Tomorrow, join us for a Facebook live chat with Speak Up For Education and Kids to talk about how the school-to-prison pipeline affects girls of color.
From the past to the future, Black women are leaders in the resistance.

12 Amazing Black Women Who Changed History FOREVER
"Schools are many Black children’s first experience with the criminalization and policing of Blackness. Black children are disproportionately suspended and expelled, referred to law enforcement and arrested."

#MyBlackHistory Has Been and Still Is Fighting for the Right to Learn
We stand with you.
We're saving this for the next time someone tries to mansplain our rights to us.

A Politician Gave The Most Epic Eyeroll When A Man Interrupted Her Pro-Abortion Rights Speech
If Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act, nearly 8 million women are at risk of losing coverage — two-thirds of whom are women of color.

ACA Repeal Would Have Outsized Impact on Women of Color - Rewire
BREAKING: Trump is likely to name Alexander Acosta as the next Labor Secretary nominee. Acosta ran the Civil Rights division under President George W. Bush during a time when hiring was extremely politicized and only conservative attorneys were hired.

R. Alexander Acosta: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
We're live with Emily Martin, our Vice President for Workplace Justice, to talk about Andy Puzder's withdrawal from consideration as Secretary of Labor.
Get to know Andy Puzder, Trump's pick to head the Department of Labor, before his Senate hearing tomorrow.
Betsy DeVos just started her new job as Secretary of Education last week, but we're wasting no time getting her up to speed! Call her TODAY and let her know that Title IX is essential to making sure students can learn free of gender-based violence and harassment.
Title IX protects ALL students — and we're going to make sure Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions hear us loud and clear.

LGBTQ Groups Ask For Trans Protections In Open Letter To Donald Trump
Don't have a valentine? We can think of at least 535 people who'd love to hear from you...
Roses are red, violets are blue, we love smashing the patriarchy with you

8 feminist Valentine's Day cards to share with your friends