, and we need to find these kids.

10 Black and Latinx Teens Went Missing in D.C., and No One Is Talking About It
How are some lawmakers marking the 7th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act? By trying to repeal it. Take action now to #ProtectOurCare!

Tell Congress to Protect the Health Care Law
His testimony today raised far more questions than it answered.

Judge Gorsuch Refuses to Affirm Settled Law Prohibiting Pregnancy Discrimination
"Although Misty has reached the pinnacle of her career, her journey was far from linear. For years, she was passed over for promotions, forced to watch from the wings as her white counterparts advanced to the spotlight. Nevertheless, she persisted."

She Inspires Me: Misty Copeland
Texas politicians are trying to interfere with a medically proven method of abortion. We love how these women are fighting back to ensure that women can get the care they need throughout pregnancy.

Why women wore Handmaid's Tale robes in the Texas Senate
Today we're joining 1 in 3 Campaign for their annual Abortion Speakout. We're so thankful for those who are sharing their stories today to protect access to safe and legal abortion care. Make sure to join their live stream and watch as #1in3Speaks! [ Link ]
"If Gorsuch in fact made these statements...they are disqualifying in their disregard for women's equal treatment at work. If Gorsuch is elevated to the Supreme Court, critical precedents protecting women employees from sex discrimination would be at risk."

The High Court's High Stakes for Women
An abortion clinic reopened in Texas and a restriction that would have closed Mississippi's only abortion clinic was permanently blocked, thanks to the ruling in last year's Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt case.

Wins for Women in Texas and Mississippi Illustrate the Supreme Courtโ€™s Importance to Women
Gorsuch is reported to have told a class he was teaching that not only could a future employer ask women interviewees about their pregnancy and family plans, companies must ask women about their family and pregnancy plans to protect the company.

Former Law Student: Gorsuch Told Class Women 'Manipulate' Maternal Leave
BREAKING: A former student of Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch alleges he made a series of comments asserting that companies should ask female applicants about whether and when they plan to have children, because otherwise women manipulate employers by accepting jobs, getting pregnant and going on maternity leave, and not returning to work afterward.

Alleged Gorsuch Statements Show Frightening and Disqualifying Disregard for Womenโ€™s Workplace Rights
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